Learning to Nurture Leads to Harvest Great Opportunities

Learning to Nurture Leads to Harvest Great Opportunities.

In this engaging episode of the Prime Resources podcast, BDR Service Coach & Trainer Catherine Bares discusses how to take advantage of great opportunities in your business through lead nurturing.

Catherine outlines why lead nurturing is so important for home service businesses, what the different types of leads are and how to track them, and nurturing strategies to make the most out of every opportunity. She also discusses how different departments and team members play a role in the lead nurturing process, along with the necessary tools and resources for effective lead nurturing.

In this critical podcast episode for HVAC business owners, sales managers, and service departments, you’ll gain insights into measuring the success of nurturing efforts and discover practical tips for embarking on the lead nurturing journey. Discover how better-nurtured leads can revolutionize your business’s growth and success through invaluable opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

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Learning to Nurture Leads to Harvest Great Opportunities Time Stamps

  • (01:03) – What do we mean by lead nurturing?
  • (03:28) – How does buying disposition fit in with the different types of leads?
  • (07:09) – What impact can lead nurturing have?
  • (09:29) – What are the ways to nurture a lead?
  • (13:16) – Who in the company can nurture leads?
  • (17:30) – What tools, strategies, or resources should be developed to facilitate lead nurturing?
  • (24:15) – How do you measure success?
  • (25:58) – What’s the best way to get started?
  • (31:07) – Final thoughts

About Catherine Bares

Catherine Bares has over two decades of HVAC experience, primarily focused on service operations and sales. She held numerous positions over the years, from a dispatcher to a service manager and working her way up to general manager. While service is her passion, Catherine has proven total-company operations knowledge and has demonstrated her ability to manage, coach, train, and inspire. 

About the Prime Resources Podcast

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