As a Distributor what do I get when I sign up for training?

BDR's most important resources are its trainers. The BDR trainers will educate and excite your dealers as they present proven strategies to drive profit and growth in the heating and cooling industry.

As part of our training package, BDR will provide a personalized marketing brochure for each training class which you can email or fax to your dealers to help market the class. This can reduce your administrative burden, help you populate classes, prepare dealers for class, and create excitement in the training event. The class marketing piece includes a list of items that dealers should review in their own business before coming to class.

Distributor training testimonial

SUBJECT: BDR's Accounting & Office Management class

FROM: Brian Redman, Sales Manager, Koch Air St. Louis

Last week Koch Air St. Louis held the BDR Accounting & Office Management class for 30 dealers. For 2 full days dealers were engaged, taking notes and enthusiastic about the course. I did not expect Accounting to generate so much interest. Kim Archer does an awesome job painting the picture of what the Office Manager / Bookkeeper’s role is in supporting the Owner. Our attendees ranged from 3 employee contractors to $10M in revenue. Each & every dealership gained valuable information that they are going to implement. I had numerous Owners thanking me for bringing the course to them.

One of the surprise results of this class from Distributor’s perspective is the emphasis on Upsell & Accessories. By going thru multiple iterations of Job Costing, calculating Break Even sales and Gross Margin Per Man Day, it becomes very evident to Dealers the value of Upselling. Kim hammered this point home throughout the 2 days. This is not a Sales class but it could be! She covers Value Adding and Dealers NOT discounting. Kim covers the Transaction Costs to dealers in a step by step visual on how every Purchase Order / Invoice costs $$. She uses this exercise to drive home why a Dealer should Partner with One Vendor for every purchase possible. For Distribution selling HVAC Supplies this is a great opportunity. Kim talks about stepping over dollars to pick up a penny.

While Barry Burnett normally is the cheerleader in his training, getting Dealers to believe in what’s possible = Kim’s class does the same. By showing Dealers how all the numbers work and effects of Upselling & Accessories, our Dealers left enthusiastic and recharged about their business.

How do I sign up for training?

We will help you develop a training strategy for your distributorship contact us at 206.870.1880 or by email:

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This week at TMU I can honestly say that I’ve learned more in 4 days than I had in 16 months! Scott was practical in this approach & made a very analytic (boring) subject sexy! I feel that I am armed with enough to crush it back home! He kicked ass!!
CENE Mark Vogel