Finally! Coaching designed to tie all aspects of BDR's Recommended Sales Process into a powerful client experience that will take your sales results to the highest level.

Our coaching is strategically focused on implementing proven processes and skills development techniques that drive revenue, referrals, and reviews!

BDR’s Sales Excellence Coaching is about building a world-class retail sales organization.

Supported by a strategic sales culture, we will help your sales team realize that 60%+ closing rates with high-end equipment and multiple accessory add-ons is fully achieve-able on a consistent basis. We will get them to believe! Your company will be positioned to deliver a powerful client experience that will reduce your marketing costs and take your sales results to the highest level.

An HVAC-specific residential replacement sales training program proven to transform your sales department!

  • Sales professionals achieving annual sales of $2.5 million to $3 million+…per rep!
  • Sales professionals generating 40% to 60% of their own leads from install-clients, driven by referrals (Reviews & Testimonials are the “new” referral. The best-of-the-best are doing 70%+)
  • Develop a corporate-wide sales culture, establishing inter-departmental structure that supports the sales team – resulting in sales-talent retention, lower sales training costs, greater sales consistency, and greater trust driving greater cooperation between Sales & Installation

BDR’s Sales Excellence Coaching Program doesn’t define a won sale as success. We expect to win the sale. What we want is one or more referrals because of the successful sale and successful installation execution. This requires and is driven by, an exceptional customer experience.

If you only focus on tactical field-sales training, you’ll never develop into a world-class retail sales organization.

  • Sales is a “team-based sport”: Sales encompasses and involves a minimum of two or three departments, plus administration-support and multiple roles within each department to execute a successful sale. Further, it requires a successful installation in order to generate one (or more) referrals to new prospects.
  • Leadership determines success: Just ask yourself if the Installation Manager or the Service Manager is going to follow your sales rep’s instructions whenever the sales rep makes the requests. How about your installers or service technicians? The most successful companies have built a sales culture throughout the organization, supported by tactical roles, rules and steps that require interdepartmental cooperation that also share the wins. A World-Class Sales Organization “starts” with Ownership and Leadership establishing a corporate sales strategy.
  • Your customer is evaluating their “entire” experience with your company: There are no less than 6-to-7 customer communication touchpoints for your customer during their sale, installation and billing process. Your sales rep is just one of them. The customer experience will be impacted by any one of these touchpoints, potentially costing you a sale and/or referral(s).
  • The perfect communication wins bigger sales and more referrals: Each role “must” understand the other team members roles –Team cohesion, cooperation and support are built through understanding. Processes must be structured to “support” each role/step in the “entire” sales process – The “perfect communication” between roles and team members. Each role (person) sets up the next role, generating a cascading domino effect on the customer-interaction experience – good or bad.

Comprehensive in-field tactical sales training with a highly qualified BDR Sales Coach.

BDR’s Sales Excellence Coaching Program works with your sales team in the field, executing a comprehensive gap-analysis of current sales processes and skills, and then moves into in-home sales training using our proven sales methodology and documentation. We build trust with your sales team and address the common sales challenges in HVAC: Lack of lead and referral generation skills; Over-reliance on company lead-gen; Burned sales leads; Lack of consistent follow-up processes; General sales process competency – Not building enough value to garner premium equipment sales or to generate referrals; poor paperwork; poor closing ratios; etc.

We teach Sales Rep’s how to move away from being an “order-taker” through discounting and to lose their fear of price competition. We show your sales team how to align their sales process with how sophisticated prospects make buying decisions in today’s world and to stop assuming they know what the customer wants, because they don’t know. We show them the impact to their personal income and what BDR’s techniques will do for them and their family. Everyone wins!

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