Arizona Comfort Systems

I’m excited to use the things that they taught us in class in the field. I feel like it expanded my knowledge and abilities so I can make more money for myself and my company. I think if implemented correctly, it can expand our business without limits.

Thank you for all the useful information and stories. It’s better to hear these things from a person in our field, rather than a businessman that sells things all day.

- Robert Martin

Atlanta Gas Equipment

The Pre-Wall 1 class was a fantastic learning experience to launch the company to the next level. The class helped to easily and understandably lay out the hurdles and solutions to grow and make the company more efficient.

Every aspect of owning and running a company was addressed and clear. Thorough solutions were provided. I plan to attend additional classes offered by BDR.

- Lewis Robinson Jr.

B & C Mechanical Services

Able to leave the business and it runs smoothly for me, which Im thrilled about; Exciting for Year 2015; Appreciate BDR and what they have done last 4-5 years.

- Rob Brown

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Ballard Natural Gas

Being who I am, I think I know everything. But Michael’s financing strategy blew my mind.

The way it was explained and how to account for the cost was something I never would have thought of.

If there is one thing every dealer should do, it’s implementing their financing plan ASAP.

- Neil Kappen

Ballard Natural Gas

The experience was great because Michael did not come in and try to force change. Instead, he looked at how we did things and provided a new set of eyes on ways we could do things better.

I also appreciated his emphasis on customer engagement from everybody who works with the customer throughout the process.

- Ricardo Ruiz

Barrick – Oltman Heating & Cooling

Since first attending BDR’s 8' fence class a few years ago, we have made many great changes to our business. Such as tiered financing and “good, better, best, fantastic” bids. But probably the biggest change to date would be flat-rate service pricing. The average service ticket nearly tripled!!

Thank you!

- Mark Barrick

Bartlett Heating and Cooling

BDR provided a very informative, in-depth, and enjoyable class. I learned a lot of positive and strong techniques to implement into my daily service calls. Dave was very knowledgeable and I appreciated all of his wisdom, insight, and experience that he offered. I would highly recommend this class to my service tech now or seasoned in the field.

- Anthony Messina

Bartlett Heating and Cooling

I had a great time learning from Dave and from all the other techs in the room. I look forward to using all the tips I learned the past few days to be a better tech and make more money for myself and my company.

- Terence McDermott

Basnett Plumbing, Heating, and AC

I want to thank you for recommending Dave Consulo for the Top Gun Technician Excellence Training.

He came to our location and had our entire team of 18 employees (Shop Staff, Technicians, Apprentices, Office Staff, Owners) at attention for both days. This is one of the first Trainers we have had in over 30 years of business that had all attendees engaged throughout his delivery of educational and enlightening information! I highly recommend this class!

Thank you, Dave, for productively delivering this information to our crew!

- Lori Basnett

Ben’s Heating

Thank you for your guidance and willingness to share your experience and expertise. I am so grateful that our paths crossed when they did. It’s because of having a plan to follow and being willing to change that has made a huge difference in our company. In the past four years, my team and I have doubled our revenue and our purchases of Bryant equipment. My team and I attend every BDR class that Airefco offers. During Profit Launch, we were asked to write a check on something that is very important to us that would motivate us to implement our Profit Launch business plan. When we first started attending BDR classes, I had taken very few vacations (if any) with my family.  We are now able to go on a family vacation!

Signed Check | Ben's Heating
Clyde standing outside of an RV

- Clyde and Pam

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