Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Dave’s Top Gun Installer class has brought our company together to work as a team. With this training, we will excel and be the best there is while exceeding customer expectations.

- Tim Burton

Ben’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Today my husband and I are attending BDR University’s Building a Company with Great Value. We really enjoyed the wealth of information. They really keep you on the edge of your seat by keeping it very interesting and exploring many different ways to go about things.

Having been with BDR for many years, at first as new owners needing guidance on running a profitable business so we too could pass it along to our kids.

So after Clyde had attended many Profit Launch seminars, we hired coach Dave. We were meeting his yearly goals and had a five-year plan in place. I questioned whether or not we needed to continue with BDR because surely we knew it all! But deciding to stick with it another year, then another and so on. Today I am so grateful that we did and humbly eat my words.

I highly recommend BDR and can definitely vouch that getting a coach and participating in BDR’s Profit Launch and other BDR University class for our employees has helped us reach goals that we never even dreamed possible.

Thank you BDR for being a very large part of our business success story.

- Pam Burton

Black Diamond

I’ve always felt that we do a lot right, and we do. However, I have learned more in this class than I’ve learned my whole career, and I’ve been in business for 16 years! My only wish is that I could retain more!

- Rick Sperando

Bolster De Hart Inc.

I left with many ideas to improve on many levels. This class created excitement and I can’t wait to start implementing. I’m looking forward to getting more employee involvement. I want to share with other managers.

- Dave Wagner

Bridger Heating & Cooling, Inc.

2014 was a phenomenal year for Sales & Profit; Bought a new facility and remodeled it.

- Brian Gertiser

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Bryan’s United Air Conditioning

BDR helped us look for opportunity. December 2013 is our Biggest Wahoo! BDR has helped by building our people and now we have 105 new customers per month. We’ve asked a technically great "cancer" to leave the business - big win!

- Catherine Bares

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Bryant Air Conditioning and Heating

Dave Consulo is awesome! He connects with the crew and gets them engaged in thoughtful discussion. I would say this class opened the eyes of our installers to the importance of their work, the perceptions of the customers, and the financial impacts both positive or negative.

If you're looking to bridge the gap between installers and sales, get your install crew motivated to be the very best they can be, and get everybody working toward the same goals, then you should highly consider Dave Consulo and Top Gun training.

- Ed Warholoski

Buchner Heating, Air & Plumbing

Michael did a wonderful job illustrating finance principals in a way that came off as highly applicable. His passion for finance was palpable throughout the presentation and he kept the topic engaging and interesting. I left feeling energized and confident we could apply his teachings and turn them into profit!

- Sean Gallagher

Butler Heating & Air Conditioning

Thank you very much for all the knowledge, advice, information and passion presented at the Structural Sales course. I’ve slowly been implanting some ideas and processes and have already realized some great results!

- Nick Lamb

Carjon Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. | Homans

Carissa at Carjon:

Thank you for bringing the Top Gun Technician Excellence training to us. It was, to put it simply, amazing. My Technicians got so much out of it. They all texted me last night to say how much they got out of the training. Technicians don’t usually do that.

Anywho – hoping they come back in the Fall to do the same training! I have the other half of the department to send!

Chris at Bryant:

The training you put on is fantastic and to hear positive feedback from the technicians tells me you are nailing it. This just absolutely tells me we are doing the right thing and we are providing a service to our customers that they truly value.


- Carissa Di Muccio Haddad | Chris Hoskeer

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