Dave Consulo

Lead Head Coach & Trainer

Dave Consulo - 2022.

Certifications & Accolades

  • ACCA - Residential Design for Quality Installation

    Dave Consulo brings two decades of HVAC experience spanning the knowledge and expertise gained only by starting at the ground floor and rising through the ranks. His experience began as a helper, installer, and installation team leader, moving to sales representative and sales manager. He rose to manage both installation and service. He has worked in or supervised the residential, commercial, new construction, and replacement markets. Dave has 15 years of management experience spanning seven years in HVAC and eight years in the Agricultural industry. He has built a reputation as an effective manager that generates employee success and company profit.

    Dave recognized the unique and profitable benefits of a well-run service department. In terms of retaining quality service technicians and making a profit in slow periods, driving replacement sales through service referrals, and leveraging a sound, profitable maintenance agreement program to establish a first-position competitive advantage that consistently drives new-customer acquisition. Dave is passionate about working directly with service technicians on “customer communication and soft-sale” skills. Given his exceptional skills in this area, he has co-authored a BDR coaching program focused on service technician excellence.

    Dave’s pre-HVAC industry experience is a crucial contributor to what makes him unique and successful in HVAC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business. Dave’s degree and agricultural industry experience trained him on the importance of long-range strategic planning due to the long-term product-replacement cycle. Dave worked in cattle management as Breeding Stock’s sales & marketing manager for eight years. The nature of his work required meticulous attention to detail in planning and execution, daily statistical analysis of results, and record-keeping. Dave has said, “To drive success, the business practices of cattle management and HVAC management are identical: long-term planning, marketing strategy, selling value vs. price, customer communication and service, employee motivation skills and reward systems, success-tracking and the power of developing a renewable stream of income.”

    Dave is responsible for generating an average cattle sale price 55% higher than the national average four years in a row. “Without question, the key to success in HVAC Service is long-range planning. You’ve already lost if you plan for next week or next month.” Dave will tell you he learned this, and much more, directly from BDR’s training and coaching programs as he attended numerous BDR training classes, three Profit Launch workshops, and was a seven-year coaching client in BDR’s Profit Coach and Service Profit Coach programs.

    For Peck Heating & Air, Dave was promoted to Installation & Service Manager in June of 2004. His results are second to none:

    • Built Peck’s service department and installation-referral programs with a strong and profitable preventive maintenance agreement program for residential and commercial clients.
      • Residential Maintenance Agreement Growth: September 2004 – September 2006
        • Starting with 350 residential PMAs, Dave grew it to 1,100 PMA contracts, representing a 214% growth rate in two years.
      • Commercial Maintenance Agreement Growth: September 2005 – September 2007:
        • Started at 26 sites with 130 HVAC units and grew this to 91 sites with 1,144 HVAC units.
        • Total Commercial sites grew by 250%, and units serviced grew by 780%!
        • The average number of units per site grew from five to 12.57 units, a 151% increase.

    Dave’s planned goal of going after more immense commercial opportunities drove considerable profit margin increases due to logistics and labor-cost advantages gained and provided Peck Heating with “first-position” advantages on commercial retrofit sale opportunities.

    • Service Technician billable hours per day
      • Starting September 2004, Peck’s service techs hovered at the national average of 4.0 – 4.5 billable hours per day.
      • December 2006, increased and averaged 8.64 billable hours-per-day, per tech, for an 8-hour day worked over the entire year of 2006.

    To this day, Dave Consulo holds the top-performing record for BDR’s 8-for-10 Service Reporting (technician efficiency) vs. 150 other BDR Service Profit Coach clients nationwide over ten years. Further, Dave maintained a minimum average of eight billable hours from 2006 – 2008.

    He set dozens of performance records for his company and several compared to all other BDR Service Coach program clients, with most records still standing five years later. Dave’s success compelled BDR to ask him to speak to all of our clients at BDR’s Member’s Convention, held in Las Vegas in 2007. Dave’s speech was very well received and focused on the value of building a sound and renewable income for your company through a profitable maintenance agreement program.

    Dave is currently a trainer on several of BDR’s most sought-after classes, including:

    Dave has a great demeanor that his former employees and current coaching clients respond to. He can motivate and generate excitement and loves celebrating his client’s wins with them. He credits these gifts and work ethic to the values instilled by his parents, who remain a strong, positive influence in his life.

    “Most of my success in developing a profitable service department stems from following BDR’s training and coaching in residential and commercial service. BDR provided a template for success. I knew it could be done, sprinkled in my creativity and ideas, and implemented a defined plan.”

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