• Why should my company attend training?

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  • As a Distributor what do I get when I sign up for training?

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  • As a Dealer what do I get when I sign up for training?

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  • Dealer Direct Training - bring the power of BDR training to your business!

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Why BDR Training

To compete and grow in today's competitive business environment, you need to continually raise the level of your business practices. BDR classes are taught by expert trainers, who provides real-life examples of proven business strategies and practices.
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Dealer Direct Training

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Get the unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by training your entire team on leading strategies and tactics to drive company profits and improve employee and client satisfaction.
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Sales Presentation Software

Opportunity Interactive provides the software and technology tools that support BDR training. Visit the Opportunity Manager page to learn more about their in-home selling software.
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Dealer Direct Brings BDR Training to You Business

Service Dispatch University

I just wanted to say thanks for two days of great information. I have never seen in all my years a group more involved than in the last two days. I have been through a lot of training and never has anybody got the people more engaged with activities that promote positive progress than yours.       Since my brother introduced me to BDR, I have been overly impressed with all of you. Barry did a great job on the big picture of the HVAC business at my first training meeting and you hit the areas that I feel are the heart of the HVAC business. I believe that salesmen make the first sale and the service will sell the next or provide the referral business. Bringing these two groups together is crucial.         Thanks again for a job well done, and I hope to see you again someday. Until then, keep up the great work. You’re making a difference.
Winkleman Heating & AC Terry Winkelman