The Importance of Proper Duct Design

Business Valuation

In this episode Candy Cunningham, BDR’s Duct Design Trainer, explains why proper duct design is a critical skill to develop. When dealers do not have formal training in the art of duct design, it can lead to waste, part failures in an HVAC system, and a decrease in customer satisfaction and referrals. Having formal training and an understanding of proper duct design will set you apart from competition, positions your company as the right choice, and generates labor savings.

(04:59) How do people learn duct design?, (05:58) Duct Design, the lost art, (07:00) Good & bad duct work, (12:26) Improper duct design creates waste, (19:47) Duct design in the sales process, (21:19) Aerodynamic fittings, (36:29) 1st step to a proper duct system design, (40:17) How can a Dealer improve duct work, (41:32) Great duct work reduces noise, (47:00) Retail sales and duct design