The New Role of the Customer Experience Coordinator: Listening

CEC Listening

The New Role of the Customer Experience Coordinator: Listening

In parts one and two of this series, we discussed the importance of promoting company confidence and how the Customer Experience Coordinator (CEC) is crucial in communicating your company’s value. Value isn’t limited to dollar discounts—it’s about showing your commitment to the customer’s needs. Through creative means, the CEC provides the structure for a customer experience that effectively portrays the value of your company.

But the customer experience is a two-way street. While a big part of the experience is to inform and educate the customer on your company’s value and services, it’s also equally as important to give them the opportunity to communicate their needs. Let’s look at the third essential duty of the CEC in the final installment of this blog series.

(Really) Listening

It sounds so simple but finding a good listener in customer service is rare. The average employee has been trained to sell, sell, sell, which makes a CECs listening skills more impactful and refreshing. The ability to listen also positions the CEC to ask intelligent questions. “The more time we spend with homeowners, in researching and providing education, the more we build that relationship,” says Catherine Bares, a BDR Service Coach. After advanced training, a CEC will be able to hear what the customer wants while also assessing what they could want if given more information.

Most of all, they can communicate respect when it comes to earning (and keeping) the customer’s business. “The more comfortable a homeowner feels about giving us their time, the more comfortable they’ll feel about giving us a sale,” Bares says. “We build a rapport, and in doing so, we end up closing more jobs. In the end, it’s all about trust.”

Take a moment to evaluate the customer experience in your company.

  • Does it lay the foundation for a customer experience that promotes company confidence?
  • Are you able to consistently communicate the value of your company with every new customer opportunity?
  • Does your team take the time to listen to the customer and formulate a plan based on their needs?

With the proper training and a well formulated plan, your Customer Experienced Coordinators  can ensure your customers receive the best experience possible and help you grow your business.

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