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BDR provides comprehensive training resources to help contracting businesses achieve sustained business success.

With in-person, live virtual, and self-paced online, BDR provides you with a variety of training options that meet your individual and business needs.

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This class educates owners and bookkeepers on accounting and office management fundamentals. This course will review the proper methods and procedures of accounting, including general ledger maintenance and financial reporting.
Sales drive everything in business. To reach the highest levels of growth, contracting companies must develop an owner-independent sales force. The owner, or sales manager, becomes a coach for the sales team, helping to set goals, drive performance, and celebrate wins. This session establishes the owner’s role in the sales process and sets out the…
This workshop will show you how to capture high-margin, negotiated commercial replacement sales by creating loyal, long-lasting customers through service relationships.
This class will show new and existing managers how to transition from being just an employee to succeeding in a new management role.
This course teaches you how to implement a structured retail process for your sales and install coordinators that help build long-lasting customer relationships and positions the company for referrals.
This class will show contractors how to design a residential duct system that provides increased comfort and efficiency to their customers while increasing their revenue.
This class examines one of the key financial statements: the Profit & Loss (P&L), and how to develop a repeatable strategy for using your P&L to identify opportunities for business growth and success.
This class will show contractors how to correctly identify the proper fittings to use to reduce the equivalent length of their duct system and design a system that delivers ideal comfort and reliability.
This class will show you the opportunity cost of a lost labor hour and how to maximize profit through labor-saving techniques and strategies.
This class will help you discover your strengths as a leader and develop a plan for both your professional growth to lead your team forward.
This class provides plumbing owners and service managers with a strategic template on how to build a residential accessory program - including product selection, pricing, presentation, and getting buy-in from the team.
This class will show you how to apply the popular QuickBooks accounting software to the contracting industry along with improve your financial understanding and enhance your reporting.
In this training class, dealers will learn how to improve their maintenance delivery process while generating a steady stream of replacement leads, improving profits, and stabilizing cash flow.
This course will give your dispatchers the tools to be successful in their role and take their dispatching skills to the next level.
This class provides owners and managers of plumbing companies with strategies they can apply to improve profits and streamline operations while maximizing their existing labor resources.
This class teaches installers how to perform their job better and develop the skills to advance in their profession.
This class gives retail sales professionals and owners a fresh look at a proven sales process based on educating the customer - not high-pressure tactics.
This class provides service technicians with the soft tools to perform their job better, driving customer satisfaction, sales leads, and referrals through a defined service delivery procedure.