Chris Ditty

Financial Coach

Chris Ditty.

Chris Ditty has built a successful 10-year track record in business-management accounting and related operational and administrative roles. The beautiful thing for BDR’s coaching clientele is that her experience is heavily concentrated in the contracting industry, with wide-ranging experience across all accounting functions, plus many financial, contract & project-administration and employee management functions. Given her work experience with companies ranging in size from 6 to 300 employees and $500,000 to $90 million in sales, Chris understands the impact of size on employee bandwidth, role specialization, and how you structure accounting and office operation job duties to streamline workflow and maximize employee productivity.

Further, Chris has intimate knowledge of BDR’s accounting and procedural-driven business-practice methods as a long term BDR employee with responsibility for the following: A/P for 8 companies; A/R & financial reporting for 7 companies; month-end reconciliation & journey entries for 3 companies; and payroll for 1 company – all while reporting to 5 different business owners.

Her career roles include: BDR Financial Coach, Accounting Assistant, Sub-Contractor Payables Specialist, Contract Administrator and Office Manager. Her experience includes: All accounting and financial reporting functions; payroll; L&I claims management, collections, contract & sub-contractor administration, work-in-process management & billing.

Finally, Chris worked in the Commercial Construction Industry for many years as a Contract Administrator where her duties ranged from contract preparation, progress billing, certified payroll, job-costing, contract closeout & retention billing, as well as preparing monthly financials. Further, Chris worked for a large General Contractor and learned how sub-contractor contracts are managed. Thus, Chris can assist sub-contractors against being abused by GC contracting & payment practices.

Here are two of Chris’s many accomplishments: a) Installed commercial contract management and accounting systems for one company, preventing them from losing a lot of money as they entered the commercial contracting arena; b) Developed a multi-tiered tracking data-sheet that consolidated multiple manual worksheets, automating calculations across multiple simultaneous projects, which increased data accuracy, saved time & money and delivered daily reports to all managers, reliably.

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