AquaTemp Radiant Heating Solutions

Paul Grizzle has been coaching us since May 2016.

I have gone from being a wage earner who works in the business to someone that is working on the business. While there are still times I work in the business, the transition to working on the business has been transformational. We could not have made the changes in our business that we have made without Paul and the BDR team.

Paul has improved my leadership and has taught me that “to be unclear is to be unkind.” If I expect certain things from our team members, then I should let them know and then hold them accountable. I am still growing in this area but when I have implemented his advice and held the team accountable, the results have been exactly as Paul predicted.

While we thought we know our business numbers reasonably well before coaching, now we know exactly how our Service and Install Departments are doing and what they need to achieve for their daily goals, both individually and as a team.

We appreciate Paul’s humility and his servant attitude, as a business professional, coach, and mentor. If Paul doesn’t have an immediate answer, he accesses the BDR team of equally awesome people that have his back and ours. Our questions never go unanswered. Paul is not ashamed to say that he doesn’t have the answer but will find it and get back to us. He is truly a man of integrity and just an awesome influence in our business.

Anyone that has an opportunity to get coaching from Paul should take it! And if on the off-chance, you don’t connect well with Paul, he will find someone that works for you because Paul is committed to your success as a person, business professional, and in seeing your business succeed.

- Tim Wall

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