A & L Heating and Air

I am from the agriculture industry. I have been a service manager and service office manager. I learned so much including so many eye-opening strategies.

The “D4D” and 8 for 10 are tools that every service department should utilize. All of the instructors are professional and very knowledgeable.

- Carol Jamerson

A-Air Co

I am looking at buying my current company as an employee of 27 years, but I’m learning from this class that I need to develop a selling strategy!

I came into this class with the need to learn the purchasing of a business. I left with the knowledge of how to structure my company for a sale in the future. That’s powerful!

- Regis Dumm

AA Air Company

I came in not knowing what to expect. This was my first BDR experience. I appreciate the knowledge passed for me to become a top producing technician with honesty and integrity. I look forward to many more years of BDR trainings.

- Chris Bowers

AA Air Company

Learned to get out of way of employees; 30 - 32 new customers per month; Growing Service Maintenance Program; Really appreciate BDR and Tammy Vasquez!

- Donna Kimble

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Aces AC Supply

I would like to thank you. I know I will get more emails [from my dealers praising this class] like the one below. I have been very busy all day sending information to everyone that was involved in the class. This is exciting. I have my work cut out for me, but I look forward to it. You all delivered as promised.                                                 

Thank you both.

- Jon Landry

Advanced Air & Metal

Typically, I am skeptical about sales training classes. In my experiences, the majority of them are “copy and paste” of each other’s hot button topics. Most of the positive experiences we had with other trainings is talking with other attendees about what works for them during breaks, lunch, and dinner.

This class was structured on that format. What works, why it works, and most importantly, how to make it work for you. Best training I have ever been to. Thank you.

- Brent Homan

Advantage Air

Tough year in 2014 due to weather; Implemented a Service Maintenance Program; Customers accepted it well (better than me) and Maintenance biz is up; We are planning to buy the property we currently rent and build a facility for our business; Wahoo!!!

- Troy Jones

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Advent Air Conditioning

Residential Contracting Business of the Year 2014, Contracting Business Magazine; With BDR help, management style went from finding out what our employees are doing and stop them…to putting a plan together and helping them. My managers run the business now and just provide guidance and motivational speaking.

- Mike Douglas

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Advent Air Conditioning

The instructor is great at explaining the need to keep up to date with Human Resources rules and laws as they are always changing. He discusses the way to recruit, train, and communicate with different generations. As managers, we have to change how we approach our employees, not the other way around, based off their needs and focus.

This class helps us get the most out of each employee based on their generational needs and desires. For consistency in our leadership team communication with our employees, we sent our entire leadership team to this class.

Light bulbs will go off during this class to help your business grow with happy and engaged employees.

- Michael Douglas

Air Aide

Fabulous introduction into building a successful, retail, HVAC business. Barry, Shaun, & Candy were passionate and engaging in their delivery.

Value kept building from start to finish with easy-to-understand strategies and tactics that can be implemented over time and tailored to match your company’s model.

I am motivated to not only increase my sales price and closing ratio, but build a better company to deliver better products and services. I’m all in on the “WAHOO!!”

- Jeff Thiry

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