BDR Announces 2020 Profit Launch Virtual Sessions


SEATTLE — August 19, 2020 — Business Development Resources (BDR), will offer five virtual sessions of its premier Profit Launch business planning training workshop in 2020. The online workshops feature a combination of recorded webinar-style instruction and live web-based interactions to deliver the same content as BDR’s live Profit Launch sessions.

“The virtual extension of Profit Launch leverages technology so we can offer the same opportunities as our physical events in an online package,” said Bruce Wiseman, president of BDR. “With the virtual workshops, our clients actually have greater accessibility and flexibility, so they can shape the sessions to the needs and expectations of their team while building their five-year strategic business plan.”

During the three-day workshops, contractors learn why a comprehensive, detailed business plan is essential to success and build their own, purpose driven plan, complete with implementation steps and the road map to achieve their goals.  Profit Launch workshops are offered at four different levels (General, Masters, Doctorate, and Elite) based on experience.

Profit Launch will be offered on the following dates:

  • Sept. 16-18: Profit Launch General
  • Oct. 7-9: Profit Launch Elite (invitation only)
  • Oct. 28-30: Profit Launch Doctorate
  • Nov. 11-13: Profit Launch Masters
  • Dec. 2-4: Profit Launch General

“Contractors need a strategic plan now more than ever,” said Wiseman. “A complete, professional business plan provides clarity so you can stop worrying about what’s going to happen and start taking positive action. When there’s uncertainty, you’ll have the tools to make quick, confident decisions and your team will be prepared to put them in action.”

About Business Development Resources (BDR)

BDR (Business Development Resources) is the premier provider of business training and coaching to HVAC contractors and distributors, established in 1998. BDR’s Profit Coach program has a membership of 600 leading contractors. Ten thousand HVAC professionals across North America attend BDR training courses annually. Nearly 1,000 industry professionals attend Profit Launch, BDR’s planning workshop.

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