• Why should my company attend training?

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  • As a Distributor what do I get when I sign up for training?

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  • As a Dealer what do I get when I sign up for training?

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  • Dealer Direct Training - bring the power of BDR training to your business!

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BDR 2.0

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More graphics and visuals, more interaction, and more opportunities for you to build your implementation plans during class. BDR 2.0 means a more impactful experience to help you drive business!
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Why BDR Training

Succeeding in business means continually raising the level of your business practices. BDR classes are taught by expert trainers, who provides real-life examples of proven business strategies and practices for you to use right away.
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Dealer Direct Training

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Have BDR come to you and gain a competitive advantage by training your entire team on leading strategies and tactics to drive company profits and improve employee and client satisfaction at your place of business.
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Dealer Direct Brings BDR Training to You Business

Service Dispatch University

I want to thank Mike Maynard for recommending we do this class on site. Well worth the investment. Looking forward to our next Top Gun Installer Excellence class in April. Can’t say enough about Dave Consulo. Also, I want to personally thank BDR, Mike Maynard and Jennifer Shooshanian.   We received another Top Ten award from our Trane DSO for 2017.   Please pass my thanks along to Barry Burnett, Bruce Wiseman and your team. Thank you for your support.
O’Brien Service Co, Inc. Jimmy Petroro