Air Care

Michael has provided me with the tools I need to successfully run my company. I will be enrolling in many more BDR classes in the near future. Thank you Michael and the whole BDR family!

- Malissa Sandoval

Air Flo Heating Co.

BDR Wahoo - Great Numbers; Growth; Operating Expenses

- Joel Berson

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Air Pro Air Conditioning & Heating

Commercial New Construction & Service and Residential Install & Service; Highest Revenue in company history.

- Barry Granger

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Air Tech Heating

The best thing that my dad and I did to make our working relationship 100% better. I know what he wants and he knows what I am trying to accomplish. We also became more aware of what my wife's real job is and how much she does on a daily basis.

- James Price

Air Tech Heating

The major reason we won this award is because of BDR's coaching and mentoring. We would never be standing here accepting this award without their help.

- Jim Price

Air-Ton Heating and AC

The class made a huge impact for me and our business. The trainers from BDR did an excellent job in the presentation of the class. I used the information from them and started implementing it immediately in our everyday operations.

After the class, the boost we have to make the changes within our company to become more profitable is unmatched. We plan on using BDR in every way we can to help us through the growing process we are moving towards.

I attended the class five years ago and regretfully was unable to make these changes. To be honest, I was not completely sold on everything. For some reason, the changes that were made and possibly the way it was presented by the trainer made more of an impact to me.

We are very excited to do this and appreciate all the work that Jon Landry and Aces did to make this available for us.

- Tim Newton

AirAide LLC

Fabulous introduction into building a successful, retail, HVAC business. Barry, Shaun, & Candy were passionate and engaging in their delivery.

Value kept building from start to finish with easy-to-understand strategies and tactics that can be implemented over time and tailored to match your company’s model.

I am motivated to not only increase my sales price and closing ratio, but build a better company to deliver better products and services. I’m all in on the “WAHOO!!”

- Jeff Thiry


This class made me more aware of how important the procedures are to ensure satisfied clients, happy employees, and a profitable business. We have used some of the ideas in the past and some currently, but to put it all together in full implementation would make a world of difference in our business model.

It has also been very useful to see other companies and share ideas with them. Each of us are different but have similar successes and failures. To see that BDR is helping us to achieve a higher standard for the industry is encouraging.

- Albie "Chris" Clifton

AirOne Heating and AC

I have been working with BDR Inc. for some time now. We are still working on implementing most of what we have learned, but we are already seeing an increase in sales. Mostly, having a clear direction and guidance from people who have had success in this industry before me has taken a serious load off and relieved a lot of anxiety.

- Lance Beck

Albany Air

The class was more informative than expected. A lot of info in 3 days but very well organized. Our company has a long way to go with implementing electronics & GPS and getting away from manual paperwork.

Thanks to the instructor for explaining thoroughly the guidelines for maintenance.

- Angie Giles