BDR Value Builder System

BDR Value Builder System

BDR Company Value Builder.

The Value Builders System is a scientific methodology proven to increase the value of your business.

What is the BDR Value Builder

After analyzing over 40,000 businesses, the average Value Builder Score is 59 out of a possible 100. If we look at the acquisition offers these businesses have received, the average offer is 3.5 times pretax profit. The Value Builder users who have improved their score to 90 or greater – by following the system – are receiving offers of 7.1 times pretax profit on average.*


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8 Drivers of Company Value

Financial Performance

Your history of producing revenue and profit combined with the professionalism of your record keeping.

Growth Potential

Your likelihood to grow your business in the future and at what rate.

Switzerland Structure

How dependent is your business on any one employee, customer, or supplier.

Valuation Teeter Totter

Whether your business is a cash suck or cash spigot.

Recurring Revenue

The proportion and quality of automatic, annuity-based revenue you collect each month.

Monopoly Control

How well differentiated your business is from competitors in your industry.

Customer Satisfaction

The likelihood that your customers will re-purchase and also refer you.

Hub and Spoke

How your business would perform if you were unexpectedly unable to work for a period of three months.

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