Making the First Minutes of a Sales Appointment Count

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In this episode of the Prime Resources Podcast, BDR’s Head Coach and Trainer, Shaun Weiss, breaks down when the first five minutes of your sales call begins, how to approach and build a rapport with the customer, and the specific things you can do to make your appointment successful.

Are you taking all the correct steps? Listen to find out!

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Making the First Minutes of a Sales Appointment Count Time Stamps

  • (01:45) – When do the first five minutes begin?
  • (03:22) – What should happen in those first five minutes?
  • (09:47) – How do we build a relationship in those first moments?
  • (13:37) – What are some specific things we can do to help build trust?
  • (20:00) – What happens next?
  • (24:44) – What things can a salesperson do to be better in those first five minutes?
  • (26:50) – Final thoughts

About Shaun Weiss

Shaun Weiss has over 19 years of experience in the HVAC and Plumbing industry, spanning several operational, management, and sales roles, with a concentration in Service Management and Service Operations. He has built and grown service, installation, and sales teams from scratch and has improved operational performance in Service, Installation, and Plumbing operations for each company he has worked for.

Shaun is a natural at business development and has transformed “independent-minded” departments into cohesive interdepartmental partnerships by implementing mutually beneficial efficiency-focused processes that improved company-wide morale, customer experience, and bottom-line profitability. He has 11 years of experience in business coaching from the client’s perspective, so he’s very knowledgeable about BDR business management practices & BDR’s industry-specific financial performance analytics.

About the Prime Resources Podcast

BDR’s Prime Resources Podcast is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge you need to help your business achieve Prime results – with Prime being the most flourishing stage or state.

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