Great Dane Heating & Air Conditioning

After coming to BDR classes for several years and finding a Wholesaler that would provide us with surge protectors, we started offering them. Our Technicians didn’t want to “sell” anything. After we added a spiff to the product, we sold 258 surge protectors in just 3 months.

- Josh Bigelow

Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

During the Top Gun Installer Excellence training, it was a little strange for everyone being in the same class together. It took time for everyone to open up. But, once day two rolled around, we started getting a lot more input from the installers. We got a few things implemented right away. We had the installers and salespeople talk together about what the salespeople could do on their notes and checklists to make the installer’s job easier. We were able to tweak that list quickly and get buy in from everyone as to why! This one was huge.

- Jerred Holtzople

Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

In our Top Gun Technician Excellence training, we were able to implement a lot of new things. We had started a tiered maintenance agreement earlier in the year. We got a lot of feedback from technicians as to how we could add benefits to the tiers to make it easier to sell. The technicians have really been working hard since to sell agreements. They understand now why more agreements = more technicians and a longer on-call rotation!

We did a great value building exercise on accessories as well. We had technicians and salespeople work together and role play. They worked back and forth “selling each other” on accessories.

We have started working on service call procedures as well for all the different things we work on. This will take time, but we have gotten the ball rolling!

- Jerred Holtzople

Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning

This was the second time we hosted this class with Dave. Our guys and inside office staff got even more out of the class this time.

We had thirteen techs join us from outside companies as well. Everyone who attended was very pleased. Dave is a great instructor and very thorough.

- Jerred Holtzople

Howard Air

Year 2014 was a WAHOO - Retro Sales have been great with great growth hitting $10 million in the division. Average sale is $7,900 with a 67% closing ratio. Our RNC will make money this year - looking forward for Year 2015 to be profitable in all departments and get into a brand new state-of-the-art facility. WAHOO!

- Kevin Howard

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Howard Air

I have had the pleasure of attending several industry “coaching” venues. BDR has the best classes that I have ever attended. The trainers are phenomenal and the information is based on “real-time.” You can go back to your business and utilize the material immediately and realize benefits! I would highly recommend to any Owner / Senior Manager.

- Bill Howard

Hybrid Heating & Air Conditioning

Been to 10 Profit Launches. I bought the business 7 years ago and have been increasing in revenue about 10% each year. Big WAHOO is the business has processes & procedures and when I leave for 2 weeks, I get a small number of emails and the company runs smoothly without me being there.

- Kevin Kuntz

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Innovative Air Solutions

Not being from this industry but being in sales, this is the best 2 days of training I have seen.

- Mindy McKee

JK Mechanical

We increased gross profit by 5% and drove more net profit dollars to the bottom line in the service department in a year when revenue was constricted due to unseasonably comfortable temperatures. The increased profit is largely due to an increase in efficiencies as a result of implementing strategies through BDR's Service Profit Coach Program.

- Ronda Chaney

Kayl Heating & Air Inc

It was a pleasure to sit with you in your class last week, I found it to be very insightful and enjoyable. Who would have thought I would be saying that about an accounting class?!!? I came home the next day very excited and pumped about the wealth of information I received. So much so, that at 3:00 in the morning on Friday, I couldn't sleep with all the ideas swirling around in my head.  So I got up and went to my office and started incorporating them into the company.

I am in the process of changing my warehouse and how we receive and send out equipment to the job sites. I incorporated several things we discussed. Also, some new ideas of how to track residential jobs from start to finish, as to not have any loose ends. I am very excited about the changes we will make and the time we are saving because as we all know time is money!

I hope that I was not too forward in offering my business card to you. I am always excited to network with new people and learn new ideas. I am honored to have you as a business companion and hopefully friend in the industry.  

Thank you for your time!

- Robert Kayl

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