Indoor Air Quality and Purification

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In this episode of the Prime Partners Podcast, PuriFi Labs Chief Revenue Officer Michael Hunter discusses the importance of indoor air quality and the need for a residential air purification system.

Listen as he demystifies good versus great air quality and explains how it is measured.

Indoor Air Quality and Purification Time Stamps

  • (00:47) – About Michael and his industry background
  • (01:42) – What is PuriFi Labs and what is your role at the company?
  • (03:20) – Why is indoor air quality important?
  • (05:13) – How is indoor air quality measured?
  • (06:44) – What is particulate matter?
  • (09:43) – What’s considered good indoor air quality?
  • (11:50) – What are the different ways and how do we improve indoor air quality?
  • (16:11) – How is purification different from just improving indoor air quality?
  • (18:15) – How does the PuriFi system work?
  • (20:34) – How many sensors does a typical home need?
  • (21:55) – Are pollution triggers preset or can they be customized?
  • (23:30) – Based on your experience, how easy or difficult is this product to install?
  • (24:35) – What sets PuriFi apart from similar competitor products?
  • (30:33) – How can contractors get your product?
  • (31:23) – What is the best way for listeners to learn more and how can they connect with you?
  • (32:54) – Final thoughts

About Michael Hunter

Michael is the Chief Revenue Officer of PuriFi Labs. He is an influential leader in the industry who strives for excellence in professional development for himself and those he works with daily. He’s been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years, starting as a territory manager at a major industry distributor and eventually becoming a trainer and coach at BDR before moving to PuriFi Labs as its CRO.

Company Information

PuriFi Labs

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(602) 253-2624
Time Zone: MST

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