Master the Financial Side of Your Business

BDR coaches you and your office team on industry-specific bookkeeping and financial performance measurement that enable ownership and managers to understand their business fiscally, and manage-by-the-numbers effectively.
We transform your raw financial data into properly-formatted financial statements and then teach you to interpret the data to better understand your business.

Having accurate, current, and easy-to-understand financials is the cornerstone to creating greater profits, building greater personal wealth, and ensuring your financial security at retirement.

BDR Accounting Coaching Helps You:

  • Organize accounting information to enable performance analysis of any business segment or activity.
  • Train the accounting staff members on what they need to do and “why” it is critically important.
  • Provide time-tested, industry-specific business process documentation for all accounting and bookkeeping functions.
  • Install, implement and streamline accounting, data-management, data-processing and back-office processes and procedures.
  • Generate industry specific performance analytics reports that clearly reveal the path to double-digit net profits.
  • Accounting Coaches provide training and guidance on industry-specific process and procedure documentation and enthusiastic support to get your financials into BDR-Game-Shape!
  • Activity progress reports and custom BDR financial reports provide an audit trail of activity and results.

Accounting Coaching That Goes Beyond Tax Preparation

The vast majority of business owners rely upon their CPA to guide them in the organization of their accounting information for tax purposes. BDR coaching goes beyond tax preparation by turning your financials into strategic tools to help you run your business.

We educate your bookkeeping team on how to properly format your financial statements and train you on how to interpret the data to make effective business decisions.

On-site coaching at your pace

Need more help? BDR’s Accounting Coaches also provide on-site consulting on accounting, bookkeeping and back-office administration functions to help you achieve your goals – much faster!

We give you undivided attention and work at your pace. Accounting Coaches will evaluate your needs, conduct hands-on training and process documentation to organize your accounting and train your staff. The process is fully customized to meet your needs and dovetails directly with BDR's business coaching services.

  • Reconcile and verify all accounts for accuracy, correcting as needed.
  • Implement new accounting or dispatching software.
  • Reformat financial statements.
  • Establish month end closing procedure / checklist.
  • Streamline and/or automation of accounting systems and back-office administration roles.

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All financial preparation is based upon customer-furnished information and is for management purposes only. Reports may only be prepared to the extent of the information provided. BDR does not provide the services of a CPA, which include audits, reviews, and compilations of financial statements.