BDR Named One of the Best Companies to Work for in 2022

SBM 2022 Best Places to Work.

Business Development Resources, Inc. (BDR) is proud to be recognized as one of Seattle Business Magazine’s  Washington’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2022.

For nearly 25 years, BDR has helped thousands of contractors build sustainable companies that offer opportunities for their employees and excellent service to the community they serve.

At BDR, growth is at the core of who we are. But it doesn’t just apply to our clients. Our mission is, “Through teamwork, we will increase the profitability and efficiency of our clients to prime WHILE maintaining an environment that fosters unequaled team member growth and success.” BDR knows that providing the best resources to our clients starts with bringing our team to that purpose.

Two core values represent our team: “Teamwork is the source of our strength” and “We encourage our family to grow, contribute, and accomplish.” At BDR, we know that our success comes from the role played by each team member and is achievable because our team at every level is empowered to learn and grow. Development opportunities include certifications to advance their career and personal health and wellness development reimbursements.

Barry Burnett, the late founder of BDR, said, “Find someone doing something right and reward them.” We strive to celebrate every win, whether public recognition in meetings amongst team members, bonuses for achieving goals, or gift cards and thank-you notes for completing projects. The BDR team has a battle cry for celebrating – “Wahoo!” Wahoo has become a 20+ year tradition in meetings, client calls, and daily emails. BDR team members celebrate each other’s professional and personal wahoos regularly and with a passion for seeing their colleagues succeed.

When we asked our employees, “What three things does your employer do for you that you love,” here are their top three answers.

  1. The opportunity to grow and develop in my career at BDR gives me options for learning and development through training and certifications, career advancement and promotions, and financial support to achieve my personal goals.
  2. BDR offers a $150 quarterly reimbursement stipend for activities that support physical and mental health and development, such as gym memberships, fitness equipment, audiobooks, hobby supplies, etc.
  3. Working at BDR allows me to work a schedule that fits my life through remote or hybrid opportunities, flexible hours, and a management team that supports work-life balance.

Our team carries empowered, passionate, heartfelt care and concern for our clients and fellow team members. As a result, each week, we see the impact that we are having on businesses and lives around the country – delivering a level of fulfillment, purpose, and belonging that many attribute to why BDR is one of the best workplaces. Wahoo!