Training Classes

Accounting & Office Management.

Accounting & Office Management

This class is designed to educate owners and bookkeepers on the fundamentals of accounting and office management. This course will review the proper methods and procedures of accounting, including general ledger maintenance and financial reporting.

Attendees will work through specific exercises that apply the processes and procedures needed for accurate financial reporting. They will also find out how sales of high efficiency equipment and accessories impact their bottom line and learn how to properly manage an administrative department.

This class gives attendees practical financial knowledge that ties directly to their business success and is specific to the HVAC industry.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Bookkeepers

Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales – Part 1.

Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales – Part 1

Owners, Divisional Managers, and Sales Coordinators should attend Structural Sales Part 1 to learn how to develop and manage their company’s sales process in a way that can increase their sales of high efficiency equipment and accessories, while improving their overall company profitability.

The class covers the entire sales process from an incoming lead until a referral is generated after the sale. All aspects of lead generation and lead management will be discussed as well as the role of the Sales Coordinator, and how to manage and motivate Home Solutions Advisors.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Divisional Managers, Sales Coordinators

Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales – Part 2.

Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales – Part 2

Owners, Divisional Managers, Sales Coordinators, and Retail Sales Professionals / Home Solutions Advisors attend for an in-depth review of the total company sales process and the role of the Home Solutions Advisor (Salesperson).

Topics covered include: preparing for the sales call, conducting the sales call, and the steps to follow after the sales call.

The class will also review how to set and achieve sales goals, with a special focus on how to become a $2.5 Million + salesperson.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Divisional Managers, Sales Professionals, Sales Coordinators

Duct Design for Profit & Efficiency.

Duct Design for Profit & Efficiency

Attendees will learn how to correctly design a residential duct system using ACCA’s Manual D while saving money and labor.

This class looks at duct design from a profit viewpoint. Dealers will develop templates and short cuts to correctly design systems in half the time and install each job faster. Attendees will also learn how to evaluate and correct existing systems for retrofit and warranty work.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Field Layout/Design Foremen, Master Installers

Labor Management: Retail-focus.

Labor Management: Retail-focus

This class teaches dealers the opportunity cost of a lost labor hour, as well as how to leverage their existing crews into the most productive and efficient revenue-generating team possible. After completing this course, dealers will have the knowledge they need to become the chosen company to work for in town, attracting the best installers as employees.

Attendees will also learn the “soft skills” that will help them sell accessories, ensure satisfied customers, and generate valuable referral leads as they complete high-quality installations.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Labor Managers, & Foremen

Pillars of HVAC Success: 2020.

Pillars of HVAC Success: 2020

The Pillars of HVAC Success is a workshop-based class that will show Owners and Managers the foundational building blocks for running a successful HVAC business and how to implement them. Each section is pinpoint-focused on identifying “what” they need to get done, “why” they need to do it, and helping them develop their personalized method for “how” to get it done.

Who Should Attend: Owners, Managers, Key Family Members

PreWall 1: 4 Steps to $1 Million in Revenue.

PreWall 1: 4 Steps to $1 Million in Revenue

This class is focused on residential dealers currently generating less than $600,000 per year in revenue. It is also valuable for larger dealers who are struggling with profitability or cash and want a better understanding of pricing and the overhead cost of running a business.

Dealers will be shown the 4 things they need to do each day to generate $1 Million in revenue and how to do them profitably. Participants will come away with a clear understanding of what it takes to reach $1 Million in revenue and a plan to get there.

Who Should Attend: Owners and their spouses who are focused on their business and have a desire to become more profitable, grow their business, deliver better customer service, and provide better wages and benefits for their employees and themselves.

QuickBooks for HVAC Contractors.

QuickBooks for HVAC Contractors

Attendees will learn how to apply the popular QuickBooks accounting software to the HVAC industry. This course will clarify how to properly maintain accounting information so dealers can use this vital reporting to reach their business goals.

This course supports all BDR’s training courses by bringing dealers the how-to’s of accounting. This two-day interactive workshop will give owners and bookkeepers a clear understanding of how to properly use QuickBooks.

Who Should Attend: Owners & Bookkeepers

Residential Maintenance: Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients.

Residential Maintenance: Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients

Attendees will learn how to create a company that no longer runs from “hot to cold” by weatherproofing their business with a well-managed, profitable maintenance agreement program.

By attending this class, dealers will generate improve their maintenance delivery process while generating a steady stream of replacement leads, improving profits, and stabilizing cash flow.

Attendees will make their businesses less weather-dependent and be able to retain a consistent labor force by providing work year-round.

Who Should Attend: Key players in the service department, Owners, Service Managers, Dispatchers

The Art of Consumer Financing – TM Edition.

The Art of Consumer Financing – TM Edition

Financing for Territory Managers teaches Territory Managers the fundamentals of how to implement consumer financing with their dealer customers. Attendees will learn how to share Carrier / Bryant financing options with their dealers and communicate the benefits of offering financing every time. Topics include how dealers can cover fees and stay competitively priced in their market.

Who Should Attend: Territory Managers, Upper Management, CEO’s, Owners, Sales Managers, Regional Managers, Marketing Managers

The Art of Consumer Financing – Dealer Edition.

The Art of Consumer Financing – Dealer Edition

Did you know 69% of American households have less than $1000 in savings and that 85% of consumers top 4 purchases are financed (home, college, vehicle, home improvement)?

Financing is a “must have” sales tool in today’s retail market. This 1-day class will teach attendees the fundamentals of how to implement retail financing practices in their business, including how to cover fees and stay competitively priced in their market.

Attendees will learn multiple financing strategies and discover how financing can increase their revenue and help them close more sales.

Who Should Attend: Owners & Managers

Top Gun Installer Excellence: Closing the Loop.

Top Gun Installer Excellence: Closing the Loop

In this two-part class, Owners and Installation personnel attend both Day 1 and Day 2 and Salespeople attend on Day 2 only.

  • Day 1 – Installers are the greatest untapped referral generators. In this class, they will learn how to stop costly callbacks, develop the skills to offer and sell accessories, and improve customer satisfaction to ensure a referral is generated on every installation. Top dealers today have Installers averaging $1,000+ in sales from additional accessories sold during the install. With well-trained installers, dealers will be able to make the transition from a contractor to a retailer who runs a sales-driven company
  • Day 2 – During the second day of class attendees (Owners, Installers, and Salespeople) will work through a series of breakout exercises as a group to determine how sales can help installation, how installation can help sales, and how everyone can work together as a team to eliminate callbacks, drive customer satisfaction, and generate referral leads.

Who Should Attend:

  • Day 1 –  Installers, Owners, Replacement Techs, Foreman, & other revenue generators involved in the installation process
  • Day 2 – Salespeople & Day 1 attendees

Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics.

Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics

This two-day team building class provides service technicians with the “soft” tools to perform their job better.

Through a series of breakouts, technicians will develop improved customer communication skills, learn how to offer and sell accessories, drive customer satisfaction, and capture replacement leads through a defined service delivery procedure.

This process will help technicians reduce callbacks, improve revenue generation, and increase job satisfaction while increasing their overall value to the company.

Who Should Attend: Service Technicians, Owners, Service Managers, Dispatchers

Wall 1: 6 Steps to $3 Million+ in Revenue.

Wall 1: 6 Steps to $3 Million+ in Revenue

Attendees learn the key strategies and business structure that any company needs to go from $1 million to $3 million+ and increase their profit immensely.

Contractors will leave with a plan for lead generation, accessory sales, service profitability, and high efficiency equipment sales that can be implemented immediately. Most contractors have in place all the resources and critical mass to achieve this and don’t have to reinvent their company to do it.

Who Should Attend: Owners

Wall 2: Entrepreneur to Business Owner.

Wall 2: Entrepreneur to Business Owner

Attendees learn how to develop the necessary business structure and put personnel in place to build and run a departmentalized business that can grow from $3.5 million to $6 million and beyond.

Owners will learn how to make the move from “I do everything” to running a delegated management team. This is the owner’s chance to not only improve and grow their business, but their lifestyle as well.

Who Should Attend: Owners