Dustin Guyton

Head Coach

Dustin Guyton is a dynamic professional with a robust educational background and extensive industry experience. After attending Lee University, entrepreneurial spirit led Dustin to own and operate Guyton Roofing for 12 years, achieving an impressive revenue milestone of $10.2 million. His impact extended to coaching and corporate training with Michael Hyatt and Co. (rebranded to Full Focus), where he worked with diverse businesses, including a successful Fortune 500 company along with the executive team of a bank that held $3 billion in assets under management. 

Dustin identifies a number of qualities crucial for success in the industry, including humility, selflessness, perseverance, and focus, which all have been integral to his personal and professional development. Dustin emphasizes the transformational power of humility in leadership, shifting from a mindset of knowing everything to becoming a servant leader. 

Looking forward, Dustin expresses excitement about being a BDR head coach, seeing it as an opportunity to leave a positive legacy by impacting the lives of many. His approach to building solid relationships with partners involves a deep sense of ownership and pride in the success or challenges faced by those he coaches. For Dustin, coaching with BDR represents hope for business owners who may feel isolated or stuck. The collaborative environment ensures they are not alone in overcoming obstacles, with an entire team dedicated to helping them succeed. 

Beyond the professional realm, Dustin is passionately engaged in his walk with God, studying theology, Biblical archaeology, and Biblical Philosophy. Being an engaged dad, philanthropy, golf, shooting, tinkering (building computers and mechanical watches, along with modding guns), and the thrill of procuring hard-to-get items like baseball cards and bourbons round out his diverse passions and hobbies. 

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