Frederick Air, Inc.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the great training provided in the Top Gun Technician Excellence class led by Dave Consulo. One by one, my Technicians have come to thank me for the opportunity to attend the training. I must say that I usually don’t get that response. Customarily during training, I periodically check in and see how things are going and to make sure the guys are attentive and engaged. Every time I checked, I found each employee fully engaged and interested in the presentation. Dave set the bar for training here at Frederick Air. A bar that may never be matched.

We have seen terrific results such as a needed increase to our average tickets and a growing gross profit margin across the Service Department. The best evidence of the success of this training came to light when one of our most seasoned Technicians won a quarterly truck revenue contest. He’s a typical Technician that is adamant that “he’s not a salesman.” He had the highest truck revenue for the quarter and we called him in to give him his bonus. He emphatically stated that he achieved this honor without selling anything to anyone. He then went on to ask how much longer this conversation was going to take because it was preventing him from getting out in the truck, running calls, and working on winning next quarter.

Overall… I couldn’t be more pleased with the results or the return on investment in our team. Thanks again!

- Steve Schmidt

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