Kasey Stanley

Lead Accounting Coach & Trainer

Kasey Stanley - 2022.

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  • Acuity Institute - Change Management Professional

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Kasey Stanley brings considerable expertise and practical experience to her role as an Accounting Coach & Trainer for BDR’s clients. She has a total of 20 years of accounting experience, with the last 10 years in the HVAC industry. She has worked for two HVAC companies, starting as a Full-Charge Bookkeeper and taking on more responsibility in Dispatching and office management.

With Kasey’s first HVAC employer, she attended several BDR business-management training classes, including Pillars of HVAC Success, Managing & Growing Service Profitably, Service Dispatch University, and Accounting & Office Management. Her first HVAC employer was also in BDR’s Profit Coach program for two years. As a Full-Charge Bookkeeper, Kasey attended all coaching sessions with the owner, spanning all company operations.

Kasey had direct management responsibility for many of the implementation projects, including bookkeeping, IT systems, website & marketing programs, office operations, service operations, and installation processes. She also attended BDR’s Profit Launch, working with the owner to build a BDR-caliber business plan for his company.

Kasey had an opportunity to move to a larger company that needed to modernize, upgrade, and streamline all aspects of its business operations. Her role quickly evolved from consultant to a full-time dual role of GM & Controller, lasting seven years. Kasey leveraged her people skills and BDR training to gain buy-in from employees and set about modernizing the legacy dos-based customer database and accounting systems. Kasey successfully:

  • Implemented QuickBooks® Enterprise and trained the bookkeeper on all aspects of QuickBooks® and BDR’s HVAC accounting template and procedures.
  • Installed dESCO ESC as their customer and service management software and trained all staff on the systems.
  • Integrated dESCO ESC to QuickBooks®.
  • Executed a complete software conversion from the Dos-based system to Desco & QuickBooks®.
  • Integrated the Flat Rate Service billing into dESCO and implemented wireless billing.

The benefits of these upgrades were significant and had efficiency gains throughout all company operations. During Kasey’s tenure as the GM & Controller, the company grew steadily and increased sales efficiency by some 65%:

  • 2008 – $1.46 million in sales; 14 employees; averaging $104,285 in sales per employee
  • 2013 – $3.80 million in sales; 22 employees; averaging $172,727 in sales per employee

Along with her coaching responsibilities, Kasey is also a trainer in BDR’s How to Read Your Profit and Loss training workshop.

In Kasey’s words: “I love it when a plan comes together! I get pure joy from identifying a challenge, formulating a plan, and putting that plan into action. That goes for everything from my kids’ football booster club to a five-year business plan for my clients.

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