Paul Grizzle

Head Coach

Paul Grizzle.

Paul Grizzle’s HVAC career spans 24-years of total industry experience with 15-years as a successful business owner, 6-years in a leadership role within the Air Conditioned Contractors of America (ACCA) organization, and 2-years working with BDR as a client in the Profit Coach Program.  

Starting with a technical education degree in HVAC, Paul gained both field and management experience over a 9-year period through considerable experience in installation and service, as an electrician, by running crews and as a manager for a local distributor.  As an employee for 4 companies, 1 distributor and a large school district, he gained meaningful experience regarding various business processes, company cultures, market cycles and what works and what doesn’t with respect to managing a business and motivating employees. 

Paul started Grizzle Heating & Air from scratch in May of 1997 with $3,500 by convincing his wife that they could live on that money for 3-months.  He grew his company to $1 million in annual sales by the end of his 6th-year in business.  Driven to be the best, Paul was a perennial performance-recognition award winner.  Virtually always in the top-5, and consistently coming in 3rd or 2nd place in his quest for “Dealer of the Year”, some of his major industry achievement awards include:

  • New Dealer of the Year in 1999
  • Dealer of the Year in 2005
  • Growth Leader in 2001, 2002 and 2006
  • Sales Leader from 2003 to 2012

Driven to improve his business knowledge and company’s financial performance, Paul joined ACCA in 2003 and became a Mix-Group member in 2008.  He traveled the country to mix-member businesses learning new business practices, gaining a better knowledge of financial metrics, and contributing his successful strategies to the group.  He then established a local chapter of ACCA in his community, building the organization from scratch as its President from 2008 through 2013.  He provided invaluable information to help local HVAC business owners to develop their business management knowledge and strengthen their leadership skills.

A big-believer in helping people and in giving back to his community, Paul and his company have been recognized for excellence and for sponsoring or supporting many community programs:

  • Canyon News – “Best Heating & Air Company” recognition award in 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Readership voting by local newspaper subscribers determines winner
  • Local Police Department Swat Team:
    • Donated company van for conversion to swat-team vehicle
  • Annual Fund-Raiser & Donation Programs:
    • Fight Against Domestic Violence
    • Local Women’s Shelters
    • 4-H Youth Programs – Sponsor kids annually in competitions and for college-fund savings

Built a company-sponsored “Barbecue Trailer” for any employee to use at any community, church or fund-raising event to support and encourage the humanity of giving back. 

The community support for Grizzle Heating & Air – “Don’t sizzle… call Grizzle”  is recognized and reflected in the company’s annual Customer-Appreciation Day where the attendance in 2014 exceeded 1,250 customers!  WAHOO!!!

At the beginning of 2012, Paul joined Profit Coach which he leveraged to refine his business processes, install HVAC-specific financial accounting and performance analysis, and then built a BDR-caliber business plan for his company.   At the end of 2012, Paul sold his business to a respected local HVAC business owner, who asked Paul to stay and help him run the combined, two-location company to provide guidance as a consultant and team leader.  The new company remains a Profit Coach client, and Paul now brings his vast knowledge, experience and success to BDR’s clientele as a Profit Coach.  

Personal Quote: “I am very passionate about helping people in business and in their lives.  As the owner of an award-winning company, I understand the unique challenges of operating a successful business while making quality time for your family.  You can have both if you shape your role and business to make it happen.  I’m here to help.”

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