Crystal Kryder

Accounting Coach

Crystal Kryder

    Crystal Kryder is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping within the service industry. Holding an M.S. in Microbiology from the University of South Florida and a B.S. in Biology from Clearwater Christian College, she offers a unique blend of scientific and financial expertise. 
    Beyond number crunching, Crystal finds joy in researching business success, industry evolution, and the impact of current events and technology. Teaching diverse age groups, including elementary to college students, has shaped her dynamic approach as an accounting coach. As a former school board member for eight years, she applied her analytical skills to project income, set budgets, and implement policies. Initiatives like introducing new programs that increased cash flow showcase her commitment to positive change and financial excellence. 

    In the intricate world of navigating financials, Crystal emphasizes the art of coaching, guiding clients to utilize a proven bookkeeping process that fuels growth and ensures enhanced profitability for their businesses. As a dedicated accounting coach at BDR, Crystal takes immense pride in providing clients with tools that refine their accounting skills and nurture personal confidence, setting the stage for holistic success. 

    For future clients working with Crystal, anticipate not just a coaching program but an illuminating journey toward financial clarity. This program eliminates the fog of uncertainty, empowering clients to make decisions with unwavering confidence based on meticulously accurate financial information. Building robust relationships is Crystal’s forte, rooted in active listening, understanding, and an empowering teaching style that uplifts clients, fostering a profound sense of financial self-assurance. 

    In her personal time, Crystal enjoys diving into the world of literature, reflecting a well-rounded passion for continuous learning and personal growth. 

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