How to Become a Customer Service Hero

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Are your customers holding out for a hero?

In this episode, BDR Coach, Trainer, and customer service expert Catherine Bares explains how to become a customer service hero by fine-tuning how you react when your company experiences a service failure and then applying the six steps for dealing with unhappy customers. Find out how to position yourself to make a heroic customer save that leads to increased customer loyalty and referrals.

How to Become a Customer Service Hero Time Stamps:

  • (01:00) – Recognizing When a Customer is Unhappy
  • (02:57) – What a Company Should Do After a Mistake Has Been Made
  • (08:07) – What NOT to Do When You Have a Service Failure
  • (10:34) – 6 Steps for Handling Unhappy Customers
  • (16:20) – Importance of Keeping a Positive Attitude
  • (18:16) – The Process of Solving the Problem
  • (22:37) – Finding the Best Approach to a Solution
  • (26:35) – The Heroic Save in Customer Service
  • (35:40) – Making the Future Fix
  • (38:15) – Applying Customer Service Internally

About Catherine Bares

Catherine Bares has 21 years of HVAC experience, with 19 years focused on Service Operations & Sales. She has held numerous positions over the years: Dispatcher, Commercial Maintenance Sales Representative, Service Manager, Marketing Director, Sales Manager, and General Manager, before pursuing her dream of coaching others as a BDR Service Coach. While service is her passion, Catherine has proven total-company operations knowledge and her ability to manage, coach, and inspire.

She has also been coached in BDR’s Profit Coach and Service Coach programs for the better part of 12 years. She has attended several BDR business management training classes, including Service Dispatch University; Growing a Profitable Service Division; Commercial (Service) Maintenance Sales, and others. As such, Catherine understands business planning, job costing, financial reporting, and HVAC-specific performance metrics. She manages by the numbers and knows how to structure incentive plans that benefit the company and employees alike while protecting the company.

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