About BDR

about bdr

Who We Are

Business Development Resources (BDR) is the premier business training and coaching provider to the home service industry.

Our goal is simple: empower our clients with our industry experience and information to give them the knowledge and skills they need to drive profit and growth in their business.


Through teamwork, we will increase the profitability and efficiency of our clients to prime* while maintaining an environment that fosters unequaled team member growth and success.

*Prime - The most flourishing stage or state, reaching perfection.


  • Absolute honesty and integrity
  • Uphold the highest level of confidentiality and trust
  • Empowered, passionate, heartfelt caring and support for our clients and team
  • Teamwork is the source of our strength
  • We encourage our family to grow, contribute and accomplish
  • Leading the industries we serve through innovation and creativity
  • Consistent, actionable knowledge transfer to those we serve
  • Owning our results and being accountable to ourselves, our team, and clients
  • Change is essential; we will always embrace it

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