Winkelman Heating & AC

My name is Heath Winkelman from Winkelman Heating and Air, and I recently attended the class you gave in Lubbock on Top Gun Technician Excellence.

I first want to thank you for the awesome presentation you gave, and the platform you taught everyone in the room to build on. The idea of not only being a technician but allowing the customer to make their home more comfortable or safer was an amazing eye-opener to me.

When I started this profession I was only thinking of fixing the problem and moving to my next call. However, after attending the class I have sold two service agreements and a couple add-ons. The process of giving the customer options about their home comfort system has really helped me excel as a service technician but also being more profitable to my company as a service technician.

So in total Dave, I would like to give a huge thank you for allowing me the opportunity to hear your expertise and open my eyes to becoming a better service technician and being more helpful to the customer and to my company. You have forever changed my life.

- Heath Winkelman

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