All Climate Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave, I just wanted to pass along a fun fact. We have now been on the BDR program for two and a half years and our service department accessory / enhancement program has exceeded our best previous years in gross dollars total!!! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and effort in helping with the unbelievable turn around we have made in our service department.

Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you!

- Jim Holden

AquaTemp Radiant Heating Solutions

Paul Grizzle has been coaching us since May 2016.

I have gone from being a wage earner who works in the business to someone that is working on the business. While there are still times I work in the business, the transition to working on the business has been transformational. We could not have made the changes in our business that we have made without Paul and the BDR team.

Paul has improved my leadership and has taught me that “to be unclear is to be unkind.” If I expect certain things from our team members, then I should let them know and then hold them accountable. I am still growing in this area but when I have implemented his advice and held the team accountable, the results have been exactly as Paul predicted.

While we thought we know our business numbers reasonably well before coaching, now we know exactly how our Service and Install Departments are doing and what they need to achieve for their daily goals, both individually and as a team.

We appreciate Paul’s humility and his servant attitude, as a business professional, coach, and mentor. If Paul doesn’t have an immediate answer, he accesses the BDR team of equally awesome people that have his back and ours. Our questions never go unanswered. Paul is not ashamed to say that he doesn’t have the answer but will find it and get back to us. He is truly a man of integrity and just an awesome influence in our business.

Anyone that has an opportunity to get coaching from Paul should take it! And if on the off-chance, you don’t connect well with Paul, he will find someone that works for you because Paul is committed to your success as a person, business professional, and in seeing your business succeed.

- Tim Wall

Ballard Natural Gas

Being who I am, I think I know everything. But Michael’s financing strategy blew my mind.

The way it was explained and how to account for the cost was something I never would have thought of.

If there is one thing every dealer should do, it’s implementing their financing plan ASAP.

- Neil Kappen

Ballard Natural Gas

The experience was great because Michael did not come in and try to force change. Instead, he looked at how we did things and provided a new set of eyes on ways we could do things better.

I also appreciated his emphasis on customer engagement from everybody who works with the customer throughout the process.

- Ricardo Ruiz

Basnett Plumbing, Heating, and AC

I want to thank you for recommending Dave Consulo for the Top Gun Technician Excellence Training.

He came to our location and had our entire team of 18 employees (Shop Staff, Technicians, Apprentices, Office Staff, Owners) at attention for both days. This is one of the first Trainers we have had in over 30 years of business that had all attendees engaged throughout his delivery of educational and enlightening information! I highly recommend this class!

Thank you, Dave, for productively delivering this information to our crew!

- Lori Basnett

Ben’s Heating & A/C

Thank you for your guidance and willingness to share your experience and expertise. I am so grateful that our paths crossed when they did. It’s because of having a plan to follow and being willing to change that has made a huge difference in our company. In the past four years, my team and I have doubled our revenue and our purchases of Bryant equipment. My team and I attend every BDR class that Airefco offers. During Profit Launch, we were asked to write a check on something that is very important to us that would motivate us to implement our Profit Launch business plan. When we first started attending BDR classes, I had taken very few vacations (if any) with my family.  We are now able to go on a family vacation!

Signed Check | Ben's Heating
Clyde standing outside of an RV

- Clyde and Pam

Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave’s Top Gun Installer class has brought our company together to work as a team. With this training, we will excel and be the best there is while exceeding customer expectations.

- Tim Burton

Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Today my husband and I are attending BDR University’s Building a Company with Great Value. We really enjoyed the wealth of information. They really keep you on the edge of your seat by keeping it very interesting and exploring many different ways to go about things.

Having been with BDR for many years, at first as new owners needing guidance on running a profitable business so we too could pass it along to our kids.

So after Clyde had attended many Profit Launch seminars, we hired coach Dave. We were meeting his yearly goals and had a five-year plan in place. I questioned whether or not we needed to continue with BDR because surely we knew it all! But deciding to stick with it another year, then another and so on. Today I am so grateful that we did and humbly eat my words.

I highly recommend BDR and can definitely vouch that getting a coach and participating in BDR’s Profit Launch and other BDR University class for our employees has helped us reach goals that we never even dreamed possible.

Thank you BDR for being a very large part of our business success story.

- Pam Burton

Bryan’s United Air Conditioning

BDR helped us look for opportunity. December 2013 is our Biggest Wahoo! BDR has helped by building our people and now we have 105 new customers per month. We’ve asked a technically great "cancer" to leave the business - big win!

- Catherine Bares

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Carjon Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. | Homans

Carissa at Carjon:

Thank you for bringing the Top Gun Technician Excellence training to us. It was, to put it simply, amazing. My Technicians got so much out of it. They all texted me last night to say how much they got out of the training. Technicians don’t usually do that.

Anywho – hoping they come back in the Fall to do the same training! I have the other half of the department to send!

Chris at Bryant:

The training you put on is fantastic and to hear positive feedback from the technicians tells me you are nailing it. This just absolutely tells me we are doing the right thing and we are providing a service to our customers that they truly value.


- Carissa Di Muccio Haddad | Chris Hoskeer

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