Emerging Business Academy

BDR's flagship coaching program, scaled down and tailored to serve the unique needs of businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 or less.

Emerging Business Academy

BDR's flagship coaching program, scaled down and tailored to serve the unique needs of businesses with annual revenues of $600,000 or less.

Scale Your Business to New Heights

BDR's Emerging Business Academy guides motivated small business owners to put specific critical foundational systems and processes into place, getting you to $1 million in annual revenue – and beyond!

The goal is to help our clients achieve sustainable growth much faster and easier, with fewer mistakes, resulting in greater profitability.

sustainable growth and profit.


What Is Emerging Business Academy?

Held weekly* this ongoing academy features 30-40 minutes of instruction followed by 20-30 minutes for discussion, Q&A, or follow-up. As your sessions progress, you’ll discover BDR core best practices and build a business plan with your coach, which will support driving profit and growth to scale.

60 minute sessions.
48 Weekly* Sessions
Less than 10 companies per group.
4 power-up courses of your choice.

* Certain weeks excluded. Speak with a Profit Coach Advisor for more information.

Why Choose BDR's Emerging Business Academy?

When you started your business, did you think you would work less, have control of your day, take vacations whenever you felt like it, and build substantial financial freedom?

Streamlined coaching.

Are You Limited With Time and Want a Streamlined Coaching Process?

The goal is to get effective support roles and systems in place, shifting owners from a nearly 100% tactical role into a 20% strategic role.

Emulate successful businesses.

Do You Want to Emulate What Successful Million-Dollar Businesses Behave Like?

The goal is to coach you to build out your company's foundational structure, roles, and procedures correctly!

The Start of Your Profitable Business Journey

In the Emerging Business Academy, you’ll build a foundation for your company to succeed and grow. You’ll discover how to think and act like million-dollar businesses, focusing on actionable steps in areas like:

  • Proper pricing and job-costing
  • Sales and estimation practices
  • Building effective marketing programs
  • The power of accessories and maintenance agreements
  • Timely billing and collections
  • Successfully managing and leveraging your team
  • Delegation and performance accountability

There are so many things you could be working on in your business. In BDR’s Emerging Business Academy, you’ll learn the things you should focus on to take your company to the next level.

The Emerging Business Academy is a year-long program, but completing it isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning!

BDR has worked with thousands of contractors over the last 25 years, and our Profit Coach program has helped business owners across the country go from the $1 million wall to $50 million and beyond. Long-term BDR coaching clients are 5-9 times more profitable than the national average home services company, routinely generating 15% - 28%+ net profits.

Our Product Is Profit. Your Benefit Is Freedom.

Business Development Resources (BDR) is the premier business training and coaching provider for home service contractors. For over 25 years, BDR has helped thousands of contractors find freedom by building a business supporting professional and personal goals. Our industry-leading training, coaching, and business planning enables you to succeed faster. BDR clients consistently generate double-digit net profit margins, all while developing the structure of a robust and self-sustaining company.

Access the power of BDR’s proven processes, monthly financial template, key benchmarks, and a guaranteed profitable pricing formula to crush the competition.

Whether you’re a small company trying to hit a $1 million revenue mark or a larger business with visions of $20/$30/$40 million in annual revenue—BDR has the personalized tools, resources, proven results, and expertise to help you build the future you’ve dreamed of.

Ready to Learn More?

Schedule a call with a Profit Coach Advisor to learn how BDR can help take your business to the next level!