TRAINING For your entire team

By working with our clients through BDR's proprietary coaching model and leveraging time-tested implementation tools, your business-management knowledge and effectiveness rise considerably over time. Greater, consistent profit generation follows... which creates a formidable competitive advantage for you, more career options for your team, and a better lifestyle for your family.

Comprehensive Training for Every Role

Owners, Managers, Salespeople, Dispatchers, Technicians, Installers... BDR has training for all of them and more. We provide your team with proven business practices to help them succeed, grow in their roles, and increase their value. Want to improve your retention? Train your team!


Interactive experiences

BDR training is not a one-way street. Each class provides an interactive experience where participation is encouraged. Our trainers are your resource to take your business forward.

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Tools you can use

With every BDR course, attendees receive a reference manual (printed or digital) as well as additional resources that include editable forms, templates, and spreadsheets. These are all street-legal and ready for your customers to customize and use.


Expert trainers

Each BDR class is taught by an expert trainer who provides real-life examples of proven business strategies, practices, and procedures that can be used immediately. BDR trainers have all had proven success in the areas they teach.


Available in any format

BDR recognizes that companies today want flexibility in accessing training resources. In-person, live virtual, self-paced online, recorded, BDR provides you with all the options.

Ready to take advantage of bdr's industry leading training programs?

Built to help you and your team succeed faster!

BDR provides comprehensive training resources to help contracting businesses achieve sustained business success. Check out some of BDR's most popular training classes that will provide your team with the tools and resources to drive profit and growth in your business:

Accounting and Office Management

accounting & office management

BDR’s Accounting & Office Management educates owners and bookkeepers on accounting and office management fundamentals. This training helps bridge the gap between ownership and the accounting team so they can become one cohesive unit.

This course will review the proper methods and procedures of accounting, including general ledger maintenance and financial reporting. Attendees will work through specific exercises that apply the processes and procedures for accurate financial reporting.

Customer Experience University

customer experience university

BDR’s Customer Experience University teaches you how to implement a structured retail process for your sales and install coordinators that build great customer relationships.

Team members will be guided through customer service and communication training so they can build trust with internal and external customers throughout the sales and installation process. They will learn to provide excellent client care that leads to a great experience for your customers and referrals for the company.

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BDR’s Lead the Way: Dynamic Leadership Skills training will help you discover your leadership strengths and develop a plan for your professional growth. It will not only help you; it will also help your company advance, showing your team how to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. Your team will flourish and align with your company’s mission, vision, and values.

As an owner or manager, it is critical to invest in yourself if you expect to grow in your abilities to coach and mentor your team.

Top Gun Sales Excellence

top gun sales excellence

BDR’s Top Gun Sales Excellence gives retail sales professionals and owners a fresh look at a proven sales process based on educating the customer – not high-pressure tactics.

In this engaging workshop, you'll walk through the entire BDR sales process, from the incoming call to the closing sale and, ultimately, referral generation. Learn how to offer choices in equipment, accessories, and financing while positioning yourself as the right choice for the customer

Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics.

top gun technician excellence

BDR’s Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics provides service technicians with the soft tools to perform their jobs better.

In this training class, technicians will develop improved customer communication skills and learn how to drive customer satisfaction, sales leads, and referrals through a defined service delivery procedure. This process will help technicians reduce callbacks, improve revenue generation, and increase job satisfaction while increasing their overall value to the company


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