PHCP Spotlight: Coaching for Success – Meet Ronda Chaney

Ronda Chaney PHCP 2023 article.

In the February Women In PHCP Spotlight, we invite you to meet Ronda Chaney, head business coach at Business Development Resources

PHCPPros: What is your role in the PHCP industry? 

I am a head business coach with an amazing coaching and training organization, Business Development Resources. Can you hear the pride in my voice? (If you could see me, I just did a mic drop.) I have the privilege of coaching heating and cooling, electrical, and plumbing contractors to greater profitability and sustainable growth. 

PHCPPros: How and why did you decide to enter a career in the PHCP industry? 

PHCP actually found me. I started my career working with my father in small business development and acquisition, as well as consulting. Within our group of coaching/consulting clients, we had an HVAC/electrical/plumbing client who was looking for help managing the rapid growth of their business during the solar boom in 2008-2012. I went to work for this contractor and stayed for over 10 years. In this business and industry, I found an opportunity to marry my love for both people and products, focusing on delivering an exceptional client experience.  

PHCPPros: What have been some of your career highlights?

My favorite highlights are focused on my team and clients and their successes. And there are so many of them to be excited about: 

When Dan hit his first $300,000 sales month, or when Jason moved from a 15-year install position to his first sales position (he’s killing it now, by the way.) When Dustin achieved his first double-digit net profit year, Bart grew from $650,000 to $3 million in two years. 

Or then, there’s hiring the company’s first female installer, who is now running her own crew and is one of the most well-respected installers in the organization. Way to go, Denise! 

These are the highlights that I get to celebrate and are hands down my most memorable. 

PHCPPros: What are your experiences with women mentors or mentees? 

I have several wonderful ladies I still mentor from when I was in management. Journeying with them as they navigate business, marriage, and family is a blessing. My current role as a business coach is so much more than coaching a “business” because my clients are so much more than their business. There is an element of mentorship with each client. Some coaching sessions can feel more like therapy than coaching, and that is expected. When we dig in, it can get messy. And we work through it like we do anything else.  

PHCPPros: What do you think the PHCP industry can do to better recruit and retain women?

I think every industry could do a better job of not just having quantitative metrics but qualitative ones as well. Women have unique gifts, talents, and perspectives that are sometimes hard to measure but should be present around every organizational table. The value of managing relationships, conflict resolution, diplomacy, empathy, and passion are all central to a successful organization, and most women are pretty great at these things.  

PHCPPros: Is there anything from your personal life you would like to highlight?

I know this article is highlighting women, but allow me to give a shout-out to the men in my life. I have been enormously blessed by my father, who has been a personal and business mentor for me my whole life. He showed me how to be tough, be fair, and always live my core values. I have the most supportive and smart husband who has walked with me, encouraged me, counseled me, and, when the insecurities set in, told me, “You can absolutely do this.” I also have two amazing sons who have filled my life with such joy and laughter, daughters-in-law, and grandbabies — who are the absolute BEST! I am a grateful and blessed lady!

You can read the article about BDR Head Coach Ronda Chaney, originally published in PHCP Pros!

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