Developing a Long-Term Vision for Your Company

Developing a Long-Term Vision for Your Company | 3 Hour Training | BDR

Do you have a long-term vision for your company’s future as well as your own? Are you moving toward that vision every day or do you need to reimagine or reset your vision and how to implement it? Attend this class to learn how to build a clear vision that motivates you, engages your employees, and drives your business forward. You will develop the first draft of your vision during class.

You will learn: the importance of a clear vision for your company for ownership, managers, and employees, the steps on how to create or reimagine your business vision, how to effectively communicate the vision you develop to your team to get their buy-in and support for the journey

Who Should Attend: Owners

Pathway: Growth

Length: 3 hours

Distributors – Want to host a training for your customers?