RSP Heating & Cooling

264% Net Profit Increase and thank you coach; 10-year biz; 8-9 years of Profit Launch; WAHOO!

- Jim Weihl

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Scott Brothers Heating & Air

Fleetwood, NC is a real small area; our 10-mile radius has 18K people. We started our business in October of 1991.

Before we started the coaching program we were about $10-12K per truck per month (Service), this year I am budgeting to do around $20K per truck per month.

What BDR has done for us is taught us the business side of it. That’s where I have gained the most knowledge, knowing your financials, what to look at and what to look for; all the way down to your GPMD.

It is so fine-tuned; we’ve got such a clear vision of where we are and where we are going. In a time that everybody is cutting benefits, we are actually raising benefits. I would recommend it to anybody. The only person I would not recommend it to is someone who is simply stuck in their own way and not willing to change, but if you are willing to change then BDR is definitely worth every penny!

- Randall Scott

Stout Heating & A/C

I just attended BDR’s new class “Building a Company with Great Value.”  The presentation, content, tools & resources were first class.  I have a clear vision of how to substantially increase the value of my business and have a focused action list of what I want to implement.


- Mark Stout

Synergy Home

What David & Chris as Installation Manager and Lead Installer got from this class is it starts with don’t sell yourself short. This class touched on that the HVAC business is driven by referrals. So, with learning more on referrals and customer value that there is so much room for a company to have a healthy growth with a family oriented mind set. They covered how time management affects your profit margin in a long way.

- David Cheek & Chris Baxter

Synergy Home

Very informative class. New to company and I’ve been out of the industry for 20 years. Great info for me to realize the new system challenges and what installers commonly run into. Huge refresher for me to be reminded of daily work / materials needed for installers.

Also, helpful to find tools needed for successful selling on my part.

- Rodney Rupp

Total Air & Heat

Total Air & Heat has been very successful for a long time. They have been rebuilding key roles now and implementing changes; Double-digit profit; Approaching 20% Nets

- Steve Lauten

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Ultimate Air

We were stuck as a company! We are a BDR / Profit Coach client and couldn’t explain what was going on in our company, so we invested to have Paul Grizzle, our Head Coach, come out to observe our company.

Last week, Paul came for an on-site. It was a great benefit! He was able to talk to our team (and myself) and help all of us with our challenges and understand what needs to be done for Ultimate Air to move in the correct direction for the company’s future.

It was nice to have Paul also understand, and to be able to grasp what we need for support from him to help us move forward.

We are putting this in our budget to have him visit us annually!

Thank you for everything, Paul! We look forward to the upcoming changes.

- Jeff Blemke

Welzig Heating & Air

During the 2017 Profit Launch, it was said that if your company was at this critical stage financially, that it was too late. My bookkeeper and I both looked at one another and realized that we were in trouble.

We took what we learned at Profit Launch and put it into place once we returned home. I am proud and thankful to let you know that we barely made it out!

Without BDR, I would have lost my company I have given my life to. So, my employees & I are so grateful! Thanks to your tools and our hard work, Welzig Heating & Air will be celebrating 25 years in business on October 31st! Wahoo!

- Jim Welzig

Winkelman Heating & AC

My name is Heath Winkelman from Winkelman Heating and Air, and I recently attended the class you gave in Lubbock on Top Gun Technician Excellence.

I first want to thank you for the awesome presentation you gave, and the platform you taught everyone in the room to build on. The idea of not only being a technician but allowing the customer to make their home more comfortable or safer was an amazing eye-opener to me.

When I started this profession I was only thinking of fixing the problem and moving to my next call. However, after attending the class I have sold two service agreements and a couple add-ons. The process of giving the customer options about their home comfort system has really helped me excel as a service technician but also being more profitable to my company as a service technician.

So in total Dave, I would like to give a huge thank you for allowing me the opportunity to hear your expertise and open my eyes to becoming a better service technician and being more helpful to the customer and to my company. You have forever changed my life.

- Heath Winkelman

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