Barbara Geiger

Financial Coach

Barbara Geiger started her BDR career as a Financial Coach in February 2016, and has brought considerable expertise in formal accounting systems, software configuration, process development, and operational streamlining, all with the profit-focus of an HVAC business owner, because she was exceedingly successful at that, as well.

Prior to BDR, Barbara’s career embodies HVAC business ownership experience combined with her career achievements in a wide array of accounting, process development and automation roles, and is bolstered by her process-efficiency training and certifications in six-sigma.  BDR’s clients will benefit greatly from her financial expertise coupled with her spot-on career experience and long-term relationship as a BDR client.

With respect to her formal accounting education and career experience, Barbara worked full-time while earning 3 degrees, finishing with an MBA in Accounting and a Green Belt in Six-Sigma.  Over her 12-year corporate career, largely with Honeywell International, she was promoted six times and has held roles spanning: all accounting functions; process and procedure development; operational excellence; and process-automation.  She has held senior management roles with 40-employee teams.  She has worked overseas with different cultures while successfully creating, integrating, and implementing huge, international systems, largely revolving around accounting, finance management and process-automation.  She has built Standard Operating Procedure Manuals from scratch serving complex, global operations.

With her husband, Barbara changed gears and bought a small, break-even HVAC business in 2008, right before the Great Recession.  When they sold their business in 2015, it was a multi-million dollar company with a 17% net profit margin.  Everything had to be improved, overhauled or built from scratch.  Over a 5-year period, Barbara leveraged BDR’s business training classes, joined Profit Coach and built her company’s business plan at BDR’s Profit Launch workshop.  Combining BDR’s HVAC-industry expertise with her considerable experience and credentials, Barbara generated a long list of wins, including:  Growing her business – while remaining profitable every year – through the Great Recession; Downsizing their service area after analyzing the cost/benefit of labor-management efficiency; Implementing a 401K Plan in the heart of the recession, which had a tremendous impact on employee retention; Executing a total restructure of the accounting processes and reports; Grew their Preventive Maintenance Program by 40% per year to 5,200 “profitable” contracts; and much more.

In Barbara’s words: “It is important to look at each company as “unique” and look at everything as a process, with the understanding that they are never perfect.  You must analyze each process to remove the inconsistencies and standardize the procedures, thereby improving them, all with the goal of driving customer service, efficiency and profits”.