How to Make a Great Exit From Your Business

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR’s Head Coach, Ronda Chaney, talks through what it means to make a great exit in your business, important factors in the process, and what contractors should start doing now to prepare for their eventual exit.

Whether you’re gearing up for a sale now or still have decades ahead in your company, listen as we dig into the resources available to you in preparing to make a great exit from your business!

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Time Stamps

  • (00:57) What does it mean to make a great exit from your business?
  • (03:09) QUIZ: What does EBITDA mean?
  • (07:06) How do most contractors exit their business?
  • (08:33) What is the biggest surprise to most contractors once they start thinking about exiting?
  • (12:33) What two factors are highly crucial to the exit process?
  • (19:33) How far in advance of exiting should contractors start their preparations?
  • (21:30) What resources are available to help contractors through this process?
  • (22:43) Final Thoughts

About Ronda Chaney

Ronda Chaney’s HVAC experience spans over a decade in administration, sales, customer service, and departmental and division-level management roles. Interlacing her people skills and mission to help her clients develop and grow, she credits their success as a direct driver for her success.

Ronda has been through a lot of training over the years in human psychology, leadership, and counseling skills. She says that her mission, which far precedes her HVAC career, was and continues to be to “have a positive impact on people.”

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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