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Barbara Geiger

Financial Coach

Barbara Geiger started her BDR career as a Financial Coach in February 2016, and has brought considerable expertise in formal accounting systems, software configuration, process development, and operational streamlining, all with the profit-focus of an HVAC business owner, because she was exceedingly successful at that, as well.

Prior to BDR, Barbara’s career embodies HVAC business ownership experience combined with her career achievements in a wide array of accounting, process development and automation roles, and is bolstered by her process-efficiency training and certifications in six-sigma.  BDR’s clients will benefit greatly from her financial expertise coupled with her spot-on career experience and long-term relationship as a BDR client.

With respect to her formal accounting education and career experience, Barbara worked full-time while earning 3 degrees, finishing with an MBA in Accounting and a Green Belt in Six-Sigma.  Over her 12-year corporate career, largely with Honeywell International, she was promoted six times and has held roles spanning: all accounting functions; process and procedure development; operational excellence; and process-automation.  She has held senior management roles with 40-employee teams.  She has worked overseas with different cultures while successfully creating, integrating, and implementing huge, international systems, largely revolving around accounting, finance management and process-automation.  She has built Standard Operating Procedure Manuals from scratch serving complex, global operations.

With her husband, Barbara changed gears and bought a small, break-even HVAC business in 2008, right before the Great Recession.  When they sold their business in 2015, it was a multi-million dollar company with a 17% net profit margin.  Everything had to be improved, overhauled or built from scratch.  Over a 5-year period, Barbara leveraged BDR’s business training classes, joined Profit Coach and built her company’s business plan at BDR’s Profit Launch workshop.  Combining BDR’s HVAC-industry expertise with her considerable experience and credentials, Barbara generated a long list of wins, including:  Growing her business – while remaining profitable every year – through the Great Recession; Downsizing their service area after analyzing the cost/benefit of labor-management efficiency; Implementing a 401K Plan in the heart of the recession, which had a tremendous impact on employee retention; Executing a total restructure of the accounting processes and reports; Grew their Preventive Maintenance Program by 40% per year to 5,200 “profitable” contracts; and much more.

In Barbara’s words: “It is important to look at each company as “unique” and look at everything as a process, with the understanding that they are never perfect.  You must analyze each process to remove the inconsistencies and standardize the procedures, thereby improving them, all with the goal of driving customer service, efficiency and profits”.


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Brenda Burmeister

Financial Coach

Brenda Burmeister brings with her over 20 years of accounting and management experience within the HVAC industry. Prior to joining the BDR Profit Coach team, she was a BDR client for 15 years.

Brenda has held multiple positions such as Office Manager and Controller. Her areas of specialty include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Job Costing Analysis, Progress Billing, Work in Progress, Dispatching. She has performed all payroll functions including certified payroll and human resources, and has been responsible for preparation of all data for Financial Statements & Analysis.

Throughout her more than two decades of experience, her accomplishments include computerizing the Accounting department and implementing processes and procedures, managing and developing Service Technician’s mobile billing processes and procedures, and implementing inventory control processes and procedures including cycle counts.

Graduating as Manga Cum Laude, Brenda has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Minor in Marketing.

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Brittany Baimbridge

Financial Coach

Prior to joining BDR, Brittany worked with service-based companies in a financial role for over 10 years with more than 5 years’ experience in the HVAC industry. She started in bookkeeping and office management, then took on a Controller position and was promoted to Operations Manager.

Brittany is extremely organized, and detail oriented with a focus on financial reporting, strategic business planning and process management. Accomplishments in her previous positions include:

  • Implementing daily activity reporting which reduced labor costs
  • Developed inventory tracking and material replenishment process resulting in faster inventory replenishment and improved loss control
  • Documented standardized processes and procedures for improved performance and business continuity

Her experience in the HVAC field includes managing both residential and large commercial projects. In previous positions, she was responsible for contract management, progress billing, work in process, and contract close out.

As a previous client of BDR for five years, Brittany experienced the impact made by establishing strong processes and tracking results while working with her coaches. She loves helping clients develop their business and empowering them with the tools to achieve success.

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Bruce Wiseman

BDR Owner & President

Bruce Wiseman has been providing management consulting services and training to leading HVAC dealers since 1995 when he founded Northwest Management Group, the predecessor to Business Development Resources, Inc. (BDR).

As company President, Bruce leads the Profit Coach program, helping clients grow their business and increase their profits. As a trainer, Bruce brings his real-world experience to the classroom and offers creative strategies for dealers to drive profit and growth in their businesses.

In addition to his consulting and training experience, Bruce was a primary author of the Trane Comfort Specialist Operations Manual and has developed several software applications for the HVAC industry.

Prior to founding Northwest Management Group, Bruce was the General Manager of a $13 million HVAC company with annual growth in excess of 25% and net income over 15%.

Bruce's industry experience also includes starting and developing a residential division for a large mechanical contractor. After little more than a year, the mechanical contractor's annualized revenues exceeded $4 million.


Six Sigma Black Belt

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Candy Cunningham

Client Relationship Specialist
Candy Cunningham is BDR’s Client Relationship Specialist. She is BDR’s primary contact person for our distribution training sales channel and provides ongoing resources to BDR’s distribution partners to help them host successful classes that drive their business forward.

Candy has a deep background in distribution sales and territory management. In 1994, Candy become a Sales Support Specialist for an HVAC distributor in Iowa and Nebraska. In this role she became more involved with marketing plans, job quoting, annual dealer meetings, dealer recruitment and overall territory sales support. The Sales Support Specialist position then lead her into her own territory as a Territory Manager in 2001.
As a Territory Manager, Candy was recognized in the Top 10 of national distribution sales three different times.Her first assigned territory grew from $2m to just under $6m in just 5 years.
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Catherine Bares

Service Coach

Catherine has 21-years of HVAC experience, with 19-years focused on Service Operations & Sales. Hired as a temporary summer-season employee for a $700,000 business, where everyone-does-everything, Catherine worked directly with the owner to grow his company into an award-winning, process-driven, customer-focused business doing north of $4 million in revenues. She has held numerous positions over the years: Dispatcher, Commercial Maintenance Sales Rep., Service Manager, Marketing Director, Sales Manager, and was promoted to General Manager at the beginning of 2013, prior to pursuing her dream to coach others as a BDR Service Coach. While Service is her passion, Catherine has proven total-company operations knowledge and she has proven her ability to manage, coach and inspire.

In her capacity as Service Dispatcher and Service Manager, Catherine generated many achievements, including: Increased Service Tech efficiency through dispatching skills and techniques; Installed BDR’s 8-for-10 Performance Program which is designed to track and drive Service Tech efficiency; Installed and refined an Accessory Sales Program, which increased service profit by a minimum of 25%; Increased pricing as growth allowed service-delivery to improve; Maintained a minimum-average-annual 6.4 billable-hours per day (or higher) service technician efficiency rating; and consistently met budget for the Service Department. These accomplishments, among others, enabled Catherine to reduce Service Tech headcount by 25%, while increasing call-counts and revenue generated. Finally, she built the Preventive-Maintenance contract base from less than 100 contracts to over 1000 contracts. Her effective leadership skills were reflected in a stable staff with high morale.

Catherine worked directly with the owner on strategy, planning & budgeting, HR and Marketing. As such, she built her company’s business plan with the owner at BDR’s Profit Launch (plan building workshop) for 7 straight years (2008 – 2014). She has also been coached in BDR’s Profit Coach or Service Coach Program for the better part of 12-years. She has attended several BDR business management training classes, including: Service Dispatch University; Growing a Profitable Service Division; Commercial (Service) Maintenance Sales, and others. As such, Catherine understands business planning, job-costing, financial reporting and HVAC-specific performance metrics. She manages by the numbers and knows how to structure incentive plans that benefit the company and employee alike, while protecting the company. Catherine led marketing and PR and was the local spokesperson for her company. Her PR efforts drove business:

  • She was a “Training Member” of the Louisiana Heat Pump Association in 2014-2015, where she developed and conducted member training classes on dispatching, customer service and marketing strategies. Because of her contributions and leadership, she was selected to be an award-presenter at the annual banquet.
  • She was featured in HVACR/Hydronics Distribution Business magazine as one of the top women in HVACR in April, 2015.
  • Her employer hired and trained a true rarity – a female service technician – who is NATE certified and a top employee performer. Catherine leveraged this into national press coverage and local press coverage in Year 2014 & 2015, driving positive press and community awareness for her employer.
  • Her marketing strategy and execution resulted in driving an average of 107 new customers per month for year 2014 & YTD 2015.

Outside of the HVAC industry, Catherine is a “group fitness instructor”, where she teaches kickboxing, spinning, PIYO and other physical conditioning classes. Her experience in the fitness industry provides highly transferrable skills in leadership, motivation and empowerment. Her coaching style inspires people to believe and succeed.

Catherine has been married 29 years, raised 2 boys, and is a happy grandmother of 3…so far. She loves exercise, family time, spa time, girlfriend trips, camping, swimming and “adventures”.

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Chris Ditty

Financial Coach

Chris Ditty has built a successful 10-year track record in business-management accounting and related operational and administrative roles. The beautiful thing for BDR's coaching clientele is that her experience is heavily concentrated in the contracting industry, with wide-ranging experience across all accounting functions, plus many financial, contract & project-administration and employee management functions. Given her work experience with companies ranging in size from 6 to 300 employees and $500,000 to $90 million in sales, Chris understands the impact of size on employee bandwidth, role specialization, and how you structure accounting and office operation job duties to streamline workflow and maximize employee productivity.

Further, Chris has intimate knowledge of BDR's accounting and procedural-driven business-practice methods as a long term BDR employee with responsibility for the following: A/P for 8 companies; A/R & financial reporting for 7 companies; month-end reconciliation & journey entries for 3 companies; and payroll for 1 company – all while reporting to 5 different business owners.

Her career roles include: BDR Financial Coach, Accounting Assistant, Sub-Contractor Payables Specialist, Contract Administrator and Office Manager. Her experience includes: All accounting and financial reporting functions; payroll; L&I claims management, collections, contract & sub-contractor administration, work-in-process management & billing.

Finally, Chris worked in the Commercial Construction Industry for many years as a Contract Administrator where her duties ranged from contract preparation, progress billing, certified payroll, job-costing, contract closeout & retention billing, as well as preparing monthly financials. Further, Chris worked for a large General Contractor and learned how sub-contractor contracts are managed. Thus, Chris can assist sub-contractors against being abused by GC contracting & payment practices.

Here are two of Chris's many accomplishments: a) Installed commercial contract management and accounting systems for one company, preventing them from losing a lot of money as they entered the commercial contracting arena; b) Developed a multi-tiered tracking data-sheet that consolidated multiple manual worksheets, automating calculations across multiple simultaneous projects, which increased data accuracy, saved time & money and delivered daily reports to all managers, reliably.

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Chris Koch

Head Coach

Chris Koch brings 25-years of HVAC industry experience to BDR’s business coaching clientele. While Chris has focused primarily on the commercial service arena, he has a significant amount of residential HVAC and plumbing experience, including “mixed-use buildings” that blend commercial and residential markets. He started at the ground floor – literally – and worked his way up the ladder to VP of Service, earning a business degree along the way. The experience he gained across a spectrum of operational-level service, installation and sales roles were the springboard for his success across a spectrum of management roles. He has executed a start-up as a business owner and gained invaluable work experience at 5 different companies, the largest of which is a $60 million division of a national HVAC & Plumbing company. He has successfully completed two acquisitions, assimilated cultures, executed financial turn-arounds, and developed divisions into significant profit-centers. In his last role as Vice President of Service, he had P&L responsibility for $9.5 million in revenue and a staff of 39 for a commercial and residential HVAC and Plumbing Company.

Following a 4-year career and honorable discharge as a Marine Corps Corporal, Chris started in the HVAC industry in 1990. He started off sweeping floors on commercial construction job sites. Focusing on Service, he spent his first 11-years working in several operations roles, including: Service Technician (3 years); Dispatcher and scheduling (4 years); plus several Sales Representative roles spanning new construction, retrofit, service maintenance agreements and automation controls (4 years). Chris excelled regardless of the department or role, was promoted into management and groomed across several roles over the next 6.5 years: Sales, Marketing, Service (2 years), Branch and General Manager (3.5 years). It is important to note that while working full-time and raising a family, Chris was going to college at Regis University, and graduated “Cum Laude” in 2005.

From 2005 to 2015, he was Vice President of Service for HVAC and plumbing with full P&L responsibility for one branch location doing $2.5 million in sales. He grew this into a two-branch commercial and residential HVAC and plumbing service business with 39 employees generating $9.5 million in sales. In this role, Chris initiated two acquisitions, successfully assimilating two businesses into branch operations, executing significant financial, operational, procedural and cultural improvements by 2008. Along the way, he developed his management, sales and service teams while improving profit margins. Chris grew Service revenue by 280% and increased net profit from breakeven to greater than 15%.

Having worked for five different companies and by starting a company from scratch as a business owner, Chris gained a rich, diverse exposure to many, many ways of doing business – both good and not so good – that are the foundation for his knowledge and expertise. There were many roles beyond those listed here and the benefit for BDR coaching clients is the breadth and depth of his experience across the management and operational levels spanning virtually all functional areas for companies ranging in size from start-up to $60 million in sales. Chris is a “team building leader”. He possess the type of hands-on, in the trenches experience that BDR coaching clients have come to expect.

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Dave Consulo

Head Coach & Trainer

Dave Consulo brings 13-years of HVAC experience spanning the type of knowledge and expertise that can only be gained by starting at the ground-floor and rising through the ranks. He has helper, installer, and installation team leader experience. He was a sales rep and sales manager. He rose to manage both Installation and Service. He has worked in or managed the residential, commercial, new construction and replacement markets. Dave has a total of 15-years of management experience spanning 7 years in HVAC and 8 years in the Agricultural industry and has built a reputation as an effective manager that generates employee success and company profit.

Settling on Service as his favorite department, Dave recognized the unique and profitable benefits of a well-run service department in terms of: retaining quality service technicians and making a profit in slow periods; driving replacement sales through service referrals; and leveraging a sound, profitable maintenance agreement program to establish a first-position competitive advantage that consistently drives new-customer acquisition. Dave has a HUGE passion for working directly with Service Technicians on "customer communication and soft-sale" skills. Given his exceptional skills in this area, Dave has co-authored a new BDR coaching program focused on Service Technician excellence.

However, Dave's pre-HVAC industry experience is a key contributor to what makes him unique and successful in HVAC. Dave has a college bachelors degree in Agricultural Business. He worked in Cattle Management as the Sales & Marketing Manager of Breeding Stock for 8 years. This degree and the agricultural industry trained Dave of the importance of long-range strategic planning due to the long-term product-replacement cycle. The nature of Dave's work required meticulous attention to detail in planning and execution, daily statistical analysis of results and record-keeping. "To drive success, the business practices of Cattle Management and HVAC management are identical: long-term planning, marketing strategy, selling value vs. price, customer communication and service, employee motivation skills and reward systems, success-tracking and the power of developing a renewable stream of income." Dave is directly responsible for generating an average cattle sale price that was 55% higher than the national average ($5775/$3725) four years in a row (1993 – 1997). "Without question, the key to success in HVAC Service is long-range planning. If you are planning for next week or next month, you've already lost."

Dave will tell you he learned this, and much more, directly from BDR's training and coaching programs as he attended numerous BDR training classes, 3 Profit Launches, and was a 7-year coaching client in BDR's Profit Coach and Service Profit Coach Programs.

For Peck Heating & Air, Dave was promoted to Installation & Service Manager in June, 2004. His results are second to none:

  • Built Peck's service department and installation-referral programs by building a strong and profitable preventive maintenance agreement program for residential and commercial clients.
    • Residential Maintenance Agreement Growth: September, 2004 – September, 2006
      • Started with 350 residential PMA's, Dave grew this to 1,100 PMA contracts representing a 214% growth rate in 2 years.
    • Commercial Maintenance Agreement Growth: September, 2005 – September, 2007:
      • Started at 26 sites with 130 HVAC units and grew this to 91 sites with 1,144 HVAC units.
      • Total Commercial sites grew by 250%, and units-serviced grew 780%!
      • The average number of units-per-site grew from 5 to 12.57 units; a 151% increase.

Dave's planned goal of going after larger commercial opportunities drove considerable profit margin increases due to logistics and labor-cost advantages gained and provided Peck Heating with "first-position" advantages on commercial retrofit sale opportunities.

    • Service Technician Billable-Hours per Day: Starting September, 2004, Peck's service tech's hovered at the national-average of 4.0 – 4.5 billable hours-per-day. In just two years’ time, Dave increased this dramatically, averaging 8.64 billable hours-per-day, per tech, for an 8-hour day worked, over the entire year of 2006. To this day, Dave Consulo holds the top-performing record for BDR's "8-for-10 Service Reporting" (technician efficiency) vs. 150 other BDR Service Profit Coach clients, nationwide, over a 10-year period. Further, Dave maintained a minimum average of 8-billable-hours from 2006 – 2008.
  • Dave's achievements go way beyond just these three items. That said, these three items did the following for Peck Heating:
    • He hired 1/2 the Service Tech's that the average HVAC dealer needed to do the same revenue dollars: Labor cost cut in half, overhead down, back-office efficiency way up; Service department profitability hovered around 70% Gross margins, with 25% - 35% net profit margins. (This is what 8 billable hours per day, per technician, does for you)
    • He booked 1520 hours of work per tech for the year, before the year even started! Thus, Peck Heating touched more clients and had more retrofit referrals than its competitors and this resulted in the company posting a profit in the 1st quarter of each year.
    • His Service department racked up 4,560 hours of maintenance work each year. "I never sent a service tech home for lack of work."
    • Fully, half of Peck's residential retrofit sales leads were internally generated by Peck's service department; reducing marketing costs, shortening sales cycles, decreasing the percentage of competitive bid situations and increasing average profit-margin per retrofit sale.

In fact, he set dozens of performance records for his company and several in comparison to all other BDR Service Coach Program clients, with most records still standing 5 years later. Dave's success compelled BDR to ask him to speak to all of our clients at BDR's Member's Convention, held in Las Vegas in 2007. Dave's topic focused on the value of building a sound and renewable income for your company through a profitable maintenance agreement program. It was very well attended and very well received.

"Most all of my success in developing a profitable service department stems from following BDR's training and coaching in both residential and commercial service. BDR provided a template for success. I knew it could be done, sprinkled in my creativity and idea's, and implemented a defined plan."

Dave has a great demeanor that his former employees and current coaching clients respond to. He is able to motivate and generate excitement and loves to celebrate his client's wins with them. He credits these gifts and his work-ethic to the values instilled by his parents who remain a strong, positive influence in his life.



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Dave McDuffee

Head Coach

Dave McDuffee brings over thirty-two years of business management and ownership experience to the Profit Coach program. Dave has a proven track record of success at positioning his companies for growth and prosperity in difficult market environments.

Like many of our clients, Dave got his start in the family HVAC business. Starting on the ground floor as an installer and an appliance service technician, Dave learned first hand how an HVAC business runs. At the age of twenty, Dave struck out on his own by going into the motorcycle industry where he worked up the chain of command from Mechanic to Salesperson to Sales Manager, and then finally to General Manager over a five-year period.

In 1977, Dave again struck out on his own, this time as an independent business owner, buying a motorcycle business with annual sales of $250,000. Dave grew his new business to $1 million in revenues in five years, representing a compounded growth rate of 32% per year. This growth occurred during the worst (highest) interest rate environment the United States has ever endured; large numbers of independent business owners were going out of business. With 20% gross profit margins and 18% loan rates, Dave was insightful and adept at maximizing labor productivity and controlling business expenses. Upon the sale of his business in 1982, Dave became a General Manager in another motorcycle business where he tripled sales volume and doubled gross profits over a two-year span.

In 1987, Dave's path took him full circle, and he rejoined his family's HVAC business, which focused on residential and light commercial retrofit and service. Working for his father, but gradually taking on more control, Dave often installed by day and sold by night. From 1996, the year that Dave assumed full control of the business with his brother, he grew the business from $400,000 in revenues to $1.9 million in 2004. This represents a compounded growth rate of 22% per year.

Dave attributes the steady growth of his family's HVAC business to high standards of integrity and business ethics, continuity in marketing, a structured sales approach, attainable sales forecasting, and annual business planning. In addition, the lessons Dave learned in the extremely seasonal motorcycle industry helped his company achieve respectable sales figures even during "slow" months.

Dave has coached companies with revenues of $500,000 to $4,000,000 and has been an integral part of their growth and profitability. He has a unique ability to drill down into the details and show owners and managers the hiddden opportunity in the business and provide the guidance to achieve the teams goals.

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Gary Heath

Head Coach

Gary Heath has been in the HVAC industry since 1977 with experience in both residential and commercial HVAC. He has been a Head Coach with BDR since 2007.

Gary began his career in wholesale distribution working for his family’s business, spending a decade learning the business from the ground up. During the same period he managed the family’s bowling business, which was acquired by his father in 1978.

10 years later he moved to a commercial contractor excelling in both sales and service management.  

From 1992 to 1999, he was Operations Manager for a national distributor with full P&L responsibility for a single branch location doing $3 million in sales. He was promoted to Market Manager with multi-branch responsibilities, including dealer development and retail sales skills training. He led the way in developing a dealer base that generated over $15 million in sales.

He further developed his management and sales skills, attending various manufacturer’s training and business school, while consistently improving his market share and profit margins into double digits.

He later expanded his career into commercial refrigeration, designing walk-in coolers and freezers, as well as super-market remodel design.

In 2001 he became a Territory Manager, where he grew his dealer base and purchase volume from just under $5.0m to over $8.0m.

In 2004 he became a retail salesperson for a large retail contractor, achieving annual sales revenues over $1.0m in his first year. The following year he moved up to Sales Manager, leading a staff of 3 sales professionals to sell $4.75m in residential retail replacements. During that time he also led the service team in rebranding the maintenance program to over 2400 member clients. By focusing on labor management and correctly pricing new agreements, the company moved from annual net losses in service to solid net profit performance, which continues today.

Gary enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and family going on camping trips in their RV and playing golf.



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Jasen Laws

Head Coach

Jasen Laws brings 25 years of HVAC, Electrical and Refrigeration industry experience to BDR’s business coaching clientele.  Jasen began his career as a teenager in a sheet metal shop building ductwork.  Worked his way up by learning every aspect of the industry by working for HVAC companies, owning his own company and in distribution.  His experience covers Residential Installation and Service, Commercial Installation and Service, Duct Design, Installation, as well as, Electrical Design and Service.  Jasen served in the United States Air Force for four years with an Honorable Discharge.  He was awarded Air Force Commendation & Achievement Medals for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Through on the job training and continuing education classes, Jasen’s career path mirrors many of the BDR Profit Coach Clients, first coming up through the field, then earning his way to lead installer, lead service technician, lead refrigeration technician, service manager and eventually business owner.  Jasen successfully transitioned from his field roles to business owner by successfully implementing processes and procedures that drove revenue and improved internal efficiencies.  At the time Jasen purchased his company annual revenues were $300,000.  Within 6 years he grew annual revenues over 2 million.  He effectively implemented hiring and retention policies, sales presentation process, profitable pricing strategies, built a loyal client base with a membership program and an annual budget with cash flow projections.

Jasen continued growing in his leadership and managerial success by investing in ongoing employee training, consistent personnel evaluations and safety policies.  Jasen painted a clear vision for his team, focused on creating a culture of continual self-improvement resulting in a company that had two locations covering three states. For this ongoing success Jasen’s company earned the Trane Circle of Excellence Award multiple years.

After selling his company in 2016 Jasen continued his passion for the HVAC industry by relocating to Houston and taking a Territory Manager position with the largest independent Trane wholesaler.  Jasen was instrumental in developing ongoing training programs for his contractor clients which included sales coaching, teaching onsite customer service skills, best practices for conducting service calls and installation techniques.  He was also actively involved in implementing best operational processes to running a profitable business.

Now Jasen has taken his knowledge and passion for the HVAC Industry and joined BDR as a Head Coach.  Jasen is excited to help his coaching clients exceed their business goals.  He believes ongoing mentorship and coaching provides tools for  motivated business owners to support long term growth and profitability in their companies.

 “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisors.—Proverbs 11:14

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Jeff Plant

Head Coach

Jeff has 26 years of experience in the contracting trades with the last 20 years in HVAC starting at the ground floor level and rising to Chief Operating Officer for a $40 million business. He has always started at the bottom rung and worked his way up, quickly mastering a wide array of roles in installation, service, and building automation spanning the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. In terms of management experience, Jeff has a total of 18 years and has excelled at each assigned role, to include: Service Manager for 1.5 years; Project/Division Manager for 7 years; General Manager for two companies totaling 6 years; Vice President of Operations for 1.5 years; and Chief Operations Officer for 2 years.

He has worked for companies ranging in size from “start-up” with 3 employees to $1.4 billion in revenue. He has run multiple divisions and a couple of companies ranging in size from $1.5 million to $12 million in revenue, with full P&L responsibility for three companies. Just prior to joining BDR, he was COO with full P&L control for $40 million in revenue and management responsibility for 3 Vice Presidents across 4 divisions, with a staff of 204 employees. He has been very successful working within complex corporate structures and he has union and non-union experience. He is adept at translating management goals into project execution while garnering respect and cooperation from co-workers, and promotions from employers.

After a 5-year career as a commercial/industrial electrician, Jeff switched to the HVAC industry in 1995, starting as a helper in residential construction. His first role was to paint/seal ductwork in residential new construction. From this start, he worked his way up to crew leader, foreman and install coordinator. He then transitioned into service as a technician where he quickly moved up to lead technician and then to service manager. On his way to senior management roles, Jeff has earned the business knowledge that only field production and mid-level operational roles can teach, like Project Estimator for jobs ranging up to $5,000,000; Project Manager, up to $12,000,000 in size; and General Manager. Thus, he has a clear understanding of how things are supposed to work at the tactical levels.

For the past 12 years he has effectively been a business coach for his management staff’s to become more successful through team building, efficient process changes, procedure implementation, financial tracking and by implementing accountability through key performance metrics necessary for a successful business. He has experience in: Executing total business turnarounds; Initiating and managing corporate restructurings; Implementing mergers & acquisitions and executing successful corporate culture integrations; and managing business start-ups in new territories. He has done a considerable amount of complete “in-the-weeds” step-by-step, tactical employee training for a wide array of company roles and job-duties spanning many departments in the HVAC industry.

Jeff is extremely organized and driven. Throughout his career, he has continued to strengthen his business education as well as his technical knowledge and skills in the HVAC-R industry. He continues to “give-back” to the industry by teaching others in best practices and by participating in industry trade associations to raise the level of professionalism in our industry.

Certifications / Education / Memberships & Affiliations:

  • Certified Master Trainer for the National Center for Construction Education and Research: Certified Master Trainer for the Core, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year curriculum
  • Certified Mechanical Contractor: Florida
  • Certified EPA Proctor: Conduct training for and administer EPA Refrigerant Test Certification
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research: Studied the mechanics, theory and functions of mechanical systems
  • Ashworth College – Business Administration
  • Colorado Technical Institute – Mechanical Science Degree
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professionals Worldwide / HVAC Professionals Group
  • Critical Facility Managers Group / Certified Managers Group
  • John C. Maxwell Leadership Certification
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Jennifer Shooshanian

Senior Service Coach & Trainer

Now approaching three decades of experience specializing in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer Shooshanian is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in America.  She entered the HVAC industry in 1991 working for Jacob’s Heating and Air for 13 years. 

Based on a ground-floor start, many roles across multiple departments, she developed operational experience with breadth and depth in service operations as well as the inter-workings of other operations departments.

Since joining BDR as a Trainer and Service Coach in 2003, Jennifer has conducted over 400 service training classes across the United States and Canada. She has coached over 250 different Service departments ranging in size from 3 to 80 Service Technicians in all market types and sizes.

Jennifer is experienced in both Residential as well as Commercial Service operations, and her clients venture beyond just HVAC, into Plumbing, Refrigeration, Electrical and other related fields. Many clients have complex, highly diversified companies with multiple branch locations and distributed or centralized office operations. Jennifer is also an expert in service operations accounting and performance analytics. She is phenomenal at communicating financial performance with department managers with little to no accounting knowledge. This is a “key” training and coaching skill of Jennifer’s that gains buy-in from reluctant Service Managers, so she can teach them how to win.

What sets Jennifer apart are her intangible personality traits brought forth in her training classes and with BDR coaching clients: her ability to motivate clients to BELIEVE that there “is” a better way; to trust in themselves and step away from the money-losing norms of the industry; to venture out with Jennifer on a journey of far superior Service performance, greater departmental morale, superior customer satisfaction and retention, and far greater management leadership skills. Jennifer is a master at finding a path forward that clients can believe in, while holding them accountable to their own success…with a smile!

The building blocks of Jennifer’s career start with Jacob’s Heating and Air and include: 3-years as Sales Coordinator and Residential Retrofit Coordinator; 3-years as New Construction Coordinator; and 7-years as Service Manager, from 1997-2003.

Jacob’s Heating & Air – Service Manager Accomplishments:

Jennifer transformed the Service department from a money-loser to the highest margin department in the company. Over a six-year span, starting in 1997, Jennifer took over a department with 10 Trucks generating $600,000 annually, for an average of $5,000 in revenue per month, per truck. Six years later, Jennifer’s Service department was doing $2.3M with 7 Service trucks, averaging $27,380 in revenue per month, per truck. Jennifer’s Service department generated a 65% gross margin and a 30%+ net profit margin, while reducing direct and overhead costs by 3 trucks, or about $360,000 in annual cost reductions.

Jennifer also developed their Commercial Maintenance Sales (CMS) program and sales processes from scratch. She hired the company’s first CMS Representative, which requires a 9-month ramp-up period for sales to become meaningful. CMS grew from less than 100 unprofitable accounts to 350+ profitable accounts in 4 years. The original 100 accounts required two-years of hard work to bring them to profitability, and Jennifer retained 95% of them. Her CMS program accounts generated a profitable 55-60% Gross Margin.

In 2003, Jennifer’s life took her to a different state, upon which she joined BDR as Service Coach. In 2005, her role expanded, adding Service Trainer to her resume. With BDR’s growth, Jennifer was promoted to Senior Service Trainer and Senior Service Coach. Instrumental in the co-development of BDR’s Service training and coaching programs, she has a proven track record of helping contractors and dealers to transform their Service department from an underperforming asset into a highly-prized, cash flow rich, profit center.

BDR – Service Trainer & Service Coach Accomplishments: Over 16-years’ experience

Training Classes: Conducted over 400 classes across the US & Canada

  • Managing & Growing Service Profitably

  • Service Dispatch University

  • Residential Maintenance: Creating Lifetime Clients

  • Top Gun Technician Excellence

  • Commercial Maintenance Sales

Senior Service Coach: Worked with over 250 Service Departments across the US & Canada

  • Expertise focus is HVAC, with experience in Refrigeration, Plumbing, Electrical, & Solar

  • Worked with departments ranging in size from 3 Techs to 80 Techs, spanning every type of market from large to small, metro to rural, high-income to low-income.

  • Expert in Flat Rate systems, accessory programs and maintenance agreement programs

  • Expert in service operations, dispatching, performance tracking and reporting

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Jim Corcoran

Head Coach

Jim Corcoran has been in the HVAC industry since 1981, when he began working in his family's HVAC dealership. After working in a family business, Jim understands the beginning struggles and the large peaks and valleys that most companies go through at one time or another. Jim's HVAC knowledge covers all aspects of the industry, including installation, engineering, rehab, and retro-fit, residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

In 2000, Jim joined Mid-way Supply as a Trane Dealer Development Specialist (DDS). Jim's responsibilities as a DDS included coaching, training, and developing his dealers in all aspects of their businesses. Jim's customers included companies ranging in revenue size from $1 million to more than $35 million. Jim has also worked with nationally-known homebuilders to create builder upgrade programs and train their sales professionals.

While at Mid-way Supply, Jim worked closely with BDR, attending over twenty classes. As a result of what he learned, Jim created record growth in his territory, with most dealers recording double digit nets. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2000, Jim was able to grow his new territory 50% by year-end. His territory growth continued in succeeding years: 58% in 2001, 30% in 2002, and 40% in 2004. Jim far exceeded Trane's goal of doubling his territory in five years!

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Jim Scott

Head Coach

Jim began his HVAC career in 1979 as an installer, becoming a Journeyman Tech in 1984. He has done retrofit, new construction, residential, commercial, and architectural metal work as an installer and technician. In 1994, Jim decided to start his own company in order to create a new life for himself, get more time off, and make more money. At the time Jim purchased it, Hendrix Heating had annual revenues of just $450,000. Jim and his partner doubled revenues in their first year, and grew the company to $3.9 million in the next 6 years with several years of double digit net profits, including one year at 24%! In 1998, Hendrix Heating became a Trane dealership and Jim began attending BDR classes. In 2002, Hendrix Heating received a Pacesetter award from its distributor, which is given annually to the distributor’s top dealers.
Jim was one of the first members of BDR’s Profit Coach program, and has attended all of BDR’s classes multiple times. With help from his Head Coach and Service Coach, he was able to increase company profits, driving the gross profit of his Service department up to 65%. Jim believes that using and implementing what he’s learned from BDR each day kept his company profitable.
I have been associated with BDR for over 17 years with the last 10 working for BDR. I have done training for the company as well as coaching. I am a ACCA certified Manual J and duct design instructor and have instructed on duct design as well as Pre Wall, Wall One, Top Gun Closing the Loop and Labor Management
While being a Head Coach for over 8 years I have had the privilege of helping many dealers turn their companies around from struggling to profitability by improving all departments with good processes, procedures and company policies
Improving sales with proper mark up, increasing average sales price by selling high end equipment and accessories while increasing their closing ratio.
Helping them with more effective marketing to drive high quality leads.
Improving service to higher gross profit margins by proper flat rate pricing, selling accessories, increasing average ticket prices proper and effective communication with customers and reducing drive time between calls.
Improving labor management in the install department driving higher gross profit per man day.
Helping them understand their financials to better manage the company.
Helping with the hiring process to get and retain good employees
Many of my clients have reached or exceeded their annual business plan through implementation of the BDR business model.



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John Michel

Head Coach

Starting in 1988, John Michel has built a highly successful career in the HVAC, Energy Services, Plumbing, and related contracting fields with extensive experience in both the Residential and Commercial markets. In all of John’s roles, he was heavily involved in developing corporate organizational structure including people, processes, and other resources necessary to drive personnel and company success. He understands the relationship between sales growth and the organizational structure required to effectively support and manage growth…while maximizing profitability. 

John was a BDR coaching client for the better part of a decade.  With this personal experience, he understands business coaching from your perspective which helps him to deliver on our promise to you, while holding his clients accountable to their own success.

An important aspect of translating one’s own success into client-coaching success is the breadth and depth of experiences throughout one’s career. John has:

  • Been President and/or CEO for two large, multiple-branch, multi-state companies
  • Managed several divisions with P&L responsibility in diverse regional markets
  • Held mid-management roles spanning all operational functions in HVAC and plumbing and senior management roles for companies ranging in size from $1 million to $75 million in annual sales
  • Executed turn-arounds at the divisional and company level
  • Completed several company acquisitions, branch start-ups, and branch-system developments and build-outs


John’s key strengths include: 

Leadership – His specific ability to recognize and analyze potential opportunities, make strategic decisions and energize the appropriate team to devise processes, implement, measure, and follow up with solutions

Analytic – His command of HVAC-specific accounting metrics and key performance indicators

Strategic – His understanding for the need of business plan development, implementation and execution to meet and exceed goals

Skills assessement – His knack for personnel evaluation, job-fit placement, and development of leaders within the organization

Process and procedure driven – His execution of tactical implementation of processes and procedures

Flexibility – His focus on profitable growth by improving company and employee performance and creating an environment for them to reach their full potential


John was employed by Haller Enterprises, Inc. for a total of 10 years. He began as the VP of Service and Retrofit in 2005. In 2011, he was promoted to President and held this position for 4 years. As VP of Service & Retrofit, John’s division added three new branch locations throughout Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, weathered the “Great Recession” of 2008-2009, and still generated growth of 20%, annually! As President of Haller, an incredibly diverse business with 375 employees, John generated company-wide revenue growth of 10% annually during his tenure.

After Haller, John was hired as President of Business Development for an Energy, Plumbing and HVAC business with multiple branch locations. John was quickly promoted to President and CEO. In his first 10 months, he lead the Plumbing and HVAC business to a $750,000 net income improvement while also building out an exceptional leadership team, lead two successful company acquisitions, and implemented a process for strategic planning for the company. 

John has always considered himself a coach for his team. He has the aptitude, leadership, capacity, and commitment to deliver value, make significant contributions, and enhance the performance of the company. His proven track record of success is assurance that he delivers on his promises and consistently exceeds expectations.

John has taken his knowledge and passion for the HVAC Industry and joined BDR as a Head Coach. John is excited to be a part of the BDR team and help companies grow through the proven practices of BDR. John experienced first-hand how this can occur, having worked with BDR for over 10 years as a client. John is excited to help his coaching clients exceed their business goals. He believes ongoing mentorship and coaching provides tools for motivated business owners to support long-term growth and profitability in their companies.

John enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, and playing golf. He has been married for 30 years and is extremely proud of his son and daughter. He is also an avid Penn State fan and supports all the Pittsburgh sports teams. 


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John Tobin

Sales - Coaching Programs
206.870.1880 x222 (PST) | johntobin@bdrco.com

John Tobin comes to BDR with 20 plus years of customer service experience along with over a decade of sales and advisory work to compliment his very upbeat personality and genuine love of helping people to accomplish their goals.

John joined BDR in September of 2009. In his initial role, he focused on making dealer and distribution personnel fully aware of any upcoming training classes and providing proper sign up information. BDR regularly saw increases of 15-20% in attendance for the classes that John worked on. As direct result of his ability to communicate well with all types of people and his growing industry knowledge, John was offered a new position within BDR.

John is now a Dealer Coaching Sales Representative focusing on dealers with 2-10 employees and annual revenues of less than $1.5 million. He has worked with many companies that are 2nd, 3rd or even 4th generation owners, and he loves to hear about how Grandpa used to sell wood, coal and oil back in the day. John knows that the owner's of a smaller company doesn't have a lot of free time to work on driving business forward, so he will gladly share how BDR's coaching programs can help in this regard. BDR's coaching tools are simple and ready to use, allowing the smaller business owner the opportunity to work on driving additional business and perhaps even take a weekend off.

If you have ever considered coaching, John would love to hear from you. He will be more than happy to take the time necessary to find out more about you and your company. By listening closely to your individual story, John can provide you with an individualized solution that can help you gain more free time and improve your business success.

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Kasey Stanley

Financial Coach

Kasey Stanley brings considerable expertise and practical experience to her role as a Financial Coach for BDR's clients. She has a total of 20-years of accounting experience with the last 10-years in the HVAC industry. She has worked for two companies in HVAC, starting as the Full-Charge Bookkeeper and taking on more responsibility in Dispatching and Office Management. With Kasey's first HVAC employer, she attended several BDR business-management training classes, including: Structuring for Profit & Growth; Growing & Managing a Profitable Service Division; Service Dispatch University and Accounting & Office Management. Her first HVAC employer was also in BDR's Profit Coach Program for two years. As the full-charge Bookkeeper, Kasey attended all coaching sessions with the owner, spanning all company operations. Kasey had direct management responsibility for many of the implementation projects, including Bookkeeping; IT systems, Website & Marketing Programs, Office Operations, Service Operations, and Installation Processes. She also attended BDR's Profit Launch, working with the owner to build a BDR-caliber business plan for his company

Kasey had an opportunity to move to a larger company that needed to modernize, upgrade and streamline all aspects of their business operations. Her role quickly evolved from consultant to a full-time dual role of GM & Controller lasting seven years. Kasey leveraged her people-skills and BDR training to gain buy-in from employees and set about modernizing the legacy Dos-Based customer database and accounting systems. Kasey successfully: Implemented QuickBooks Enterprise and trained the bookkeeper on all aspects of QuickBooks and BDR's HVAC accounting template and procedures; Installed Desco ESC as their customer and service management software, training all staff; Integrated Desco ESC to QuickBooks and; Executed a complete software conversion from the Dos-based system to Desco & QuickBooks; The next phase was to integrate their Flat Rate Service billing into Desco and implement wireless billing as well. The benefits were significant efficiency gains throughout all company operations. During Kasey's tenure as the GM & Controller, the company grew steadily and increased sales efficiency by some 65%:

- Year 2008 - $1.46 million in sales; 14 employees; averaging $104,285 in sales per employee

- Year 2013 - $3.80 million in sales; 22 employees; averaging $172,727 in sales per employee

In Kasey's words: "I love it when a plan comes together! I get pure joy from identifying a challenge, formulating a plan and putting that plan into action. That goes for everything from my kids' football booster club to a 5-year business plan for my clients"    

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Kevin Nott

Head Coach

Kevin has been actively involved in the HVAC industry since 1992 and has been a Profit Coach with BDR since 2010. 

Kevin began his professional career as a commercial banker and spent nearly a decade in corporate financial positions before becoming involved with the HVAC industry.  He was introduced to the industry when he accepted a position as CFO for a commercial HVAC firm in 1992 and has been actively involved since that time. 

Kevin’s industry experience includes Owner, General Manager, CFO and Controller of HVAC companies; Territory Manager for a large distributor; Board Member for an industry trade association and an independent management consultant and trainer. 

Kevin has extensive experience with both the residential and commercial markets and in service, maintenance, replacement and new construction.  The companies he has managed range in size from just over $1 million to over $5 million in revenues.  As an owner, Kevin grew his company from $1.7 million in revenue during the year he assumed ownership to over $4 million 3 years later.

Prior to joining BDR, Kevin had attended several BDR training courses and was impressed by the vision and practical approach to profit and growth that BDR was sharing.  He saw firsthand the many companies that were experiencing great success as a result of their involvement with BDR and was excited and honored to join the BDR team as a Profit Coach.  Kevin enjoys his role as a Profit Coach and gets great satisfaction from helping BDR clients create and achieve their business and personal goals. 

Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Finance.  In addition to his management experience, he has developed and presented management, sales and financial courses to over 5,000 business owners and managers throughout North America including seminars and workshops for HVAC industry suppliers, distributors and trade associations.  For several years, Kevin was a member of the Adjunct Faculty for the Business College at Salt Lake Community College where he developed and taught courses in Management and Supervision. 

His civic service includes Chairman of the Board for a credit union, Board Member for the Rocky Mountain Gas Association and over 20 years of leadership service with Boy Scouts of America mentoring young men and training other adult leaders.

His first priority in life is his family – his wife, their 5 children and their many grandchildren.  And when he can find the time, he also enjoys camping, backpacking, fly fishing and most spectator sports.

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Kim Archer

Vice President of Coaching & Trainer

Kim Archer is the lead trainer for BDR’s financial courses, Accounting & Office Management and QuickBooks for the HVAC Contractor. She also serves as BDR’s Vice President for Dealer Coaching and is the architect of BDR’s Profit Launch business planning workshops.

In 1990, Kim began working for a small heating contractor with revenues of less than $500,000. Working as the Office Manager, Kim played an active role in growing the business to $1.8 million in annual revenues. She also developed the first version of the Opportunity Manager in-home selling software for BDR. Dealers across the nation are currently using The Opportunity Manager in-home selling software to create professional sales presentations and manage their sales forces.

Kim joined BDR in 1997 as a dealer consultant. She has gone on to be the driving force of BDR’s Profit Coach program with a team that surpasses 40 team members. Kim is the creator of the templates used to produce hundreds of monthly financial statements, with combined client revenues over 1.8 billion dollars in annual client revenues. Additionally, Kim is the key driver behind the development and integration of efficient internal systems using various technology platforms for BDR’s 60+ team members. 

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Kimberly Wibbenmeyer

Senior Financial Coach

Kimberly Wibbenmeyer joined BDR as a Financial Coach in January 2009.  A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University, Kimberly has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance, and has been working in the accounting and Finance field for well over 15 years. 

Before coming to BDR, Kimberly worked in a several different industries, providing a diverse background in accounting practices.  This diverse background in Healthcare, HVAC, and manufacturing have helped her to discover her passion and lead her back home to the HVAC industry, and BDR.  Kimberly’s unique experience brings with it industry knowledge obtained while working as a Full Charge Bookkeeper/Office manager for an HVAC company, as well as participating in the Profit Coach program as a client of BDR.

Kimberly has been able to embrace her passion for accurate data entry while helping owners, controllers & bookkeepers expand their knowledge of the industry and the financials they use every day.  While working for BDR Kimberly has done over 40 client onsites.  These onsites range from auditing or restructuring the accounting software, to review of process flow, & streamlining processes and procedures.  Many of the onsites have been designed to facilitate a conversion from one software to another.  Kimberly enjoys a challenge and wants to use her divers experience to help other build, grow and manage their business.

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Laura Finley

Financial Coach

Laura Finley spent 2 1/2 years working in the HVAC industry in Louisiana. She was promoted to Office Manager within 6 months of hire while also functioning as the company's HR operator. Although starting small, she was a part of the management team who grew the business to double its size in revenue as well as doubling office staff while putting into place written processes and procedures to run the business more efficiently.

Laura has a Bachelor's Degree from University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has a personal goal to help other businesses succeed by giving them the tools and understanding to see the pieces of daily work become a part of the bigger picture. 

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Matt Baker

Director of Dealer Recruiting
206.870.1880 x210  (PST) | mattbaker@bdrco.com

Matt has over twenty years of experience spanning sales, sales management, and business ownership.  As the Sales Manager for a software company in Seattle, Matt trained and managed a team of 20 sales representatives.  As the same company's Director of Financial Services Vertical Market, Matt developed the sales strategy and all marketing content, and traveled nationally assisting the field sales force in closing business.  Matt has also logged 3 years as an independent business owner.

In his ten years as a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney, Matt analyzed hundreds of financial reports. When he came on board with BDR, and learned about the HVAC business, he was amazed at the earnings potential for an HVAC dealership. "To this day, I am amazed at the profitability rates that are attainable in the HVAC industry, at the Dealer level.  Even more incredible, there are no national category-killer companies (think Walmart, Loew's, PetCo) coming to crush your company, and dreams."

Matt believes that the most important aspect of what he does is to ask questions and listen – carefully.  His goal is to gain a clear picture of where you are in your business, and where you want to take your business.  Matt is concerned about your personal-time and family goals which are directly linked to the business, but often suffer if you are working long hours.

Matt looks forward to working with you to craft the optimum solution based on your business needs, unique strengths, business-management talent, and business exit-strategy. "I talk to Dealers regularly that want to retire in 5 to 15 years.  But when you look at their business, they don't have anyone capable of running it when the owner steps out.  So if they want to sell it, the price won't pay for retirement.  If they want family to take over, the family doesn't have the necessary skills or connections to run the business, so there's no assurance that the monthly check gets paid to Mom and Dad.  I've seen BDR programs at work, and it doesn't have to be this way."

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Meegan Stanton

Financial Coach

Meegan Stanton has been with BDR since 2006, moving quickly through the ranks to become one of BDR's Financial Coaches. Starting as a Financial Analyst, Meegan has provided excellent customer service and shown a strong desire to help others with any accounting issues that may arise. Moving next to Support Coach and Senior Financial Analyst, Meegan used her skills to assist others internally to realize the passion for our customers and service external needs. Meegan's proven ability to work efficiently and promptly to meet customer needs is an invaluable asset.

Meegan has completed her Bachelor's degree in Business with a focus on Accounting at the University of Washington, Tacoma in 2007. Her schooling has provided an extensive knowledge base for reading and dissecting financial statements to unveil your company's opportunities.

Over the course of her nine years with BDR Meegan has encountered many different accounting and dispatching software types. Meegan has provided excellent customer service and has great results with Financial Coaching Onsite services. She has had great success in accounting and dispatching software conversions. Meegan has also shared her expertise to support our clients with BDR webinars available on the BDR website. Meegan's attributes will support BDR and its clients in their journey to profit and growth.

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Paul Grizzle

Head Coach

Paul Grizzle's HVAC career spans 24-years of total industry experience with 15-years as a successful business owner, 6-years in a leadership role within the Air Conditioned Contractors of America (ACCA) organization, and 2-years working with BDR as a client in the Profit Coach Program.  

Starting with a technical education degree in HVAC, Paul gained both field and management experience over a 9-year period through considerable experience in installation and service, as an electrician, by running crews and as a manager for a local distributor.  As an employee for 4 companies, 1 distributor and a large school district, he gained meaningful experience regarding various business processes, company cultures, market cycles and what works and what doesn't with respect to managing a business and motivating employees. 

Paul started Grizzle Heating & Air from scratch in May of 1997 with $3,500 by convincing his wife that they could live on that money for 3-months.  He grew his company to $1 million in annual sales by the end of his 6th-year in business.  Driven to be the best, Paul was a perennial performance-recognition award winner.  Virtually always in the top-5, and consistently coming in 3rd or 2nd place in his quest for "Dealer of the Year", some of his major industry achievement awards include:

  • New Dealer of the Year in 1999
  • Dealer of the Year in 2005
  • Growth Leader in 2001, 2002 and 2006
  • Sales Leader from 2003 to 2012

Driven to improve his business knowledge and company's financial performance, Paul joined ACCA in 2003 and became a Mix-Group member in 2008.  He traveled the country to mix-member businesses learning new business practices, gaining a better knowledge of financial metrics, and contributing his successful strategies to the group.  He then established a local chapter of ACCA in his community, building the organization from scratch as its President from 2008 through 2013.  He provided invaluable information to help local HVAC business owners to develop their business management knowledge and strengthen their leadership skills.

A big-believer in helping people and in giving back to his community, Paul and his company have been recognized for excellence and for sponsoring or supporting many community programs:

  • Canyon News – "Best Heating & Air Company" recognition award in 2012, 2013, 2014
    • Readership voting by local newspaper subscribers determines winner
  • Local Police Department Swat Team:
    • Donated company van for conversion to swat-team vehicle
  • Annual Fund-Raiser & Donation Programs:
    • Fight Against Domestic Violence
    • Local Women's Shelters
    • 4-H Youth Programs – Sponsor kids annually in competitions and for college-fund savings

Built a company-sponsored "Barbecue Trailer" for any employee to use at any community, church or fund-raising event to support and encourage the humanity of giving back. 

The community support for Grizzle Heating & Air – "Don't sizzlecall Grizzle" is recognized and reflected in the company's annual Customer-Appreciation Day where the attendance in 2014 exceeded 1,250 customers!  WAHOO!!!

At the beginning of 2012, Paul joined Profit Coach which he leveraged to refine his business processes, install HVAC-specific financial accounting and performance analysis, and then built a BDR-caliber business plan for his company.   At the end of 2012, Paul sold his business to a respected local HVAC business owner, who asked Paul to stay and help him run the combined, two-location company to provide guidance as a consultant and team leader.  The new company remains a Profit Coach client, and Paul now brings his vast knowledge, experience and success to BDR's clientele as a Profit Coach.  

Personal Quote: "I am very passionate about helping people in business and in their lives.  As the owner of an award-winning company, I understand the unique challenges of operating a successful business while making quality time for your family.  You can have both if you shape your role and business to make it happen.  I'm here to help."

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Rachel Millington

Financial Coach

Rachel Millington brings her 20 years of experience in the accounting field to BDR's Profit Coach Team. Before coming to BDR, Rachel worked extensively to help grow a family-owned business through her accounting and QuickBooks expertise. Rachel’s experience includes full-charge Bookkeeper, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Month End Statement Closing and Preparation, and working closely with the Companies CPA to complete the Tax Reporting. She held the responsibility for had management responsibility for new-hire orientation, worker-compensation issues, and monthly sales tax payment. 


Rachel has intimate knowledge of BDR's accounting and procedural-driven business-practice methods as a long term BDR employee.  Rachel first started with BDR in 2004 as a Support Coach; Rachel has provided excellent customer service and shown a strong desire to help others with any challenges that may arise. To further her desire to assist our customers with their accounting needs Rachel then moved into the role of being one of the first BDR Financial Coaches.


Rachel feels one of her two greatest accomplishment professionally are; due to her longevity with BDR Rachel has been fortunate enough to assist in contributing to the growth of the Financial Coach role here at BDR.  Rachel has assisted with internal coaching process and procedures, the creation of coaching resources and prewritten process and procedures that can be used by our entire customer base.  Her second accomplishment is that she is able to  uses her accounting and QuickBooks knowledge to assist our clients in creating accurate and clear managerial financial reports through accounting concept training and the implementation of accounting concepts, and that these positive changes in the financial reporting has contributed to the growth and success of the companies she works with.

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Ronda Chaney

Head Coach

Ronda Chaney started her business management career in 2000, moving into the HVAC industry in 2009.  Before joining BDR as a Business Coach in 2019, Ronda created a stellar management career in the HVAC industry for over 10 years.  Recognizing her intelligence, leadership, management skills and people skills, her employer formed a Leadership Team just three years into her career in 2012, which was a key step in an intentional grooming strategy for Ronda.  Career advancement was earned through several tactical and strategic positions spanning administrative, sales, customer service, departmental and division-level management roles.  She has been promoted twice and held three key leadership and management roles, concluding with Residential Division Manager.  Along the way, Ronda has always brought team members together to solve challenges, driving team-based success.

As Residential Division Manager, Ronda had full P&L responsibility for a staff of 32 team members spanning HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical.  She was instrumental in leading the residential Service Department to be a cash cow, representing 36% of total residential revenue, yet producing 50% of total residential division profitability.  Ronda created a culture of success through staff inclusion in management decisions, coupled with accountability reports on key business metrics against department budgets.  She introduced a cultural initiative that met quarterly with the field teams to provide valuable feedback to the owner.  This built trust between field and office; identified significant opportunities for improvement and efficiency; and led to the development of two task forces responsible for specific tools and resources to ensure field personnel could be successful in their roles.  She aligned the marketing and advertising initiatives with the company brand, which resulted in a unified brand message with successful interdepartmental lead generation campaigns feeding all departments, driving referral-based sales and customer loyalty.  Over the last two years, Ronda grew her division’s revenue by 47% and increased net profit by 106%.  

One of the toughest management challenges and rolls is to “influence” people into implementing change.  In her previous role as Client Relations Manager, Ronda was instrumental in conceptualizing, branding and facilitating a highly successful, company-wide “Client Experience” program.  She completed an exhaustive top-down customer-care delivery analysis which formed the basis for Ronda’s program.  She implemented comprehensive interdepartmental work-flow processes that standardized and dramatically improved customer care delivery across 3 business categories.  This program made client service consistent and completely transparent with dashboard disclosure, resulting in full accountability tracing.  The “Client Experience” initiative resulted in a substantial rise in customer trust, loyalty and referrals, coupled with a corresponding increase in employee morale. A key takeaway here is that the departmental managers and employees did not report directly to Ronda.  This role was a “dotted-line” responsibility-without-authority influencer role, that paved the way for substantial multi-year division growth and increased profitability through 2019, and beyond. 

It is important to note that Ronda flatly states that her team was the reason for her success throughout her management career.  Ronda’s vision and mission, which far precedes her HVAC career, is to “have a positive impact on people”.  She has been through a lot of training over the years in human psychology, leadership and counseling skills.  She interlaces her people skills and mission to help her team develop and grow, crediting their success as a direct driver of her success.  Ronda’s beliefs steer her management approach leading to effective leadership.  This skill is invaluable as a BDR Head Coach.  It will serve our clients very well as Ronda is a gifted motivator who practices her vision every day, to help people win in business and life.

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Scott Tinder

Trainer & Instructional Designer

Scott has been involved in the HVAC industry since graduating with a business degree from Eastern Washington University in 1988.  He has worked with dealers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada to drive profitable growth in their businesses. He brings a genuine passion for helping the companies and individuals he works with to implement and achieve a higher level of success. 

Scott joined BDR in 2008. As a trainer, he leads several classes for the ICP channel: PreWall 1: 4 Steps to $1 Million in Revenue, Successful Sales for Today’s HVAC Company and Successful Service for Today’s HVAC Company. Scott also conducts all of BDR’s Distribution and Territory Manager training. When in the office, Scott is BDR’s Instructional Designer, working with the training team to create and update all of BDR’s training classes. 

Prior to joining BDR, Scott was the United States Director of Sales and Operations for a large Canadian sheet metal manufacturer.  His role was to make sure their products were accepted and stocked by independent wholesale distributors across the U.S.  Scott also spent 10 years working as a Territory Manager, and later a Regional Sales Manager, at an HVAC distribution company in the Northwest. In the time Scott was there, the distributor went from 10 branches doing $20m to 20 branches doing $200m.


Six Sigma Black Belt

Business Valuation


BDR-certified Business Succession & Market Value Enhancement Coach

Change Management

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Shaun Weiss

Head & Service Coach

Shaun has 12 years of experience in the HVAC and Plumbing industry spanning several operational, management and sales roles, with a concentration in – and passion for – Service Management & Service Operations. He has management experience in the Residential, Commercial and large-scale Industrial Mining markets. He has built and grown service, installation and sales teams from scratch and has improved operational performance in Service, Installation and Plumbing operations for each company he has worked for.

Shaun has held many roles including: Service Manager & Dispatcher, Sales Manager, Installation Manager, Mine Operations Manager and Director of Safety. He has held sales positions in Residential Service & Installation, Commercial Maintenance Agreements, and Industrial Service. He is a natural at business development, which has positioned Shaun to successfully prepare his Service Technicians to communicate with customers effectively, look for opportunity, and present and educate his company’s offerings to drive better service and greater sales.

He has demonstrated success in his ability to manage staff sizes to 40 employees; turn failing, unprofitable departments into profit-centers; grow profitable business relationships and create a sales and customer-service culture. He has transformed “independent-minded” departments into cohesive interdepartmental partnerships by implementing mutually-beneficial efficiency-focused processes that improved company-wide morale, the customer experience, and bottom-line profitability.

Furthermore, as a BDR-coached Service Manager for two BDR Profit Coach Clients, Shaun has 11-years of experience in business coaching from the client’s perspective. As such he knows BDR business management practices & BDR’s industry-specific financial performance analytics. He has been involved in business planning, budgeting and strategy development for his employers. Shaun is a strategic-thinker with a proven track record of tactical-execution follow-through. He is skilled at identifying, diagnosing the source, cause and cost of process inefficiencies, and problem-solving to reach the desired outcome in a team-based approach. Shaun’s success is documented at BDR, with a sampling of his results below:

  • Service Flat Rate Conversion: Successfully replaced a Time & Material pricing model into a Flat Rate pricing model for a service department of 4 technicians. Shaun raised the hourly rate from $150 to $230 per hour (53%); and increased monthly revenue from $65,000 to over $105,000 per month. Average monthly service truck sales increased by 61.5% from $16,250 to $26,250 in one year. Technician and company morale improved, setting the stage for additional improvements.
  • Preventive Maintenance Agreement Program Overhaul: Restructured a money-losing, 1-size-fits-all PMA Program by: 1) Creating a 4-tier offering – Good/Better/Best/Fantastic – ranging in price from $170 to $500 per year; 2) Raised the price of the “Good” tier by 10% to $170; 3) Developed marketing materials and conducted training for entire company; 4) Implemented a strong sales program to grow “new” PMA customers. Results: 35% of PMA customers transitioned to a higher pricing tier; Grew PMA customer base from 650 money-losing contracts to 1300 profitable contracts in 2.5 years.
  • Service Department Turn-Around: Took over an unprofitable service department recording a Net Profit loss of (50%). Embarked on implementing or improving: pricing; inventory management; dispatching techniques; “functional” accessory program, and effective reporting. By implementing BDR’s “8-for-10” Service Reporting system, Shaun increased and maintained Service Technician billable-hour efficiency at, or above, 6 hours per day, and decreased Service Material percentage costs from 30% down to 10-13%. Shaun steadily increased net profits from a (50%) loss, to a 10% net profit over 2.5 years.
  • Implementation of a Commercial Maintenance Agreement Sales Department: Established and grew a “formal” commercial maintenance agreement sales department to capitalize on the company’s established CMA clientele consisting of 40 contracts. Through strategic planning, partnership development and execution, he increased the company’s CMA customer base by 120 client relationships, representing a 300% increase in 1 year.
  • Large CMA Contract Signing: Developed and signed a 2-Year, $350,000 commercial maintenance agreement contract with the Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital for HVAC, Refrigeration, Kitchen and Ice Machine maintenance spanning dozens of facilities.
  • Large Industrial Department Management: Oversaw a successful Mine Operations department with up to 40 individuals and implemented a culture of efficiency and safety that saw zero incidents and multiple accolades from clients: Barrick Gold Corporation, Newmont Mining Corporation, Marigold Mining Corporation, and Queenstake Resources.



Six Sigma Black Belt

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Stephanie Evans

Stephanie Evans joined BDR in January 2020, bringing 15 years of directly relevant experience in accounting, bookkeeping, operations, and office management, with her last eight years as the business owner of North Florida Bookkeeping, LLC.  She has considerable expertise in formal accounting practice, systems set-up, software configuration and integrations, process development, and operational streamlining.  She spent five years doing volunteer work as a Chamber of Commerce Partner training business owners on QuickBooks and doing one-on-one financial coaching with them.  In the course of owning her business, she has found, researched and exposed accounting fraud a half-dozen times and worked with local law enforcement to bring justice to the business owner.  She loves data, software, forensic accounting challenges, and helping business owners succeed.

Before BDR, Stephanie’s bookkeeping and accounting career started back in 2005 and over seven years, she held full-charge bookkeeping roles in addition to gaining well-rounded management experience, with roles including Office, Operations, HR, Purchasing and Sales Manager.  Additional roles include corporate trainer, project management, safety management, OSHA and worker’s compensation recordkeeping, among others.

In 2012, Stephanie started North Florida Bookkeeping from scratch as sole owner.  Before winding down her business to join BDR, her peak clientele was 150 monthly clients, with a total of 400 accounting and bookkeeping clients over eight years.  Her clients were focused on the HVAC, Plumbing and contracting trades, and ranged from $100,000 - $30 million in sales in both residential and commercial markets. 

A “Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor” for 8 years, Stephanie has completed some 300-400: software set-ups, configurations and system conversions.  Additionally, she has executed about 200 integrations between accounting and business-operations software like ServiceTitan or SmartServ, and others.  As you can imagine, 400 software installations and conversions mean “training” 400 different clients on how to manage and use the software, as well as how to execute the accounting duties and roles, including writing processes and procedures for proper accounting practices and back-office operations.  Well…early in Stephanie's career path, she spent 4-years perfecting her skills at writing standard operating procedures (SOP’s) as a Technical Writer for Training & Development with Eli Lilly spanning 2,000 employees and contractors, and 3,000 training courses. 

As a BDR Financial Coach, rest assured she has the skills, knowledge and business-savvy to deliver practical, implementable solutions with accountability-tracing.  “I strongly encourage all business owners to take an active role in their business’s finances.  I enjoy being in the trenches with business owners and watching them succeed and grow.  My personal goal is to ensure that my clients understand their financial statements and see the value of good Accounting Practices. BDR exemplifies this philosophy and I am excited to be a part of the team.  


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Swartz, Angie

BDR University Training Advisor

Angie Swartz joined BDR in 2004 and has held many roles. She is currently the BDR University Training Advisor. She handles continued client relationship development and communications and is responsible for clear and timely communications to staff on BDR University schedules, attendees, and tasks to be completed.

Angie manages the BDR University registration process from inception to event attendance and builds relationships with local venues to provide a successful client experience. Angie also works with clients to find the best training fit for their company, management team, and employees. Her mission is to ensure each client has the very best BDR University experience. She can craft a custom training course curriculum for you and your team that fits your budget.



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Tammy Vasquez

Senior Head Coach

Tammy Vasquez has built a highly successful 14 year career in the HVAC industry spanning sales, marketing, management, operations-process development, and business management consulting. Her career path as a Territory Manager for a Trane Distributor, a Sales and Marketing Manager for a fast-growing HVAC dealer and then as a HVAC Business Management Consultant have prepared Tammy very well to assist BDR clients in their quest to achieve their goals in a collaborative, teamwork environment.

A strong believer in training, she is a graduate of California State University, Stanislaus, with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, focused on Marketing. She has continued to leverage in-depth industry-specific training with BDR; The Act Group; Trane; and others. In fact, over the last 7 years, Tammy has been through these BDR training classes at least twice each: TCS Operations Manual; Owning the Sales Process; Structuring for Profit & Growth; Building a Profitable Service Department; Labor Management. By applying concepts and techniques learned from training and through the practical education and experience gained by working for a HVAC company, she has established a long-term track record of success and implementation follow-through.

As the sales and marketing manager for an HVAC dealer in California, Tammy installed sales systems, processes, reporting, and managed 5 sales reps and 8 Home Depot appointment generators. Under her management, sales increased 196% over two years from $2.7mm (FY '04) to $8.0mm (FY '06). Managing a $500,000 advertising budget, she restructured the spending-mix across all media, increasing total sales per advertising dollar spent. For the Home Depot Program, she increased the average sales lead value to the company from $1,250 to $2,778, and lowered the average cost-per-lead by 47%. In her capacity as a Territory Manager and leveraging the principles and practices based on BDR's business management philosophies, she has helped two other clients to grow their business – profitably – increasing sales over a two year period by 154% ($1.1mm to $2.8mm) and 128% ($1.4mm to $3.2mm).

Tammy also has in-the-trenches experience developing operational procedures that gave her greater insight on how to develop the right processes and people to support the field installation crews and service technicians. Assisting in the production department gave her a great education on install practices, job staging and scheduling, labor management and inventory control. Her work in this area dramatically tightened up loose ends in the field and between the field production and operational departments. Gaining management and co-worker implementation buy-in resulted in changes that ensured an unparalleled customer experience, driving a documented increase in customer satisfaction ratings and a growing referral-based business.

Tammy's philosophy is that the business processes created across all departments should really be designed to enable and support the people in the field. Some of her most rewarding experiences came from teaming up with dealers and co-workers to implement change which resulted in their direct success, which drove the company's success as well.