Profit Launch - Business Planning Workshop


Profit Launch is BDR's exclusive business planning workshop that helps contracting companies (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Home Services) from across the nation develop a comprehensive business plan encompassing all departments, front office and back office operations, marketing, advertising, sales, service and leadership development.

Your road map to personal and business freedom

Join the BDR team for the HVAC industry's longest running and hightest-rated business planning workshop: Profit Launch. You will leave with a completed, detailed, and personalized 5-year business plan that will be your road map to business and personal freedom.

Over 6,500 contractors have attended Profit Launch, and BDR has helped them build over 3,000 company business plans. We'd love to help you build yours!

Build your plan, take action

Are you uncertain about the next steps for your business growth? Need help planning your company's structure, sales goals, and team development? Profit Launch helps you create the action plans to build the business of your dreams.

Join the best contractors in the country

The leading, most profitable HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors come to Profit Launch each year to build their business plan. These industry leaders are not content with their existing status and position and want to grow their companies for their customers, team, and families. 

Learn not just from BDR, but from the very best, most succesful contractors from across the country.

Check out the Profit Launch Experience

Want to see Profit Launch from the eyes of a contractor? The video below shows you one company's Profit Launch business planning experience from airport arrival in Seattle to building their five-year strategic business plan.

Spend 3 days taking your business forward

Join us in beautiful Seattle, Washington to build your business plan alongside the BDR team. Sessions start in September and run through the fall and winter months.

For more information or to register for Profit Launch, contact Angie Swartz

Business growth chart

For more information or to register for Profit Launch, contact Angie Swartz: