Dealer Direct

Bring the power of BDR Training to your business! BDR's Dealer Direct program allows you to hold BDR training at your  place of business.

Dealer Direct

Bring the power of BDR Training to your business! BDR's Dealer Direct program allows you to hold BDR training at your  place of business.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

You will have a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by training your entire team on leading strategies and tactics to drive company profits and improve employee and client satisfaction.



Supercharge Your Team's Results and Motivation

Expert Trainers

Have complete access to a BDR trainer & their expertise

Boost Profits

Boost profits by increasing employee efficiencies


Improve internal & external communication

Team Morale

Increase employee retention by taking your company forward & get your team excited

Accessory Sales

Implement an accessory program

Receive N.A.T.E. Hours

All classes qualify for N.A.T.E. continuing education hours

Available Dealer Direct Classes


Do you need help establishing a rapport with a homeowner that leads to trust and, ultimately, a sale? Does your process in the home actively position you to close a sale while reducing potential objections? In this four-hour online class, learn how to build your personalized discovery process that engages the homeowner so you can generate rapport, build trust, and position yourself to close a sale – all without any tricks, gimmicks, or “sales tactics.”

Approved for 4 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

Duct Design Schematics.

In this two-day class, attendees will gain valuable knowledge on designing residential duct systems using ACCA's Manual J, S, and D, resulting in cost and labor savings. The focus of the training goes beyond technical aspects by exploring duct design from a profit perspective, teaching participants to use templates and shortcuts for accurate system design and reduced installation time. The class also covers evaluating and addressing existing retrofit and warranty work systems. Additionally, dealers will enhance their understanding of utilizing equipment product data and Manual D to create superior duct systems.

Approved for 16 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.


Are your installations and equipment delivering top performance, leading to happy customers and referrals? In this four-hour virtual class, you'll learn how to improve system performance with aerodynamic fittings. These practices can be applied to residential new construction and replacement jobs that ultimately create happier customers and drive future referral leads.

Approved for 4 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

In this two-day class, attendees will discover how to optimize their replacement crews to become a highly productive and efficient revenue-generating team. Participants will learn how to complete retail replacement installations that lead to referrals by implementing processes, checklists, and management strategies. Dealers will gain valuable insights into the steps employed by top contractors to effectively prepare for an installation, manage the process, and complete all post-installation tasks successfully.

Approved for 16 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

Residential service calls are not just about fixing immediate problems; they are an opportunity to drive revenue, build long-term customer relationships, and offer additional products. Customers actively seek ways to improve their homes, such as water purification systems, circulation pumps, and slow-close toilet seats. These accessories increase your average service ticket and provide peace of mind to customers. In this four-hour class, get access to strategic templates for product selection, pricing, presentation, and team buy-in.

Approved for 4 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

Do your service technicians have a plan for every service call that drives customer satisfaction and maximizes any possible opportunity? Or do they show up and just “figure it out?” In this four-hour class, learn how to create a consistent process for your service team to use the established rapport with customers on every call and identify opportunities for accessory sales and additional services.

Approved for 4 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

Top Gun Installer Excellence.

This one-day team building class strives to enhance the performance of Installers by teaching them how to perform their job efficiently, understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and develop the skills to advance in their profession, all of which will increase their job satisfaction. With well-trained installers, dealers can transition from a dealer to a retailer who runs a sales-driven company.

Approved for 8 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours

Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics.

This two-day team building class gives Service Technicians the soft tools to perform their job better. Through interactive breakouts, technicians will develop improved customer communication skills and learn how to drive customer satisfaction, sales leads, and referrals through a defined service delivery procedure. The training will help technicians reduce callbacks, improve revenue generation, and increase job satisfaction while increasing the company's overall value.

Approved for 16 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours

Top Gun Hybrid.

Top Gun Hybrid

This two-day team building class aims to enhance the performance of Service Technicians (day one) and Installers (day two) by providing them with essential soft tools. Through interactive breakouts, participants will develop improved customer communication skills, drive customer satisfaction, and increase revenue generation by following a defined delivery procedure. The training focuses on reducing callbacks, increasing job satisfaction, and enhancing the overall value of Technicians and Installers within the company.

Approved for 16 N.A.T.E. continuing education hours.

Here is What Dealers Have to Say!

Woods Comfort Systems.
"This is the second BDR Top Gun training I have been to… It was so amazing going through this program all together [entire company] and go over each department function and customer interaction while discussing ideas that will help… This program has empowered me to take on a more interactive role and brainstorm ideas… to make our company go from great to best."

Holtzople Heating & Air Conditioning.
"We loved both of our Top Gun trainings that we did this year... We got a few things implemented right away... The trainings were very good for learning, but also team building. We all enjoyed them very much and I would highly recommend to everyone!"

Frederick Air.
"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for the great training provided… One by one, my technicians have come to thank me for the opportunity to attend the training. I must say that I usually don't get that response… Every time I checked, I found each employee fully engaged and interested..."

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning.
"The tactics, strategies, and tips given will improve your installation and service departments significantly and are things that can actually be implemented. Thank you, BDR!"

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