Meegan Stanton

Accounting Coach

Meegan Stanton - 2022.

Certifications & Accolades

  • Acuity Institute - Change Management Professional

    Meegan Stanton has been part of the BDR family since 2006, climbing quickly up the ladder to become one of BDR’s accounting coaches.

    Her proven ability to work efficiently and promptly to meet customer needs is invaluable. Moving from support coach to senior financial analyst, Meegan used her skills to assist others internally and realized her passion for our clients.

    Meegan completed her bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on accounting at the University of Washington in 2007. Her schooling has provided an extensive knowledge base for reading and dissecting financial statements to unveil client opportunities.

    Meegan has encountered many accounting and dispatching software types throughout her time with BDR. As an accounting coach, she provides excellent service and shows a strong desire to help others with any issues that may arise. Meegan has great success in accounting and dispatching software conversions, providing excellent customer service, and has great results with financial coaching on-site services. She has shared her expertise to support our clients in webinars on the BDR website. Her attributes support BDR and its clients in their journey to profit and growth.

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