Our Team

The BDR team consists of industry leaders across the nation who have experienced success at every level. We encourage our family to grow, contribute, and accomplish with teamwork as the source of our strength.


The BDR team consists of industry leaders across the nation who have experienced success at every level. We encourage our family to grow, contribute, and accomplish with teamwork as the source of our strength.

BDR Executive Team

BDR Owner & President, Bruce Wiseman.

Bruce Wiseman

Owner & President

Bruce Wiseman has been providing management consulting services and training to leading HVAC dealers since 1995 when he founded Northwest Management Group, the predecessor to Business Development Resources, Inc. (BDR). As company President, Bruce leads the Profit Coach program, helping clients grow their businesses and increase their profits. As a trainer, Bruce brings his real-world…

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BDR Vice President of Coaching & Trainer, Kim Archer.

Kim Archer

Vice President of Coaching & Trainer

Kim Archer is BDR’s Vice President for Dealer Coaching and is the architect of BDR’s Profit Launch business planning workshops. She is also the lead trainer for BDR’s financial courses, Accounting & Office Management, and QuickBooks for the HVAC Contractor. In 1990, Kim began working for a small heating contractor with revenues of less than…

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BDR Director of Training & Marketing Manager, Matt MacArthur.

Matt MacArthur

Director of Training & Marketing Manager

Matt brings a broad range of talent to his position as BDR’s Director of Training and Marketing Manager. Before joining BDR, he worked as a business consultant focused on developing sales training programs for clients in the financial services industry. Matt has a law degree from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and…

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BDR Senior Head Coach, Tammy Vasquez.

Tammy Vasquez

Senior Head Coach

Tammy Vasquez has built a highly successful 14-year career in the HVAC industry spanning sales, marketing, management, operations-process development, and business management consulting. Her career path as a Territory Manager for a Trane Distributor, a Sales & Marketing Manager for a fast-growing HVAC dealer, and as an HVAC Business Management Consultant has prepared Tammy very…

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BDR Senior Financial Coach, Kimberly Wibbenmeyer.

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer

Senior Financial Coach

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer joined BDR as a Financial Coach in January 2009. A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, Kimberly has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance.  Before coming to BDR, Kimberly worked in several different industries, providing a diverse background in accounting practices. Her background in healthcare, HVAC, and manufacturing…

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BDR Director of Dealer Recruiting, Matt Baker.

Matt Baker

Director of Dealer Recruiting

Matt has over 20 years of experience spanning sales, sales management, and business ownership. As the Sales Manager for a software company in Seattle, he trained and managed a team of 20 sales representatives. As the same company’s Director of Financial Services Vertical Market, Matt developed the sales strategy and all marketing content and traveled…

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BDR Team

BDR Head Coach, Adam Skorstad.

Adam Skorstad

Head Coach

Adam’s HVAC career is a story of rapid promotion with well-rounded experience and success spanning multiple senior management roles at numerous companies. He has held a senior management sales and marketing role for an HVAC manufacturer with multi-state responsibilities and was hired twice as a business turn-around specialist. Adam has a strong command of HVAC…

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BDR Lead Financial Coach, Adriane Woodrum.

Adriane Woodrum

Lead Financial Coach

Adriane has over 20 years of experience in Business Management with over a decade in the HVAC industry. When she started in the industry, she was the sole office staff managing Bookkeeping, Dispatching, and Sales & Install coordination. In 2014, Adriane attended the BDR class Accounting & Office Management and QuickBooks for HVAC Contractors. These training classes profoundly…

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BDR BDR University Training Advisor, Angie Swartz.

Angie Swartz

BDR University Training Advisor

Angie joined BDR in 2004 and held many roles before becoming the BDR University Training Advisor. She handles continued client communication and relationship development and is responsible for clear and timely communications to staff on upcoming BDR University events, attendees, and tasks. Angie was instrumental in building our BDR University division by managing the processes…

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BDR Financial Coach, Brittany Baimbridge.

Brittany Baimbridge

Financial Coach

Before joining BDR, Brittany worked with service-based companies in a financial role for over ten years, with more than five years of experience in the HVAC industry. She started in bookkeeping and office management, took on a controller position, and was promoted to operations manager. A few accomplishments in her professional career include the following:…

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BDR Distributor Relationship Specialist & Trainer, Candy Cunningham.

Candy Cunningham

Distributor Relationship Specialist & Trainer

Candy is BDR’s Distributor Relationship Specialist and Trainer. She is BDR’s primary contact for its distribution training sales channel and provides ongoing resources to BDR’s distribution partners to help them host successful classes that drive their business forward. Candy also works with Dealers to build employee training through BDR’s Dealer Direct program. Along with Candy’s training sales…

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BDR Service Coach & Trainer, Catherine Bares.

Catherine Bares

Service Coach & Trainer

As a Service Coach and Trainer, Catherine has over 20 years of HVAC experience, with 19 years focused on service operations & sales.  Hired as a seasonal summer employee for a business where everyone does everything, Catherine worked directly with the owner to grow his company into an award-winning, process-driven, customer-focused business from $700,000 to…

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BDR Head Coach, Charlie Agnew.

Charlie Agnew

Head Coach

Charlie got his start in the home services industry in 1997 as a delivery driver, installer, and service technician for a propane business. Since this ground-floor beginning, Charlie went to HVAC Technician school at night and became a top-performing service technician for a national HVAC Company.   He has been an HVAC Service Technician, and Sales…

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BDR Financial Coach, Chris Ditty.

Chris Ditty

Financial Coach

Over the past decade, Chris Ditty has built a successful track record in business-management accounting and related operational and administrative roles. Her experience is focused primarily in the contracting industry, with wide-ranging expertise across all accounting functions, plus many financial, contract & project administration, and employee management operations. Given her experience working with companies ranging…

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BDR Head Coach & Trainer, Chris Koch.

Chris Koch

Head Coach & Trainer

Chris Koch brings over 25 years of HVAC industry experience to BDR’s business coaching clientele. While Chris has focused primarily on the commercial service arena, he has a significant amount of residential HVAC and plumbing experience, including “mixed-use buildings” that blend commercial and residential markets. He started at the ground floor – literally – and…

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BDR Head Coach & Trainer, Dave Consulo.

Dave Consulo

Head Coach & Trainer

Dave Consulo brings two decades of HVAC experience spanning the knowledge and expertise gained only by starting at the ground floor and rising through the ranks. His experience began as a helper, installer, and installation team leader moving to sales representative and sales manager. He rose to manage both installation and service. He has worked…

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BDR Head Coach, Dave McDuffee.

Dave McDuffee

Head Coach

Dave McDuffee brings over 30 years of business management and ownership experience to the Profit Coach program. Dave has a proven track record of success at positioning his companies for growth and prosperity in difficult market environments. Like many of our clients, Dave got his start in the family HVAC business. Starting on the ground…

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BDR Head Coach, Gary Heath.

Gary Heath

Head Coach

Gary Heath has been in the HVAC industry since 1977, with experience in Residential and Commercial HVAC, and has been a Head Coach with BDR since 2007.Gary began his career in wholesale distribution, working for his family’s business and learning everything from the ground up for a decade. During the same period, he managed the…

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BDR Head Coach, Gwen Campbell.

Gwen Campbell

Head Coach

Gwen brings 14 years of experience spanning sales, marketing strategy, installation and service management, accounting systems set-up, and back-office operations. She has worked her way up, through, and across virtually every office, operations, and supervisory role in HVAC.    She introduced three different sales strategies and programs that dramatically increased profitability and morale and implemented scores…

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BDR Head Coach & Trainer, Jasen Laws.

Jasen Laws

Head Coach & Trainer

Jasen Laws brings 25 years of HVAC, Electrical, and Refrigeration industry experience to BDR’s business coaching clientele. Jasen began his career as a teenager in a sheet metal shop building ductwork and worked his way up by learning every aspect of the HVAC industry, working for various companies, owning his own company, and going into distribution. His…

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BDR Head Coach, Jay Crowe.

Jay Crowe

Head Coach

Together with his father in 2001, Jay started a residential HVAC business from scratch as a 50/50 owner until selling the business to his brother in 2022. He learned the industry from the ground up and has held every tactical and leadership role as their business grew and evolved.  At Jay’s urging, Crowe Heating &…

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BDR Lead Head Coach & Trainer, Jeff Plant.

Jeff Plant

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

Jeff has 26 years of experience in the contracting trades, with the last 20 years in HVAC, starting at the ground floor level and rising to Chief Operating Officer for a $40 million business. He has always started at the bottom rung and worked his way up, quickly mastering a wide array of roles in…

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BDR Senior Service Coach & Trainer, Jennifer Shooshanian.

Jennifer Shooshanian

Senior Service Coach & Trainer

With over three decades of experience specializing in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in the United States. She entered the HVAC industry in 1991 and began working for Jacob’s Heating and Air for 13 years. Based on a ground-floor start and many roles across…

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BDR Financial Coach, Jenny Sievers.

Jenny Sievers

Financial Coach

Jenny Sievers joined BDR as a financial coach in July 2022. She received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Bellevue University in 2007. Jenny has over 20 years of accounting experience, with 15 in QuickBooks alone. She not only has experience helping individuals and small businesses prepare their taxes but also helping multi-million-dollar companies with…

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BDR Head Coach, Jim Corcoran.

Jim Corcoran

Head Coach

Jim Corcoran has been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years since he began working in his family’s HVAC dealership. After working in a family business, Jim understood the beginning struggles and the significant peaks and valleys that most companies go through at one time or another. His HVAC knowledge covers all aspects of…

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BDR Head Coach, Jim Scott.

Jim Scott

Head Coach

Jim began his HVAC career in 1979 as an installer and became a Journeyman Tech in 1984. He has done retrofit, new construction, residential, commercial, and architectural metal work as an installer and technician. In 1994, Jim decided to start a new chapter and began his own company, getting more time off and making more…

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BDR Service Coach, John Brewer.

John Brewer

Service Coach

Before starting his career in HVAC, John amassed seven years of out-of-industry management experience: General Store Manager and company-wide Head of Facilities management for a large pizza chain. In his last four years at the pizza chain, John was the company turn-around specialist with profit & loss responsibility and successfully rescued six stores. There is…

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BDR Lead Head Coach & Trainer, John Michel.

John Michel

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

Beginning in 1988, John Michel built a highly successful career in the HVAC, energy services, plumbing, and contracting-related fields with extensive experience in the Residential and Commercial markets. In John’s roles, he was heavily involved in developing corporate organizational structure, including people, processes, and other resources necessary to drive personal and company success. He understands…

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BDR Profit Coach Advisor, John Tobin.

John Tobin

Profit Coach Advisor

John comes to BDR with over 20 years of customer service experience and over a decade of sales and advisory work to complement his very upbeat personality and genuine love of helping people accomplish their goals. He joined BDR in 2009, focusing on making dealer and distribution personnel fully aware of any upcoming training classes…

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BDR Lead Financial Coach & Trainer, Kasey Stanley.

Kasey Stanley

Lead Financial Coach & Trainer

Kasey Stanley brings considerable expertise and practical experience to her role as a Financial Coach for BDR’s clients. She has a total of 20 years of accounting experience with the last ten years in the HVAC industry. She has worked for two HVAC companies, starting as a Full-Charge Bookkeeper, and taking on more responsibility in…

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BDR Head Coach, Kevin Nott.

Kevin Nott

Head Coach

Kevin has been actively involved in the HVAC industry since 1992 and has been a Profit Coach with BDR since 2010.  Kevin began his professional career as a commercial banker and spent nearly a decade in corporate financial positions before becoming involved with the HVAC industry.  He was introduced to the industry when he accepted…

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BDR Financial Coach, Laura Irons Finley.

Laura Irons Finley

Financial Coach

Laura Irons Finley spent two and a half years working in the HVAC industry in Louisiana. She was promoted to office manager within six months of hire while also functioning as the company’s HR operator. Although starting small, she was part of the management team that grew the business to double its size in revenue.…

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BDR Financial Coach, Lauren Woodward.

Lauren Woodward

Financial Coach

Lauren Woodward joined the BDR family in late 2021. Lauren has a passion for helping small, family-owned businesses succeed. She grew up in her grandparent’s business, spending much of her childhood learning about the service industry. As an adult, Lauren continued in the service industry as a receptionist. She was quickly recognized for her aptitude…

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BDR Financial Coach, Matthew Gervais.

Matthew Gervais

Financial Coach

Matthew Gervais has been part of the plumbing & heating industry for over 20 years. His experience ranges from working in the warehouse and the field, as well as on an administrative team. Matthew has over 15 years of experience as a full-charge bookkeeper. He gained valuable experience in his most recent role, learning and…

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BDR Financial Coach, Meegan Stanton.

Meegan Stanton

Financial Coach

Meegan Stanton has been part of the BDR family since 2006, moving quickly through the ranks to become one of BDR’s financial coaches. Her proven ability to work efficiently and promptly to meet customer needs is invaluable. Moving from support coach to senior financial analyst, Meegan used her skills to assist others internally and realized…

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BDR Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer, Mike Cunningham.

Mike Cunningham

Client Relationship Specialist & Trainer

Mike is BDR’s Client Relationship Specialist and Trainer. He is BDR’s primary contact for its distribution training sales channel and provides ongoing resources to BDR’s distribution partners to help them host successful classes that drive their business forward. Mike also works with dealers to build employee training through BDR’s Dealer Direct program. Along with Mike’s…

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BDR Head Coach, Paul Grizzle.

Paul Grizzle

Head Coach

Paul Grizzle’s HVAC career spans over 25 years of total industry experience, with 15 as a successful business owner, six in a leadership role within the Air Conditioned Contractors of America (ACCA) organization, and two as a BDR client in the Profit Coach program. Starting with a technical education degree in HVAC, Paul gained field and management…

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BDR Financial Coach, Rachel Millington.

Rachel Millington

Financial Coach

Rachel Millington brings over 20 years of experience in the accounting field to BDR’s Profit Coach team. Before coming to BDR, she worked extensively to help grow a family-owned business through her accounting and QuickBooks expertise. Rachel’s experience includes full-charge bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, payroll, month-end statement closing and preparation, and working closely with…

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BDR Head Coach, Ronda Chaney.

Ronda Chaney

Head Coach

Before joining BDR as a head coach in 2019, Ronda had a stellar management career in the HVAC industry for over a decade. Ronda Chaney started her business management career in 2000, moving into the HVAC industry in 2009. Recognizing her intelligence, leadership, management, and people skills, her employer formed a leadership team three years…

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BDR Trainer & Instructional Designer, Scott Tinder.

Scott Tinder

Trainer & Instructional Designer

Scott has been involved in the HVAC industry since graduating with a business degree from Eastern Washington University in 1988.  He has worked with dealers, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to drive profitable growth in their businesses. Scott joined BDR in 2008. When in the office, Scott is BDR’s Instructional Designer,…

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BDR Head Coach, Sean Schmidt.

Sean Schmidt

Head Coach

Sean joined BDR in 2021 following an exceptional multi-decade HVAC career. He has held various management and leadership roles in HVAC & plumbing wholesale distribution. In the distribution arena, Sean was promoted three times into critical roles in sales, product management, and then branch manager for Thomas Somerville Co. His distribution career culminated in managing…

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BDR Head Coach & Trainer, Shaun Weiss.

Shaun Weiss

Head Coach & Trainer

Shaun has 19 years of experience in the HVAC and Plumbing industry spanning several operational, management, and sales roles, with a concentration in and passion for service management & service operations. He has management experience in the Residential, Commercial, and large-scale Industrial Mining markets. He has built and grown service, installation, and sales teams from…

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BDR Financial Coach, Stephanie Evans.

Stephanie Evans

Financial Coach

Stephanie Evans joined BDR in January 2020, bringing 15 years of directly relevant experience in accounting, bookkeeping, operations, and office management, with her last eight years as the business owner of North Florida Bookkeeping, LLC. She has considerable expertise in formal accounting practice, systems set-up, software configuration and integrations, process development, and operational streamlining. While…

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BDR Financial Coach, Trevor Eaton.

Trevor Eaton

Financial Coach

Trevor Eaton joined BDR as a Financial Coach in June 2021. Trevor has over a decade of accounting experience, with over six years in the HVAC industry. Trevor discovered BDR and its resources through training. He used that training to restructure his company’s financial statements, allowing the leadership team to use them as a management…

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