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BDR provides comprehensive training resources to help contracting businesses achieve sustained business success.

With in-person, live virtual, and self-paced online, BDR provides you with a variety of training options that meet your individual and business needs.

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This class is designed to educate owners and bookkeepers on the fundamentals of accounting and office management. This course will review the proper methods and procedures of accounting, including general ledger maintenance and financial reporting.
Owners, Divisional Managers, and Sales Coordinators should attend Structural Sales Part 1 to learn how to develop and manage their company’s sales process in a way that can increase their sales of high efficiency equipment and accessories, while improving their overall company profitability.
Owners, Divisional Managers, Sales Coordinators, and Retail Sales Professionals / Home Solutions Advisors attend for an in-depth review of the total company sales process and the role of the Home Solutions Advisor (Salesperson).
Do you have trouble establishing a rapport with a homeowner that leads to trust and ultimately a sale?
Creating the Next Generation of Company Managers will show new Managers how to transition from being an Employee and succeed in their new management role. Owners who are adding their first Manager should attend to find out how they can set up their new manager to win.
BDR’s Customer Experience University teaches you how to implement a structured, retail process for your sales and install coordinators that builds great customers relationships and positions the company for referrals. These vital employees will be guided through customer service and communication training so they can build trust with both internal and external customers throughout the…
Do you have a long-term vision for your company’s future as well as your own? Are you moving toward that vision every day or do you need to reimagine or reset your vision and how to implement it?
BDR’s Duct Design for Profit and Efficiency will show contractors how to design a residential duct system that provides increased comfort and efficiency to your customers while increasing your revenue. This class will show you how to efficiently evaluate and correct existing systems for retrofit and warranty work as well design new systems, all with…
Are your installations delivering the top performance from the equipment you install that will create happy customers and generate referrals? Attend this course to learn how to improve air flow and system performance by using aerodynamic fittings.
This class teaches dealers the opportunity cost of a lost labor hour, as well as how to leverage their existing crews into the most productive and efficient revenue-generating team possible. After completing this course, dealers will have the knowledge they need to become the chosen company to work for in town, attracting the best installers as employees.
Dealers all across the country are bombarded with fearful messages regarding our economy and the future of many service-based companies. In times like these it is imperative for leaders to lead well. Employees look for leadership and the peace of mind that can be instilled by Owners, Managers & Supervisors who understand their roles as leaders, but most leaders don’t know how their role should change to take their company forward.
The Pillars of HVAC Success is a workshop-based class that will show Owners and Managers the foundational building blocks for running a successful HVAC business and how to implement them. Each section is pinpoint-focused on identifying “what” they need to get done, “why” they need to do it, and helping them develop their personalized method for “how” to get it done.
This class is focused on residential dealers currently generating less than $600,000 per year in revenue. It is also valuable for larger dealers who are struggling with profitability or cash and want a better understanding of pricing and the overhead cost of running a business.
Are your jobs delivering the profitability your company needs to build a solid foundation and grow? Attend this course to fine-tune your understanding of how to correctly price a job for profit.
Attendees will learn how to apply the popular QuickBooks accounting software to the HVAC industry. This course will clarify how to properly maintain accounting information so dealers can use this vital reporting to reach their business goals.
Attendees will learn how to create a company that no longer runs from “hot to cold” by weatherproofing their business with a well-managed, profitable maintenance agreement program.
Do your service technicians have a plan for every service call that drives customer satisfaction and maximizes any possible opportunities? Or do they just show up and “figure it out?”
BDR’s Service Dispatch University will give your dispatchers the tools to be successful in their role and take their dispatching skills to the next level. By reducing time spent on service calls through improved dispatching, your service department can generate incredible profits and help drive your business forward. Did you know saving 10 minutes per…
Financing for Territory Managers teaches Territory Managers the fundamentals of how to implement consumer financing with their dealer customers. Attendees will learn how to share Carrier / Bryant financing options with their dealers and communicate the benefits of offering financing every time. Topics include how dealers can cover fees and stay competitively priced in their market.
Did you know 69% of American households have less than $1000 in savings and that 85% of consumers top 4 purchases are financed (home, college, vehicle, home improvement)?
In this two-part class, Owners and Installation personnel attend both Day 1 and Day 2 and Salespeople attend on Day 2 only.
This two-day team building class provides service technicians with the “soft” tools to perform their job better.
Are you planning on selling your business? This class will provide you with the tools and information to build value in your current company while preparing for a future sale. Even if your decision to sell is years away, the time to start maximizing the value of your company and preparing for a successful future sale is now.
Do you know when your company has covered your overhead for the year? The month? The day? Do you know how much gross profit you can expect to earn on each job you take?
Attendees learn the key strategies and business structure that any company needs to go from $1 million to $3 million+ and increase their profit immensely.