Top Gun Sales Excellence Coaching

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Finally! Coaching designed to tie all aspects of BDR's Recommended Sales Process into a powerful client experience that will take your sales results to the highest level.

Our coaching is strategically focused on implementing proven processes and skills development techniques that drive revenue, referrals, and reviews!


 Top Gun Sales Coaching - 4 key components

1.Discovery – We assess your organization to discover what is currently working well, then we customize the coaching program specifically to your team’s needs.  We supplement the successful actions your team currently uses by implementing a proven process and training your team to deliver a consistent experience for all your clients and follow uniform practices that will improve communication within your organization.
2.Team Development –We get the entire team involved in becoming a World Class Retail Sales Organization.  Because sales is not isolated to a few individuals, we develop your company’s sales processes by working with everyone on your team who plays a key role in providing an outstanding customer experience.
3.Coaching – This is not a one-and-done process. We will work with you and your team over time to implement repeatable behaviors that drive increased profits and seamless communication with the customer: from the first impression, through the follow up, to ultimately exceeding client expectations.
4.Tools and Reporting – What gets measured, gets done. We provide you with a practical method of setting and achieving sales goals that drives behavior change, backed by specific tracking to inspire your team to achieve extraordinary results!

Tools and Reports include:

  • Customized Home Assessment packet
  • Load Calculation Software and hands on training
  • Personalized Collateral Book with ongoing updates
  • Energy Star and financing tools
  • Sales performance reporting

Our coaching process targets specific actions that will:

  • Build a consistent, repeatable sales process for your team
  • Motivate and inspire the team to achieve sales goals
  • Produce great referrals and online reviews
  • Improve High Efficiency sales
  • Grow leads and improve your lead management
  • Increase closing ratios
  • Drive accessory sales
  • Raise average sales
  • Maximize financing
  • Increase profits


BDR’s coaching held at your place of business give you a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by coaching your entire team at once on leading strategies and tactics to drive company profits, as well as employee and client satisfaction.

Build a sales-driven company culture by focusing your team on accessory sales, upsell, referral generation and replacement leads with this powerful on site sales coaching.


To sign up today contact Matt Baker at:  | 206-870-1880 ext. 2100

Good Morning and Wahoo! As I reflect on 2016 and the last 4 years as a BDR client, I am amazed at the results and accomplishments we have seen.  While we are still working to be better, I am pleased to say we have grown our top line revenue one million dollars since year end 2012 – representing a four-year growth rate of 53%.  What is most exciting is that our net income increased by 7% in this same time. Probably the biggest WAHOO is that debt on the balance sheet has been reduced significantly over the past 4 years, $130,000 in total. I could not have done this without my Head Coach Gary Heath and the support of BDR.  I consider Gary to be a vital part of my team and I respect his wisdom and guidance.  I'm sure you recognize what a valuable asset he is to BDR but I wanted to say it to both of you.  I could not ask for a better advisor. Final kudo's for Barry's Labor Management class we attended this year in Atlanta.  This is probably the ONE class that had the most impact on our business in 2016.  We are much better at staging jobs and having trucks rolling by 7:30 am!  WAHOO!! I am excited about 2017 and beyond with BDR.  Please keep up the great work!
Mike Geddings Panther Heating & Cooling, Inc.