Carrier Enterprise

Good Afternoon,

I just got off the phone with Jerry Harris and he is on fire about the BDR classes. He says that the first one has made a huge difference and he has exceeded expectations for 2018. He is planning for an even bigger 2019. He wanted to thank Comfort Products for helping him get organized enough to start going after the bigger jobs and to make things happen with his business.

- Stacia Dunham

Carrier Enterprise Mid-Atlantic

Wonderful class that I can take what I learned back to my territory and relate to my dealers. Who doesn’t like a class that is going to make myself and dealers a lot of money?

- Joseph Pence

Carrier Enterprise Mid-South

This was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended. It was down to earth, easy to understand for dealers. A dealer can only make money if he or she follows these methods. This is a must attend for any dealer that wants to grow into a class organization. Again, great class and great trainers.

- Mike Rossi

Carrier Enterprise Northeast

The class was an exceptional experience. The presenter was well prepared and knowledgeable on the subject and made sure each topic was understood prior to moving on. Came away with information and procedures that will advance my customers immediately. I am looking forward to attending more of their presentations and will be encouraging my dealers to do the same.

- Mike Gillmore

Carrier Enterprise Northeast

Since the day I started, I have been told to ‘upsell’ or ‘get off the area of price’ as we are not the lowest price. It is only at this training where someone has taken the time to show me the path with upselling and value add over ‘dropping price.’ Thank you for training me to be a better Territory Manager.

- Donald Dixon

Carrier Enterprise Northeast

With 20+ years in the HVAC industry I’ve been through more than a few trainings. If you want to understand how and why some of your dealers succeed and some don’t. This training class will bring all that to light. This was the best class I’ve ever been to.

- Howard Hunt

Carrier Enterprise Northeast

This week at TMU I can honestly say that I’ve learned more in 4 days than I had in 16 months! Scott was practical in this approach & made a very analytic (boring) subject sexy! I feel that I am armed with enough to crush it back home! He kicked ass!!

- Mark Vogel

Carrier Enterprise Southeast

You will learn what you don’t know about your dealers business. You will be exhausted, but it is a satisfying exhaustion, like a runner’s high. Great stuff!

- Gary Close

Carrier Enterprise Southeast

In a world full of ideas with no strategy, BDR is a breath of fresh air. This class provided practical solutions with a step by step implementation plan to immediately apply when you get home.

- Patrick Chapman

Carrier Enterprise Southeast

Great class – very informative. Interesting sitting back as an employee as opposed to the employer. While they were learning how to be better “employers,” I was taking away how to be a better employee.

- Dan Mitchell

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