Gwen Campbell

Head Coach

Gwen Campbell

Some people love sales, inherently understand financial performance metrics, “and” are just plain gifted with exceptional mentorship and management skills.  Gwen Campbell is one of them.  Gwen brings 14-years of experience spanning sales, marketing strategy, installation and service management, accounting systems set-up, and back-office operations.  She has worked her way up, through, and across virtually every office, operations, and supervisory role in HVAC. 

She introduced three different sales strategies and programs that dramatically increased profitability and morale, and implemented scores of supporting processes and procedures across all operational functions.  Not one to allow her credibility to be questioned, she earned her Fusion Certification for Piping (to ensure quality assurance and accountability on piping projects), and in 2017, she earned her Geothermal Certification from WaterFurnace for Residential Earth-Loop Design & Installation. 

As the GM for her employer, Gwen successfully guided the company through a significant software conversion onto Desco, integrated with QuickBooks with a departmentalized financial enabling the team to monitor the financial health of the company.

She then implemented a consistent job-costing process for profit-accountability.  Gwen loves the numbers and can dissect a P&L statement to find mismatches in data entry that expose accounting issues (e.g., not invoicing or under-billing) and identify pricing, labor productivity, and/or profitability issues.

Armed with the right data, Gwen was able to identify strategies to incrementally grow top line revenue and increase gross profit.  She implemented specific programs and sales processes that transformed the business: 

  • In Residential Retrofit, she boosted the company’s average sale from $5,500 (14 SEER) to $10,000 (20 SEER) using BDR’s GBBF + Tiered Financing sales program model.  The company sold fewer systems, with less labor, and made more money as the Gross-Profit-per-Man-Day (GPMD) increased from $400 to a range of $1,500 – $2,500 per job.  This is a 275% – 525% increase in GPMD!
  • In Residential Service, Gwen implemented an Accessory Program that drove the average ticket from $130 to a range of $450 – $600 in the Year 2015.  Along with a Flat Rate adjustment, Service had “never been so profitable”.
  • A new pricing strategy was implemented that set the criteria for accepting residential new construction and light commercial projects, stabilizing cashflow and ongoing profitability.
  • Improved sales process for technicians and sales team in how to demonstrate the impact Indoor Air Quality products can have on a client’s health.

“Building a sales culture is the key to business success.  My passion, my favorite, is sales.  Planning, building processes, tracking the numbers, the ritual of the sales process, winning referrals.  Nothing says success like earning team-based referrals.” 

Concurrent to running the business as GM, Gwen was an exceptional (part-time) salesperson, closing $1.2 million in her second year.  She and her employer won numerous regional awards from WaterFurnace for their sales success.

Gwen was coached by BDR for many years and “loved BDR from the start”.  As such, she has a unique client-experience perspective that is comforting to her clients, and gains trust and buy-in faster, which, in turn, accelerates results.

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