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Tailored exclusively for the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical industries, BDR’s business coaching services help you increase your business profitability, cash flow, and personal wealth. Take back your life and build 4 layers of profit. We help business owners build a strong, self-sustaining company where employees are well paid and morale is high.

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Improve your business results with expert trainers and tools that you can use immediately. BDR's comprehensive training classes cover the training needs of all sizes of HVAC and Plumbing dealers and distributors. Delivered by expert trainers, you will receive a detailed reference guide, workbook, and digital tools to help you enhance your business success.


Planning workshops help contracting companies (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Services) from across the nation develop a comprehensive business plan encompassing all departments, front office and back office operations, marketing, advertising, sales, service and leadership development. Get your individualized road map to personal and business freedom.

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Upcoming Events

How to Read Your Profit & Loss

August 8th, 2024
7:30 a.m.—10:45 a.m. PT
Finding & Keeping Your Ultimate Workforce.

Finding & Keeping Your Ultimate Workforce

August 22nd, 2024
7:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m. PT

Top Gun Installer Excellence

September 5th, 2024
7:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m. PT

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This was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It was down to earth, easy to understand for dealers. A dealer can only make money if he or she follows these methods. This is a must attend for any dealer that wants to grow into a class organization. Again, great class and great trainers.


This was excellent! This training is worth several million dollars in revenue. The training and information will be extremely valuable to my customers, territory, and career! I would not hesitate to recommend this training to my customers or peers. I am very grateful for the privilege of being here for this training.


We increased gross profit by 5% and drove more net profit dollars to the bottom line in the service department in a year when revenue was constricted due to unseasonably comfortable temperatures. The increased profit is largely due to an increase in efficiencies as a result of implementing strategies through BDR’s Service Profit Coach Program.


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Stories of Profit & Growth: Beyer Plumbing

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Creating an Avatar for a Sales Professional

Creating an Avatar for a Sales Professional

July 15, 2024

Join Head Coach and Sales Trainer Shaun Weiss as he discusses the concept of creating an avatar for a top-performing sales professional. Shaun identifies key characteristics of a successful salesperson and how being process-driven helps sales professionals adapt to different situations and improve their performance.

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Why Do We Have to Train Our Team? | Leadership Minute

Why Do We Have to Train Our Team? | Leadership Minute

July 8, 2024

Training is essential for improving business results, but did you know it also helps support employee retention? Watch as Leadership Expert Jeff Plant outlines why training is so critical to businesses and how it can help you position your team for a successful career with your company.

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Strengthening Your Succession Plan With Knowledge of Business Loan Options

July 1, 2024

On this episode, Live Oak Bank’s Jordan Cordero discusses strategic succession planning for small business owners and how being involved in the business loan process can help owners ensure a smooth and beneficial transition.

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