Katie Foster

Accounting Coach

Katie Foster

    Katie Foster is a dedicated accounting professional with decades of experience across diverse sectors. Her 20-year career spans roles in retail, government/state agencies, and private consulting, where a passion for learning and knowledge-sharing drives her continuous professional evolution. 

    Discovering an affinity for accounting at 19, Katie embraced the field wholeheartedly, expanding her expertise both on the job and through education. Her ability to view challenges from various perspectives has been pivotal, contributing to her success in executing implementation plans to enhance accounting office functionality. Throughout her career, she has saved companies millions of dollars by spotting errors and identifying trends that negatively impact businesses, along with implementing new processes and procedures to fix these issues in the future.

    In Katie’s view, problem-solving and analytical skills are paramount in accounting, akin to solving a complex puzzle. She emphasizes the significance of maintaining a growth mindset and flexibility, traits honed through extensive project work in diverse offices and collaboration with professionals of varied approaches. As an accounting coach, Katie finds joy in witnessing others’ growth, celebrating those lightbulb moments where understanding clicks into place.

    Building strong relationships with clients is Katie’s forte, rooted in trust, consistency, and celebrating milestones together. Her commitment to being a reliable, supportive coach extends beyond work tasks to create an environment where clients feel comfortable sharing ideas and addressing concerns. To potential clients, Katie extends a warm welcome to the BDR community, assuring them of a journey filled with celebration, encouragement, and guidance.  

    Outside of work, Katie is a devoted family person, cherishing time with her husband and two boys, and finds joy in reading, baking, watching movies, listening to podcasts, volunteering at her son’s school, traveling, watching football, and embracing the outdoors. With Katie as your coach, the journey promises to be exciting and fulfilling – Wahoo! 

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