Drew Alexander

Profit Coach Advisor

Drew began his career with BDR in 2021 as a Profit Coach Advisor. He has worked with 40+ HVAC and plumbing business owners by creating custom company profiles and configuring unique coaching programs looking to drive profit & growth in their businesses.

Drew has worked in the service industry for 16+ years focusing on driving sales and customer retention. The last six years of his career were focused on business-to-business sales and partnerships. As a direct sales manager at a service-based Fortune 500 company, he built multiple three – five-year contracted relationships with government agencies and several other Fortune 500 companies.

“I’m passionate about my work because it truly impacts the lives of our clients. There is no better feeling than reaching out to a client a year later and hearing that they made more money, their team culture improved, and they could finally take the vacation they deserved and spend more time with their family.”

Drew knows that many small business owners’ paths began in the field who had a mentor to coach them, and now that they’re running a business, things may have changed. Small business owners may need more coaching, training, or support, and that’s where BDR can help them be the strategic leader in their industry.

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