Danielle Niemand

Accounting Coach

Danielle Niemand is an accomplished full-charge bookkeeping professional who graduated in 2005 from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Danielle began her career as a dedicated bookkeeper for her family’s business, which had been operating in the manufacturing industry for 15 years. Danielle seamlessly juggled roles as a full-charge bookkeeper, office manager, and HR specialist during her tenure. Before joining BDR, Danielle further honed her skills as a full-charge accountant for three sister companies over three years. 

Danielle’s love for numbers and a profound connection to small and family-owned businesses sparked her journey into the financial realm. With a heart dedicated to helping others, Danielle finds joy in coaching and witnessing the success of those she mentors. A notable strength lies in her ability to relate to clients personally, fostering a partnership where clients feel understood rather than taught. Open and honest communication, coupled with genuine care and concern, are qualities Danielle believes are crucial for success in the industry. 

As a BDR accounting coach, Danielle leverages her skills and experience to empower business owners with the financial knowledge and tools essential for success. Her clients can anticipate a wholehearted commitment from her, who views the BDR team as the best, embodying values that resonate professionally and personally. Danielle aims to build strong relationships by empowering her clients not to just get through each day, but to thrive. Understanding their financials is the key to unlocking growth, and she is dedicated to guiding clients through this journey. 

While away from her desk, Danielle finds joy in spending time with family, cheering on her children from the sidelines, exploring new places through travel, and relishing the serenity of the beach. 

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