How and Why to Take a Break From Your Business

How and Why to Take a Break From Your Business with Gwen Campbell

In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR Head Coach Gwen Campbell joins the discussion on the importance of taking breaks while running a business. From defining the concept to practical tips for implementation, this insightful episode navigates the landscape of work-life balance for business leaders.

Defining a Break from Business

Gwen kicks off the conversation by clarifying what it means to “take a break from your business.” More than physical detachment, it involves embracing activities like family dinners, attending kids’ events, or indulging in a well-deserved vacation.

The Importance for Leaders

Contrary to the perception of breaks as a luxury, it is crucial for leaders to take a step back. Highlighting the personal and business benefits, the discussion emphasizes how breaks contribute to mental well-being and stress reduction, ultimately leading to a more productive and innovative workforce.

Challenges for Contractors

While we address the prevalent culture of constant hustle in the contracting industry, we also explore why many contractors find it challenging to take breaks. It challenges the mindset that views breaks as a hindrance to success and advocates for a shift toward recognizing breaks, big or small, as essential for long-term sustainability.

Overcoming the “Can’t Take a Break” Mindset

We provide practical solutions for those who feel unable to take a break or consider themselves “workaholics.” Delegation, effective time management, and setting boundaries emerge as key strategies, urging leaders to prioritize their well-being as a responsibility to themselves and their businesses.

Shorter Breaks for Sustainable Leadership

Short breaks offer micro-strategies that leaders can incorporate into their routines, even during busy periods or peak seasons. These short breaks, whether a brisk walk or a brief meditation session, contribute significantly to preventing burnout and maintaining optimal productivity.

Planning for Extended Breaks

Trust and communication within the team are crucial, from meticulous planning and preparation to setting clear expectations and implementing effective systems.

Prioritizing well-being is not just a personal responsibility but strategically imperative for sustained leadership success. This episode serves as a guidepost, urging leaders to navigate the nuanced landscape of breaks and, in doing so, fortify their businesses and personal well-being.

How and Why to Take a Break From Your Business Time Stamps

  • (00:50) – About Gwen and her industry background
  • (01:59) – What does it mean to “take a break from your business?”
  • (03:37) – Why is it important for leaders to take a break? What are the positive impacts (personally and for the business)?
  • (08:42) – Do most contractors do this?
  • (10:56) – What do you tell someone who says they are a “workaholic?”
  • (17:09) – Are there ways that leaders can carve out little breaks during the work week?
  • (21:08) – What needs to be put in place to allow leaders to have more free time?
  • (24:10) – Final thoughts

About Gwen Campbell

Gwen Campbell boasts a 15-year career in HVAC, excelling in various roles from sales and marketing to service management and accounting systems. Rising through the ranks, she introduced innovative sales strategies that significantly boosted profitability and morale. Gwen’s dedication to building a sales culture and client trust has been a cornerstone of her successful career, which fuels her passion for sales planning, building processes, tracking the numbers, the ritual of the sales process, and winning referrals.

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