Stop Chasing Revenue, Start Banking Profit

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BDR Head Coach Paul Grizzle joins Prime Resources Podcast to discuss the importance of focusing on profit rather than just revenue in your business. Paul gives an overview of how these two key elements are different and outlines the breakdown of what makes up your revenue. Discover the importance of understanding the difference between the revenue and the profit your company generates and the action steps you can take to maximize profit – leading to freedom for you and your team!

Key Takeaways

  • Profit provides freedom and better resources for the company, the team members, and the owners.
  • Understanding the difference between revenue and profit is crucial.
  • Profit impacts provisions, rewards, opportunities, family, individuals, and teams.
  • Focusing on profit rather than revenue leads to a more sustainable and fulfilling business.

Stop Chasing Revenue, Start Banking Profit Time Stamps

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:00 – Definitions of Revenue and Profit and How the Two Relate to Each Other
  • 09:30 – Why It’s Important to Move From Chasing Revenue to Banking Profit
  • 14:11 – Understanding What Makes Up Your Revenue – Cost of Goods, Gross Profit, Overhead, and Net Profit
  • 24:05 – Developing a Financial Understanding and Setting Baselines
  • 26:51 – Summary and Conclusion

ABOUT Paul Grizzle

Paul Grizzle‘s HVAC career spans 24 years of total industry experience with 15 years as a successful business owner, six years in a leadership role within the Air Conditioned Contractors of America (ACCA) organization, and two years working with BDR as a client in the Profit Coach program. After joining the Profit Coach program, he leveraged to refine his business processes, install HVAC-specific financial accounting and performance analysis, and then built a BDR-caliber business plan for his company. Within the year, Paul sold his business to a respected local HVAC business owner, and it remains a Profit Coach client. Paul now brings his vast knowledge, experience, and success to BDR’s clientele as a Profit Coach.

About Prime Resources Podcast

BDR’s Prime Resources Podcast is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to help your business achieve Prime results—Prime being the most flourishing stage or state.

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