Why Dispatchers Can Make or Break a Service Department

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR trainer and senior service coach Jennifer Shooshanian explains why dispatchers are critical to the success of a service department.

Jennifer covers the elements that need to be considered when scheduling service calls to reduce travel time and downtime, as well as strategies on how dispatchers can positively impact internal and external customer service delivery.

What type of person can succeed in the high-pressure world of dispatching? Jennifer explains the traits that great dispatchers share and highlights which ones are the most important to look for. She also provides guidance on the support that owners and managers should provide to set up their dispatchers for success.

Gain insights into optimizing scheduling, enhancing customer experiences, and increasing technician productivity in BDR’s Service Dispatch University training workshop.

Why Dispatchers Can Make or Break a Service Department – Time Stamps:

  • (01:51) Defining the role of the Dispatcher
  • (5:30) Traits and skills of great Dispatchers
  • (12:57) Finding the right person for the Dispatcher role
  • (15:47) Strategy and dispatching
  • (22:45) Positive relationships between Dispatchers and Technicians
  • (30:09) External customer service
  • (36:37) Balancing customer service and dispatching efficiency
  • (39:56) How management can set a Dispatcher up for success
  • (45:53) Service Dispatch University as a training tool.

About Jennifer Shooshanian

With over three decades in HVAC Service Operations Management, Jennifer Shooshanian is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished service performance experts in America. Since joining BDR, she has been instrumental in the co-development of the Service Training and Coaching programs. Jennifer has a proven track record of helping contractors transform their service department into a highly prized, cash-flow-rich profit center.

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